Adams® Password Journal
  • Adams® Password Journal
TOPS® Idea Collective™ Journals
  • Wider line width and fine paper with roomy lines make writing more enjoyable
  • Mini notebook with wide grey rules
  • 80lb. paper weight
  • Cream sheets
  • 25 lines per page
  • Unpunched
  • Hard, coated paperboard cover with side casebound binding
  • Acid-free paper
Moleskine® Plain Notebooks
  • Moleskine® Plain Notebooks
Poppin 1 Subject Notebooks
  • Poppin 1 Subject Notebooks
Poppin 3 Subject Notebooks
  • Poppin 3 Subject Notebooks
Poppin Soft Cover Notebooks
  • Handy interior back pocket is just the spot for receipts and love notes
  • Keep it closed with elastic closure; keep your place with Orange ribbon bookmark
  • 192 White ruled pages for all of your brilliant ideas
  • Coordinates perfectly with Soft Cover Folios
  • Available in a variety of fun colors
  • Measures 3.5 x 5.5" H
Tops® Executive Journal
  • Includes calendars, daily planning pages, time-zones, conversion charts
  • Hard cover, black texhide
  • Sewn construction
  • Acid-free sheets
  • Casebound
  • Legal rule
Sustainable Earth by Staples® Wirebound Notebooks
  • Sustainable Earth by Staples® Wirebound Notebooks
Tops® FocusNotes® Notebooks
  • FocusNote® provide a clear, concise way to take notes!
  • Features a cue column, traditional note taking area and page summary
Poppin Medium Spiral Notebooks
  • Heavy duty cover keeps precious notes safe from over-handling
  • 100 sheets pages are micro-perforated for mess-free tearing
  • Measures 5.8 x 8.3" H
  • Available in 3 cool colors
Poppin Thin Notebooks
  • Stitch-bound paper cover is dressed in our scrumptious color combinations
  • Slim profile makes it the perfect travel companion
  • 64 custom-ruled pages keep you in line
  • Measures 5 x 8" H
Jam Paper® Notebooks
  • Jam Paper® Notebooks
Eccolo™ Journals
  • Eccolo™ Journals
Paperthinks™ Notebooks
  • Paperthinks™ Notebooks
Sargent Art® Note pad
  • Sargent Art® Note pad
Subject Notebook
  • Subject Notebook
Pacon Compostion Book and Workbooks
  • Pacon Compostion Book and Workbooks
Memo/Steno Books
  • Memo/Steno Books
Moleskine® Ruled Notebooks
  • Moleskine® Ruled Notebooks
Moleskine® Journals
  • Moleskine® Journals
Spiral Notebooks
  • Spiral Notebooks
Mead® Cambridge Stiff Back Wirebound Notebooks
  • Size: 8-1/2" x 11-3/4"
  • Your choice of colors
  • Your choice of ruling
  • Spiral lock
  • 70 sheets per notebook
Tops® Prism Plus Colored Paper Pads
  • Prism Plus! Pads that brighten the office with soft colored papers and bindings to match
  • Extra sturdy chipboard back
  • 6 pads per pack
Ampad® Gold Fibre Classic Personal Notebooks
  • This distinctive professional series includes several styles of useful business writing products
  • Premium quality white paper, durable covers, extra-thick backs and premium bindings
Ampad® Gold Fibre Classic Project Planner
  • This distinctive professional series includes several styles of useful business writing products
  • Premium quality white paper, durable covers, extra-thick backs and premium bindings
  • Two-color printing on heavyweight paper
  • Pages are micro-perforated for easy tearing
  • Size: 9-1/2x7-1/4"
  • 84 sheets
  • SFI Certified
Ampad®  Pocket Size Memo Notebooks (Recycled)
  • Narrow ruled
  • White paper
  • Size: 3x5"
  • 50 sheets
Ampad® Recycled 3-Subject Wirebound Notebooks
  • 3-subject wire notebooks are made from 50%
  • White paper with college rule
  • 3-hole punched
  • SFI Certified
  • Assorted cover colors, we choose
Ampad® Recycled Five Subject Wirebound Notebook
  • College ruled, white paper
  • 3 hole-punched
  • 5-subject notebook
  • Size: 8-1/2x11"
  • 240 sheets
Ampad® One Subject Recycled Wirebound Notebooks
  • Single subject notebook
  • Attractive covers are 100% recycled
  • Paper is made from 50% recycled fiber
  • Microperforated for easy sheet removal
Wireless Notebooks
  • White paper
  • Assorted cover colors
Roaring Spring® Stitched Cover Composition Books
