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Lacie Hard Drives Free Your Systems and Provide Backup

For some businesses, protecting valuable information is paramount, and Lacie hard drives provide storage solutions for massive amounts of information. Store thousands of documents on hard drives that hold terabytes of files each, or upgrade all your systems with new internal hard drives to improve your equipment. External drives let you and your employees take tons of presentation files or documents on the road for business trips.

Back Up Your Business

Smart business owners know that you can't have too much security when it comes to storing valuable information on computer systems. Lacie hard drives let you keep copies of your business' important files to retrieve in case of an outage or other data loss.

Free Up Your Systems

Adding extra Lacie internal hard drives to your computers gives you the ability to expand your data storage without buying more computers. Choose from standard HDD drives or install new solid state drives to meet your need for speed. Businesses with large client bases, music studios, and audio or video production firms need large amounts of storage space, and these Lacie drives deliver.

Provide Portability

Equip your staff with Lacie external hard drives to let them connect to in-house systems via USB and quickly transfer large files before catching flights to woo new clients. These drives are designed with small size and big storage in mind, and several Lacie drives are built rugged to withstand travel.

Designed to Meet Specific Needs

There are numerous sizes and styles of Lacie hard drives to cater to the specific needs of different businesses. For small companies with simple storage needs, 1-terabyte hard drives provide a great fit. Large corporations or server companies can go with rack-mount systems that hold staggering amounts of data.