Safco Steel Suggestion/Key Drop Box
  • Safco Steel Suggestion/Key Drop Box
Ampad® SimpleSort™ Crossover Writing Pad
  • Repositionable refill paper
  • 8-1/2x11" letter size
Ampad® EZ Flag™ Writing Pads
  • 8-1/2x11" white sheets
  • 15lb. weight
  • 28 blue rules per sheet
  • Microperforated for clean sheet removal; unpunched
  • Repositionable see-through colored note strips for highlighting are conviently attached (25 note strips)
  • Repositionable stick-on colored flags to use for labeling or to use as tabs are conviently attached (25 flags)
  • Write directly on note strips and flags as needed
  • Wide ruled
  • Top stapled binding
  • 50 sheets per pad
Dunder Mifflin Writing Pads
  • Perforated college-ruled sheets
  • Parallel structure of lines keeps text firmly on paper
  • Attendee field allows you to keep tabs on who is Alert or Asleep
  • Canary yellow*
  • 8-1/2x11-3/4"; 15lb. weight
  • 50 sheets per pad
  • 12 pads per pack
  • Made in the USA
Bey-Berk Conference Table Pads
  • Bey-Berk Conference Table Pads
MasterVision Magnetic Card Holders
  • MasterVision Magnetic Card Holders
MasterVision® Calendar Magnetic Tape
  • MasterVision® Calendar Magnetic Tape
MasterVision® Data Card Replacement Sheets
  • MasterVision® Data Card Replacement Sheets
 MasterVision® Data Card Replacements
  • MasterVision® Data Card Replacements
MasterVision® Dry Erase Magnetic Tape Rolls
  • MasterVision® Dry Erase Magnetic Tape Rolls
MasterVision® Magnetic Adhesive Tape Rolls
  • MasterVision® Magnetic Adhesive Tape Rolls
Artistic Rhinolin II Desk Pads with Microban®
  • Protects your desk—a must for wood furniture
  • Microban® anti-microbial surface protection is completely safe, and never wears out or washes away
  • Durable and washable surface
  • Self-healing writing surface allows pressure lines to disappear keeping your desk mat looking like new
  • Soft, anti-skid backing keeps pad in place
  • Low-glare satin black finish
  • Safe for all desk finishes
Hygloss® Liquid Glue
  • Hygloss® Liquid Glue
Swingline® SmartTouch™ 3-Hole Punch, Reduced Effort, 20 Sheet
  • Swingline® SmartTouch™ 3-Hole Punch, Reduced Effort, 20 Sheet
Swingline® SmartTouch™ 2-Hole Punch, Reduced Effort, 20 Sheet
  • Swingline® SmartTouch™ 2-Hole Punch, Reduced Effort, 20 Sheet
Magnifying Glasses
  • Magnifying Glasses
Dental Stampers
  • Dental Stampers
Double-Sided Stampers
  • Double-Sided Stampers
Ring Stampers
  • Ring Stampers
Spinning Top Stampers
  • Spinning Top Stampers
Disney Princesses Stampers
  • Disney Princesses Stampers
Fellowes Rotary Trimmer
  • Fellowes Rotary Trimmer
Oxford® Heavy Weight Ruled Index Cards
  • Oxford® Heavy Weight Ruled Index Cards
Oxford® Index Card Notebooks
  • Oxford® Index Card Notebooks
Canson® PaperShow™ Notepad
  • Canson® PaperShow™ Notepad
Binder Clips
  • Binder Clips
Poppin Picture Frames
  • Poppin Picture Frames
Push Pins
  • Push Pins
Poppin Staplers
  • Poppin Staplers
Poppin Tape Dispensers
  • Poppin Tape Dispensers
Swingline® SF® 8 Arched Crown Staples
  • The S8 staple (No. 35665) works in the S8 stapler and other B-8 staplers
  • Top-quality staples provide consistent, reliable stapling
  • Super-sharp chisel points and arched crown design provide easy penetration
Scotch® Chameleon Color-Changing Tape Dispenser
  • Scotch® Magic™ Tape is the original matte-finish, invisible tape
  • Easily write on tape with pen, pencil or marker
  • Dispenser changes color when touched (green/yellow) and is designed for two-handed dispensing
  • Includes one roll of Scotch® Magic™ Tape
Ampad® Shot Note Pad
  • With the convenience of Ampad® Shot Note® writing pads, you can digitally store and organize handwritten notes and sketches!
