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Copy & Multipurpose Paper for Hard Copies and Easy Notes

Print a memo, draw up a schedule for the bulletin board, or draft an amusing set of doodles to keep up morale on this copy and multipurpose paper.

Print most of your company's documents on heavy-gauge professional-looking copy and multipurpose paper. These 8.5 x 11-inch sheets of blank paper work in almost any printer or copier, and they're just as good for handwritten notes as they are for distracted doodling during quarterly meetings. Use the extra paper you have on hand as a loose-leaf scratchpad so that you never forget the great ideas that come to you during lunch at your desk.

Print and Copy

Feed this copy and multipurpose paper by the ream and the sheaf into the printers and copiers in your office, and then run off as many important documents as you need for a project. Feed some photographic paper through the picture printer to liven up your reports with some arresting graphics, or keep a running record through your dot matrix printer with a continuous sheet of perforated form paper.

Handwritten Material

Copy and multipurpose paper is as useful for handwritten notes and designs as it is for more formally printed material. Sketch a database diagram with a pencil before you get started coding, and you can work with a blueprint that's been drafted on a scale that makes sense for you. Jot down notes on this paper during a conference call, and then grab another sheet when you're brainstorming new ideas for a project. This paper comes packaged in sturdy cartons that can be stacked for space-saving storage until you need to refill the office printer tray.

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