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Shelving Solutions Create Clutter-Free Workspaces

Improve the look and feel of your office space with shelving that hosts supplies for your employees and necessities for your clients and patients. Minimize the junk from those pack rats' desk areas with units that hold client files and folders, excess office supplies and equipment your employees need on a daily basis. Hide the clutter in a storage area with shelves that can be categorized and labeled so your employees know just where to find the tools they need during the work day. Shelving units are not just useful for storing your stuff in a garage. These trendy pieces are a must-have in the office, too.

Toss the Junk

Host an office cleaning party and encourage your employees to toss out what they don't need. Then, with the extra space you have, install shelving to host what they do need. Choose from shelving units that feature strong metal construction designed to support office equipment such as fax machines, printers and extra laptops that can be stored within reach in the corner of an office or supply room. Minimize the amount of clutter in your lobby area by placing a shelving unit against a wall to store company brochures, magazines and flyers for your patients and clients to take. With a shelving unit placed in the lobby or waiting room, you can eliminate the potential junk that piles up on end tables and preserve a clean and neat environment.

Spotlight Unique Decor

Shelving units don't have to impede your classy or modern decor in the office. Find a unique place to hang picture frames, plants and books while maintaining a fresh and trendy look to each room. Place shelves strategically on the walls above desks or cubicles to host personal belongings of your employees so they can maximize their desk space. An organizational system with shelves placed on the walls can also put employees' awards and family photos on display without cluttering up their desk space or the top surfaces of filing cabinets.

Tidy Storage Rooms

Avoid the hesitation to enter the storage room. Your supply closets have the most potential to become a danger zone when opened boxes of notepads, tape dispensers, medical equipment or company brochures are scattered all over the place. Create an organizational system in one of the most desired spaces of your facility. Install a tall shelving unit to host client or patient files so they are organized, yet also out of sight, or label each shelf of a tall unit by the type of supply. For example, you can use the top shelf for bulky notepads and books, the bottom shelf for cleaning supplies and the middle shelves for daily office supplies such as staples, Post-It notes, pens and pencils.