Trash Bags & Cans for Waste Disposal

Provide trash bags and cans around the office so employees always have a convenient place to throw their trash. Add a recycling bin to protect the environment.

Keep your office clean by supplying a generous amount of trash bags and cans, making it easy to throw away trash without requiring employees to walk around to find a trash can. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your office's needs. Trash bags make cleanup a breeze while preventing the inside of the trash can from getting dirty. Show employees and clients that your company cares about the environment by providing recycling bins.

Wide Range of Sizes for Any Environment

Quill offers trash cans starting at 1 gallon up to large waste collectors that can hold over 100 gallons. Cans that hold 10 gallons or less are ideal for placing near or underneath desks, so every employee's workstation has a trash can. Higher-capacity trash cans work well in high-tra