  • Download the free Ampad® Shot Note® app to your iPhone® or iPad® to get started
  • Take notes, doodle or draw, and then using your device, simply align the 4 corner markers of the paper and snap a picture!
  • Easily send your notes via e-mail, upload to Evernote, DropBox or Twitter, or save to your device; access anytime from your iPhone or computer
Velcro® Cinch Straps
  • Velcro® Cinch Straps
Velcro® Self-Grip Straps
  • Velcro® Self-Grip Straps
Velcro® Combo Pack Velcro Tape
  • Velcro® Combo Pack Velcro Tape
Velcro® Individual Dots
  • Velcro® Individual Dots
Blanks/USA® Greeting Cards
  • Blanks/USA® Greeting Cards
BOX Multi-Purpose Rubber Bands
  • BOX Multi-Purpose Rubber Bands
  • Magnifier
Electronic Bible
  • Electronic Bible
Electronic Dictionary
  • Electronic Dictionary
  • Rangefinders
Paper Trimmers
  • Paper Trimmers
Electric Pencil Sharpener
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener
Xstamper® VersaDater® Stamps
  • Stamp is pre-inked for 100,000 impressions and can be re-inked—you never need a stamp pad
  • Retractable frame keeps stamping surface away from desktop until you're ready to use
  • Patented cellular inking process delivers cleaner, more consistent impressions
Elmer's® Rubber Cement
  • Excess glue rubs off cleanly
  • Does not show through when dry
Fiskars® Safe Scissors for Kids
  • Rust resistant, stainless-steel blades
  • For right or left hand use
Artistic® Logo Pad™ Desktop Organizer
  • Size: 19x24", black
  • Indestructible Artel™ writing/viewing surface
  • Non-skid Retro™ base is made from recycled tires
  • Background design minimizes eye strain
Artistic® Rhinolin™ Desk Pads
  • Rhinolin™ increases writing comfort and protects desk surfaces
  • Self healing surface with non-skid foam back
  • Anti-static for electronic environments
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
Westcott® Kid's 5" Scissors
  • Kid scissors feature stainless-steel cutting blades inlaid in tough plastic to withstand daily use
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel blades
  • For right or left hand use
Crayola® Scissors
  • For right or left hand use
  • Comes in red, green or violet, our choice
Poppin School Rulers
  • Poppin School Rulers
Scotch® Expressions Decorative Masking Tape
  • Decorate and personalize your workspace with Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape
Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape
  • Brighten your day with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape
Sign Holder
  • Sign Holder
Command™ Double Hooks
  • Command™ Double Hooks
Command™ Colored Hooks
  • Command™ Colored Hooks
Command™ Cabinet Packs
  • Command™ Cabinet Packs
Jam® Business Card Holders
  • Jam® Business Card Holders
Oxford® Index Cards
  • Oxford® standard index cards are made of heavy-duty 90-lb., 7-1/2 pt. stock
  • Made from 10% recycled material
  • 100 cards per pack
  • Order in full-pack quantities, same item number
Uhu® Glue Stic
  • Non-toxic, odorless and permanent
  • Acid-free
  • Ideal for paper and cardboard
Elmer's® Krazy® Glue
  • All-purpose glue forms a long-lasting bond that is ideal for plastic, metal, rubber, glass and ceramic
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach spots
  • Skin-safe formula
  • No clamps, no mixing, no mess
Scotch® Adhesives
  • 3M spray adhesives for a variety of applications
  • Great for art studios, photo labs, etc.
Quill® Glue Sticks
  • Applicator twists up for use, retracts for no-mess storage
  • Acid-free, odor-free and photo-safe
  • Non-toxic
Deflect-O® Acrylic Literature Holders
  • Sturdy clear acrylic literature holders
  • Perfect for counter tops, common areas and reception areas
Quill® Glue Sticks
  • Dries clear; washable
Rubber Cement
  • Excess rubs off
  • Easy clean-up
  • Dries flexible
  • 4-oz. bottle with brush applicator
Scotch® Novelty Tape Dispensers
  • Personalize your space with a fun tape dispenser!
  • Fun refillable Scotch® Magic™ tape dispenser keeps your favorite Scotch® brand tape at your fingertips, at home, work or school
  • Holds 1/2" or 3/4" wide tape rolls up to 1,296"L on a 1" core
  • Includes 1 starter roll of Scotch® Magic™ tape
  • Original matte-finish, invisible tape
  • Write on it with pen, pencil or marker
Steelmaster Lit-ningT	2-drawer Index Card Files
  • Steelmaster Lit-ningT 2-drawer Index Card Files
Rotary Trimmer Blades
  • Rotary trimmer blades are easy-to-replace and provide long-lasting trimming action. 45mm.