  • Plain manila press-board covered books are great for putting ink to paper
  • Flexible yet sturdy books have square-cornered covers
  • Wide-ruled white pages without margins
  • Suitable for use with pencil, pen and ink
Mead® Five-Star® Recycled Notebooks
  • Durable poly cover
  • Neat Sheet® perforated pages for easy removal
  • Storage pockets
  • College ruled
  • Recycled material with 30% post consumer waste
Tops® Prism Steno Notebooks
  • Fashion pastel tones, color-coordinated premium bond and glossy covers stand out on any desk
  • Coil-wire bound with stiff back
  • Gregg ruled with center line
  • Your choice of paper color
  • Size: 6x9"
  • 80 sheets per notebook
Mead® Composition Books
  • Mead composition books in the right size to meet your needs; 7-1/2x9-3/4"
  • Black-marble pattern covers; durable cover with secure sewn binding
  • Class shedule on inside cover
  • 100 sheets
Avery® 3-Subject Kolor-Kraft Cover Notebooks
  • Perforated for easy removal of sheets
  • 3 double oversized pocket dividers
  • College ruled
Avery® One Subject Pressboard Cover Notebooks
  • Sub 16 white paper
  • 3-hole punched
  • Size: 8-1/2x11"
  • 80 sheets
Quill Brand® Steno Books
  • Gregg ruled—3 lines per inch
  • Spiral binding won’t snag clothing
  • 6x9" sheets with center rule on front and back
  • Micro-perforation allows you to tear sheets out easily
  • 80 sheets per pad
Oxford® Microperforated Spiral Notebooks
  • Each pack contains a random assortment of 4 colors: blue, green, yellow, or red
  • Notebooks have a heavy cover with 16-lb. 8-3/8x11" white paper
  • Sheets are 3-hole punched
  • All notebooks have 9/32" college ruling on both sides
Ampad® Pocket-Sized Notebooks
  • White bond paper with narrow-ruled blue lines
  • Cardboard backing provides stiff writing surface
  • Ideal for students, professionals or anyone who just needs to jot down quick notes or reminders
  • 60 sheets per pad
Roaring Spring® Composition Books
  • Familiar agate pattern has been a mainstay on campuses across the country for decades
Roaring Spring® Grade School Composition Books
  • Dotted blue lines between solid blue rules serve as lower case guide for controlled writing
  • Skip space allows room for descenders
  • Sewn, flexible covers, color-coded by grade
  • Measures 7-3/4x9-3/4"
  • 24 sheets per book (one sheet equals 2 pages)
Tops® Spiral-Bound Notebooks
  • Coil-lock wire bindings won’t snag clothes or scratch desk tops
  • A wide variety of sizes to fit your needs
Ampad® Composition Notebooks
  • Dark green marble printed covers
  • Size: 10x7-7/8"
  • 80 sheets per notebook
Ampad® Gold Fibre Classic Legal Pads
  • This distinctive professional series includes several styles of useful business writing products
  • Premium quality white paper, durable covers, extra-thick backs and premium bindings
  • Micro-perforated for easy sheet removal
  • Legal-ruled stock
  • SFI Certified
Ampad® Reporter's Notebooks (Recycled)
  • 4x8" notebook is perfect for jotting notes on the go!
  • White bond paper
  • 70 sheets per pad
Casebound Black N' Red™ Notebooks
  • Casebound notebooks offer strong, durable, hardcover section sewn notebooks ideal for permanent record keeping
  • 24-lb. quality paper ensures that both sides of the paper can be used
Mead® One Subject Wide Ruled Spiral Bound Note books
  • White paper
  • Size: 10-1/2x8"
  • 1-subject; wide-ruled; 3-hole punched
  • Spiralbound heavyweight cover with a tan board backing
Mead® College-Ruled Spiral Notebooks
  • Spiral bound notebook is 3-hole punched
  • Heavyweight cover and tan board backing
Casebound Black N' Red™ Notebooks
  • Fashionable black covers with red spine
  • All books feature a ribbon marker, except A-Z index
Mead® Cambridge QuickNotes® Hardbound Business Notebooks
  • Cambridge Limited Business Notebooks feature premium 20 lb. bond paper sheets, perforated for easy clean removal. Hardbound frature Polu Double-Sided pocket and a label page with tab and subject lablels. Hardbound.
