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Adult Briefs & Diapers To Keep Patients Comfortable

Make life easier on patients with incontinence issues by providing a supply of adult briefs and diapers that are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Designed to handle both urinary and bowel incontinence, adult briefs keep patients clean and dry by wicking moisture away from the skin and providing easy-to-remove tabs that let caregivers quickly change patients whenever necessary. Choose from durable adult diapers with plastic covers, which deliver reliable performance overnight, or cloth-feel briefs that are soft and silent for a more discreet wearing experience.

Prevent Embarrassing Incidents With Leak-Proof Protection

Give incontinent patients the ability to go about their daily lives with adult diapers designed to prevent accidental leaks during prolonged sitting, standing or sleeping. Provide a few incontinence briefs in each hospital bag you hand out to maternity patients, to give new mothers one less thing to worry about, or stock the bathrooms and patient rooms in your nursing home or elderly care facility with adult diapers to ensure convenient access to anyone who needs one. Whether your patients are mobile enough to live independently or bedridden due to illness or injury, you can find an array of absorbency options intended to provide just the right amount of protection throughout the day or overnight.

Ensure Patient Comfort Using Fitted Adult Briefs

Fitted adult incontinence briefs need to be comfortable if you expect patients to wear them regularly, and sizing options from small to extra-large ensure a great fit that isn't too baggy or constricted. Briefs with adjustable side tabs make it easy for caregivers to customize the fit for bedridden patients or those who are mobility-impaired, making it easier to accommodate a wide range of body types. An adult diaper that fits well also looks less noticeable under clothing, making it easier to keep personal medical issues private. The contoured shape prevents any rubbing or pinching that could irritate sensitive skin.

Disposable Convenience Means Less Mess

Disposable adult briefs allow for quick and easy cleanup after use, to help caregivers maintain a sanitary environment. Using well-fitted disposable adult briefs designed for overnight use prevents messes on bed sheets or mattresses, reducing the overall time it takes to clean up each patient in the morning. Stock up on bulk packs of disposable adult briefs to maintain a steady supply for all of your patients, or store smaller packs in each room to give quick and efficient access to the adult diapers your clients need throughout the day. Wrap-around designs give nurses and home health aides the ability to simply lift the patient and slide the diaper underneath, instead of having to put on or remove a pair of underwear each time.