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Baseline® Goniometers
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Goniometers Take Precise Measurements

It's exciting to watch your patients' improvement as they recover from injuries and other conditions that limit their ability to move. Help the physical and occupational therapists in your medical practice accurately assess their patients' progress when you provide them with reliable tape measures and goniometers. These tools allow health professionals to calculate and record range of movement over the course of treatment using precise length and angle measurements. Shop Quill's stock of quality measuring tools from trusted brands such as Briggs, Medline and Brecknell to ensure accuracy and durability.

Goniometers Help Physical Therapists Measure Angles

Physical therapy patients work hard to regain mobility and overcome limitations in range of movement. Give your physical and occupational therapists the means to document their success by providing goniometers. These exam tools allow therapists to calculate angles, so they can assess and treat joint stiffness and muscle tightness. Goniometers also provide an objective means of documenting patient improvement over time. Quill stocks goniometers constructed of heavy duty plastic, so they stand up to daily use in busy medical environments.

Tape Measures Calculate Length and Circumference

Almost everyone needs a tape measure from time to time. In an occupational or physical therapy clinic, they are essential tools for measuring limb and trunk length and girth. Disposable paper tape measures allow your therapists to use a clean, fresh tape on every client. Cloth tape measures come in a handy case to keep them straight, and they are easy to retract with the press of a button.