Mead® Five-Star® Notebooks
  • Neat Sheet® perforated pages tear out to full-size 8-1/2x5" sheets
  • College-ruled Five-Star® notebooks have heavy-duty backs and Spiral Lock® wire that won't snag
  • Notebooks include a planning guide and full-size pockets inside
Rediform® Executive Notebooks
  • Lays flat during use
  • Durable hard cover with perfect binding
  • Black, lizard-look cover
  • 150 college-ruled pages
  • Gold ribbon bookmark
Black N' Red™ Wirebound Notebooks
  • Black polypropylene covers give a distinctive feel
  • Color coordinated elastic closure means that the contents are kept securely in place
  • Durable, lightweight covers are easy to carry around
  • Wire binding means that the books open flat for ease of use
  • Perfect for taking notes, scribbling or for formal written work
Rediform® Business Notebooks
  • Oversized, hardbound black covers
  • 192 college-ruled pages per book
  • Includes self-adhesive tabs and index sheet for quick referencing
  • Size: 9-1/4x7-1/4"
Roaring Spring® Blue Book 8 pg Exam/Testing Booklet
  • 8.5 x 7 blue examination book with 8 pages and 4 sheets. Blue cover is printed with areas for name, subject, class, section instructor and date.
Ampad® One Subject Notebooks
  • Spiral bound, single subject notebook
  • Narrow-ruled
  • Green-tint, 15-lb. paper
  • Rigid, 30-pt. kraft tan cover
  • 80 sheets per notebook
  • Perfect binding allows the book to lie flat during use.
Blueline® DaVinci Series Journals
  • European-style hardbound notebooks feature saddle color, embossed covers
  • Perfectly bound so pages lay flat during use
  • 150 cream-colored, college -ruled pages
  • Contains 100% acid-free paper with a minimum of 30% post-consumer material
Blueline® Executive Journal
  • Durable, handsome, lizard-look covers protect paper from curling or wrinkling
  • College ruled green lines with red margin
  • 150 permanent pages are perfect bound, allowing books to lay flat
  • Contains 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 30% post-consumer material
Note Pro® Notebooks
  • Black lizard-look, durable hard cover with twin-wire binding
  • Includes self-sticking tabs and labels to create a custom indexing system
  • Micro-perforated college ruled pages
  • Includes double-sided pocket to hold loose papers
  • Date area at the top of each page
Rediform® Computation Book
  • Eye-Ease® green paper.
  • Each page has headline, left and right margin lines.
  • Numbered pages.
  • Perfect bound pressboard cover.
Black n' Red® Twinwire Notebooks
  • Wipe-clean cover withstands extensive use.
  • Durable, snag-proof binding enables notebook to lie flat.
  • High-quality, 24-lb. white woven paper, ensuring both sides can be used.
  • Red spine.
Rediform® Porta-Desk™ Wirebound Notebooks
  • A solid writing surface wherever you are!
  • Xtreme white paper, 97 brightness, perforated at top for easy tear-out.
  • No-snag coil-lock top-wire binding.
  • Three-hole punched.
  • Pocket dividers in three-subject notebook.
  • High-gloss covers.
TOPS® Prism™ Plus Colored Legal and Letter Writing Pads
  • Extra-heavy chipboard back.
  • Pastel-colored sheets.
  • Letr-Trim® perforation.
Mead® Cambridge Notebooks
  • Business notebook features a foil stamped linen cover with quality double wire binding that keeps notebook paper secure and gives a compact professional look that can be taken anywhere
  • Inside the smooth premium bond paper, it provides a quality, no-bleed, writing surface
  • A side perforation is included so the sheets can be easily removed or kept in the book as a record
Mead® Primary Composition Book
  • Durable black marble pattern covers with sewn binding
  • Special-ruled white paper has space for text and drawings
  • Inside front cover includes manuscript and cursive alphabet
  • Size: 7-1⁄2x9-3⁄4”
  • Mead Primary Composition Book comes in 100 sheets
Mead® Five Star® Poly Covered Composition Books
  • College ruled, white paper
  • Class schedule template on inside cover
  • Durable poly front and back covers with secure sewn binding
  • Assorted colors—we choose
Rediform® Single-Subject Wirebound Notebooks
  • Ideal for taking notes in class.
