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Restroom Products Are the Ultimate Must-Have

Outfit all of your office bathrooms with restroom products that clean, comfort, and generally care for your workers during their daily breaks.

Show your workers how much you care for their comfort and safety with a full suite of restroom products in every bathroom on your floor. These products provide everything your teammates need at every step of their visit, from the demanding first few minutes to the final seconds of the hand washing, and finally to getting the door open without touching it at the end.

Paper Products Provide Aid and Comfort

Make sure your people have access to high-quality paper products at every stage of their restroom breaks. Check daily for tissue shortages in the stalls, and err on the side of caution if one is running low. You can check less frequently if each stall has a multi-roll dispenser, which lets you put a whole package of tissue rolls into each stall. After finishing with the stall, employees should wash their hands before returning to work. Encourage them to do so with thick, comfortable paper towels near the sinks.

Hardware and Equipment Add Old-World Charm

Disposable restroom products are great to have, but the hardware and fittings you put them in make a difference too. Load those paper towels into a shiny chrome dispenser that's easy to pop open and refill. If, on the other hand, you've decided to really take your office paperless, try installing an automatic hand dryer that blows powerful jets of air to dry hands after washing. Drop a sturdy 13-gallon trash can next to the door to take miscellaneous waste, and your restrooms are ready to supply almost anything a guest needs.

A well-stocked and maintained bathroom keeps customers and employees happy. It is easy for visitors to judge your store or office based on the cleanliness of your restroom, even if all other areas are immaculate. Bathroom supplies are a must, so having plenty of toilet tissue, towels, and soap on hand should be a top priority. We pride ourselves on having all of these important bathroom supplies in stock and ready to ship to you. You will find all of the maintenance supplies necessary to keep your restrooms inviting, from seat protectors to Lysol and Clorox cleaning sprays.

Keep your restrooms clean. You can find disinfectant sprays to keep bacteria at bay.

Keep your restrooms well maintained. An ample supply of toilet tissue, towels, and seat protectors will ensure you never run out.

Put your best foot forward. A clean restroom presents a professional appearance to your customers.