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Medline Elastic Net

This tubular retainer net holds dressings firmly in place without compression Essential product for use with fragile, geriatric, pediatric, and at-risk skin, or those allergic to tape Rayon/polyester knitted elastic net tube reduces dressing time Soft, open weave does not constrict 25 yards long; easily cut to customize length Latex-free and neoprene free

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Medline Elastic Net Wraps Wounds Gently for Speedy Recovery

Stock your wound care center, family clinic or medical supply closet with Medline elastic net to treat skin tears, burns, cuts and scrapes that require a breathable yet protective barrier to heal. Ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and assisted living facilities, this latex-free netting gently wraps around your patient's wound to keep dirt and germs out and encourage a sterile healing environment. Made of soft rayon and polyester, Medline elastic net makes wound care less painful for your patient and is easy for your staff to place and remove.

Treat Fragile and Sensitive Skin With Medline Elastic Net

Wrap a foundation of Medline elastic net around your patient's freshly medicated skin tear to promote gentle healing. The lightweight, breathable material protects wounds without the use of contact adhesives that may re-injure your patient during removal. Place this soft netting around pressure sores, thin skin areas and scrapes to reinforce weak areas without the use of compression materials. Medline elastic net is an invaluable wound care tool in the treatment of geriatric and at-risk patients.

Latex-Free for Sensitive Skin

Treat your pediatric patients with Medline elastic net instead of adhesive bandages or binding, sticky tape. This latex-free blend holds your dressing firmly in place to avoid allergic reactions in patients who have sensitive skin. Easy to cut and customize to any shape and type of wound, Medline elastic net excels in protecting sensitive skin from irritation and additional tenderness.