  • Durable board back cover.
  • Microperforated sheets for clean removal.
  • Three-hole punched.
Ampad® Personal Poly Notebook
  • Personal notebook features single wire construction
  • 20-lb. white paper with micro-perforated edges for easy removal
  • Sturdy polyurethane covers in blue and purple; we choose
  • Narrow-ruled
  • 100 sheets per notebook
Ampad® Envirotech 100% Recycled Single-Subject Notebooks
  • College-ruled, spiral bound
  • Contains 100% post-consumer recycled content
  • 85 bright white, high-quality 20-lb. paper with micro-perforated pages
  • 28-pt. chipboard back provides writing support
  • No chlorine added
  • 8-7/8x11" sheet size
Tops® Royale® Hardbound Business Notebooks
  • Euro design and sizes for the discriminating professional.
  • Casebound cover ensures permanent record keeping.
  • Handsome, durable hard cover with gray spine and metallic accents.
  • Provides permanent, no-clutter, protective storage of records.
  • Ribbon marker, Contents Index Page and Useful Numbers for easy reference.
  • Labeling Box on each page for project organization—by date, page number or project name.
  • 20-lb. white paper.
TOPS® Royale® Wirebound Business Notebooks
  • Durable and stylish hard covers, gray spines and metallic accents.
  • Quality double-wirebound books designed for durability and ease of use.
  • Folds flat or back for easy writing.
  • Contents Index Page and Useful Numbers for easy referencing.
  • Labeling Box on each page to organize projects—by date, page number or project name.
  • 20-lb. white pages.
  • Perforated sheets.
Rediform® Three-Subject Wirebound Notebooks
  • Flush-cut dividers separate notebook into equal parts.
  • Xtreme white paper, 97 brightness.
Mead® Cambridge® Limited Meeting Notebook
  • Notebook includes sections for meeting attendees, notes and action items.
  • Back of page is lined for additional note space.
  • Linen cover with black wire binding.
  • Premium bond paper provides a quality, no-bleed writing surface.
  • Perforated sheets for easy removal.
Mead® Five-Star® Recycled Personal Notebook
  • Personal size
  • College ruled, perforated sheets
  • Durable poly cover
  • Includes pocket divider to store loose papers
  • Assorted colors (we choose)
  • 30% recycled
Tops® Data Notebooks
  • Tops® Data Notebooks
Tops® Journal Entry Notetaking Planner Pad
  • Tops® Journal Entry Notetaking Planner Pad
Mead® Mid Tier Single Subject Notebook
  • Mead® Mid Tier Single Subject Notebook
Rediform® Quad Ruled Notebook
  • Rediform® Quad Ruled Notebook
Mead® Cambridge® Wirebound Business Notebooks
  • Foil-stamped black linen cover with black double-wire binding.
  • 20-lb. premium white bond paper with side or top perforation.
Rediform® Wirebound Memo Books
  • Xtreme white paper, 97 brightness
  • Single-wire binding
  • First size given is binding edge
Mead® Five Star® Wirebound Notebooks
  • Durable polyethylene cover.
  • Full-size storage pockets.
  • Heavy-duty back.
  • No-snag Spiral-lock® wire.
  • Neat Sheet® perforated pages for clean tear-out.
Ampad® Gold Fibre® Retro Writing Pads
  • Ampad® Gold Fibre® Retro Writing Pads
Ampad® Gold Fibre Vintage Ruled Pads
  • Vintage-inspired ruled pads with a classic appeal
  • Heavyweight, 20-lb. ivory paper and 60-point chipboard backing
  • Decorative binding
  • Acid free, archival quality
  • Micro-perforated for neat and easy sheet removal
  • 50 sheets per pad
  • SFI Certified
Rediform® Duplicate Laboratory Notebooks
  • Numbered sets: First sheet is white and second is canary, perforated to tear out.
  • Carbonless.
  • Pressboard covers.
Ampad® Top Open Notebooks
  • Ampad® Top Open Notebooks
Mead® Cambridge® Premium Wirebound Legal Pads
  • Heavyweight 20-lb. paper.
  • Microperforated for clean tear-out.
  • Extra-stiff backing.
  • Spiral lock.
  • 70 sheets per pad.
TOPS® Classified™ Colors Notebooks
  • Eye-catching plastic covers.
  • Handy size for briefcase or quick meetings.
