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Texas Instruments® Scientific Calculators

Explore wherever learning takes you Begin your own interactive math and science learning experience with TI-Nspire graphing handhelds and computer software Solar or battery powered with backup

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Texas Instruments Scientific Calculators for Easy Learning

These Texas Instruments scientific calculators provide powerful functionality to complete simple and complex math and science calculations. Designed to meet the needs of students at various math levels, as well as professionals such as engineers, the calculators come in a variety of models. The selection includes graphing calculators that can be updated with additional software as well as models with input/output ports to transfer data between calculators. The calculators show between 10 and 16 digits per line on displays up to eight lines tall and feature easy-to-use key and function layouts.

Mathematical Functionality

These scientific calculators provide the tools employees or students need to complete both simple tasks such as finding a square root and complex calculations such as equations packed with fractions, vectors, derivatives and variables. Designed for math levels from middle school math to statistics, calculus and beyond, different models come with the right amount of functionality to solve the problems at hand.

Durable Design

Constructed of sturdy plastics, these calculators stand up to the rigors of daily use, even when transported in a backpack or briefcase each day. Some models include hard cases, providing extra protection to the keys and screen.

Energy and Memory Efficient

Many models come with solar panels that keep the batteries charged for continued use without having to replace batteries. Most models also feature constant memory to retain calculations even after the calculator has been turned off, perfect for when employees return to long calculations after a lunch break or students picking up where they left off in class during homework time.