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Pencils for Office Use, Home Projects, Notes and Assignments

While today's technology allows people to compose their thoughts, letters, documents and messages with a few quick clicks, pencils still remain one of the most reliable writing tools when it comes to jotting down notes, drafting letters and filling out the Sunday morning crossword puzzle. Pencils are essential supplies for offices and classrooms, and you can always count on a good old # 2 when your phone is charging and you need to write a quick shopping list or take a message. Whether used for business, personal use, art projects or homework assignments, pencils allow you to easily correct your mistakes and keep on going until the last bit of lead is used, making them the ideal writing supply for practically any task.

Reliable Writing and Drawing Tools for a Variety of Projects

Equipped with trusty erasers and sturdy lead, pencils are the perfect tool for composing detailed notes during busy office meetings, writing a first draft of an important assignment or your epic novel, jotting down and erasing words in your weekly crossword puzzle, and much more. Mechanical pencils are refillable and contain fine lead that allows for precise and detailed drawing, making them ideal for drafting and sketching, while colored pencils and charcoal pencils make great companions to grown-up coloring books and a wide variety of art projects. Always reliable, pencils of all styles are built to last. If the lead wears down or breaks, all you need is a few quick turns in the pencil sharpener or a push of the mechanical eraser to be back to work in no time.