  • Heavyweight 20-lb. paper.
  • Letr-Trim® perforated for clean tear-out.
  • Coil-lock wire binding.
  • White paper (unless noted).
  • Chipboard back.
Rediform® Pink Ribbon Executive Notebooks
  • Hard, pink cover with imprinted pink ribbon and perfect binding
  • Durable, lizard-look cover
  • 150 college-ruled pages with margin line
  • Pink ribbon bookmark
Rediform® Da Vinci Notebooks
  • Embossed hardbound cover.
  • "Perfect binding" allows book to lie flat when open.
  • Acid-free.
  • Cream-colored pages.
TOPS® Textured Leatherette Notebooks
  • Textured leatherette executive notebook offers the sophistication, style, and permanence of a hard cover in a durable, spiral bound book
  • Quality double-wirebound books fold flat or back for ease of use
  • Includes inside pocket for additional record storage
Rediform® Blueline® Poly Notebooks
  • Rediform® Blueline® Poly Notebooks
Rediform® Blueline® EcoLogix® Professional Notebook
  • Rediform® Blueline® EcoLogix® Professional Notebook
TOPS® Royale™ Executive Notebooks
  • Sophisticated executive business notebooks feature stylish black hard covers, grey spines and metallic accents
  • Contains 96 white sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Each heavyweight perforated sheet is grey ruled
  • Notebooks feature a ribbon page marker, personal information page, useful page numbers and contents index for easy referencing
  • Side spiral binding
  • Organize projects by date, page number or name
Roaring Spring® Examination Blue Book
  • Examination book has a flexible blue stapled cover.
  • Wide rule paper with margins.
Blueline® Poly Cover Notebook
  • Blueline® Poly Cover Notebook
Mead® Cambridge® Hardbound Business Notebook
  • Foil-stamped, extra-stiff, teak-grained linen cover.
  • Includes two-sided poly pocket, plus a label page with tabs.
  • Double-wire binding.
  • Has side perforations.
Ampad® Top Wire Poly Writing Pad
  • Ampad® Top Wire Poly Writing Pad
Mead 1-3-5 Subject Notebooks
  • Mead 1-3-5 Subject Notebooks
Roaring Spring® Marble Cover Composition Book
  • Marble cover composition book has wide margin rules.
Rediform® Composition Books
  • Permanently bound sheets
  • 97 brightness Xtreme white paper
National Brand® 3-Subject Wirebound Notebooks
  • 3-subject spiral-bound notebook features 24lb. white paper with 97 brightness
  • Includes 3 flush-cut dividers
  • College ruled
  • Unpunched
  • Blue cover
  • 150 sheets
  • Size: 9-1/2x6"
Tops® Journal Entry Planner Pad
  • Tops® Journal Entry Planner Pad
Mead® Mid-Tier Single Subject Notebooks
  • Mead® Mid-Tier Single Subject Notebooks
Rediform® Single Subject Notebooks
  • Rediform® Single Subject Notebooks
Rediform® Spiral Steno Notebooks
  • Brown chipboard cover and green Eye-Ease paper
  • 20lb. weight
  • Gregg ruled; 25 blue lines per page
Rediform® Chemistry Notebooks
  • Rediform® Chemistry Notebooks
Rediform® Engineering and Science Notebooks
  • Rediform® Engineering and Science Notebooks
Rediform® Lab Notebooks
  • Rediform® Lab Notebooks
Tops® Second Nature® Notebooks
  • Contains 100% recycled content with 40% post-consumer content
  • Coil-lock wire binding
  • Red margin rule
  • Available in a variety of sizes
Ampad® Notebook Journal
  • Flexible, simulated leather covers offer a distinguished image
  • Clean, crisp wide ruling enables superior note-taking
  • Features smooth 28-lb. cream-colored acid-free paper
  • Satin ribbon page markers help with quick recall of important notes
TOPS® Prism™ Plus Colored Junior Legal Writing Pads
  • Extra-heavy chipboard back.
  • Pastel-colored sheets.
  • Letr-Trim® perforation.
2013-2014 AT-A-GLANCE® Planning Notebooks
  • Offers the power of 2: planning and note taking all in one
  • Calendar overview section
  • Gusset pocket for important information
  • Notebooks also feature a hot-spot reminder section on every lined page
  • Bonus information pages include index and contact pages
  • Ribbon page marker
  • Hard cover with bungee closure

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