Swingline® Electric Stapler Cartridges
  • Replacement staples for Swingline electric staplers come in easy-to-load cartridges of 5,000 staples.
X-Acto® Bulldog Clips
  • X-Acto® Bulldog Clips
X-Acto® Rotary Paper Trimmers
  • X-Acto® Rotary Paper Trimmers
X-Acto® Guillotine Paper Trimmers
  • X-Acto® Guillotine Paper Trimmers
Scotch® Mounting Tabs
  • Soft foam with adhesive
  • Easy to remove for adjusting
Solution Kits for Collaboration and Organization
  • These convenient kits will help maximize brainstorming sessions and idea development
  • The products work great alone or can be used together for larger projects
  • Great way to sample different products to see which work best for your application
Line Dater Stamp
  • Date-stamp mail without the need for stamp pads
  • 5-year date band re-inks after each impression
  • Ink not included (sold separately)
Refill Ink for X-Stamper® Pre-inked Stamps
  • XStamper® refill ink is strongly recommended for all XStamper® stamps
  • For use in custom, title and specialty stamps and the VersaDater®
  • 10-ml. bottles
Trodat® Dial-A-Phrase Line Dater
  • Stamps month/date and phrases
  • 12-year date band
  • Uses ink pads
Xstamper® Pre-inked Stamps
  • One light touch gives a sharp impression
  • Each stamp makes a 5/8" diameter impression
  • Pre-inked stamps are re-inkable
  • Makes 100,000 impressions
Xstamper® 2-Color Title Stamps
  • Stamp is pre-inked for 100,000 impressions and can be re-inked—you never need a stamp pad
  • Retractable frame keeps stamping surface away from desktop until you're ready to use
Tops® Pocket Docket Ruled Pads
  • Letr-Trim perforated
  • Double stitched binding
  • Jr. legal ruled
  • 16 lb paper
  • 3x5"
  • 50 sheets per pad
  • 12 pads per pack
Redi-Tag® Super Size Page Flags
  • Size: 2-9/16x2-1/4"
  • 30 each of: neon yellow and pink
  • Remove without leaving a mark on the page
  • 60 flags/pack
Fiskars Blunt-Tip Children's Scissors
  • Scissors for school-age and preschool beginners
  • Rust-resistant blunt-tip stainless steel blades with precision ground edge
  • Molded plastic handles are comfortable for little hands
  • Designed for right- or left-handed use
Solution Kits for Collaboration and Organization
  • Reliable, innovative products from Post-it® and Scotch® brands
Xstamper® 2-Color Title Stamps
  • Patented cellular inking process delivers cleaner, more consistent impressions
  • Impression size: 1/2Hx1-5/8"W
  • Impression color: blue and red simultaneously
Carter's® Stamp Pad Inkers
  • For use with foam or felt pads
  • Inks evenly and thoroughly
  • Carter's® stamp pad inkers come in 2-oz. unbreakable bottles that won't leak, spill or dry out
  • Safe for plastic stamps
  • Nontoxic
Carter's® Felt Stamp Pads
  • Leak-proof and rust-proof case
  • Last longer than foam pads
Scotch® Mounting Tabs
  • Precut, double-sided mounting tabs
  • Adhere to a variety of wall surfaces
Ball-bearing Compass
  • All metal nickel-plated with easy-grip top for control
  • Scaled with inches and metric on arm
  • Easily adjusts to draw circles up to 13” in diameter
  • Pencil included
Westcott® Acrylic Rulers
  • Non-magnetic, fully flexible with tinted guide to aid reading across computer printouts
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Scale: sixteenths/metric
Stainless Steel Rulers
  • Permanent acid-etched gradations
  • Sixteenths/metric measurements
  • Non-skid backing
  • Flexible metal style is 1-1/4" wide and has 1/16" gradations
Swingline® Mega-Duty Punch
  • Unique, hollow pin-cutting dies give clean punching action with minimal effort
  • Punches up to 72 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Contoured padded handle
  • Size: 12-1/2Hx8Wx9-1/4"D
Swingline® Electronic 3-Hole Punch
  • Punches up to 20 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • 9/32" punch heads
  • Automatic overheating device prevents damage to unit
  • 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Size: 10-1/3Hx16-2/3Wx7-3/5"D
Swingline® High-Capacity Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Staples up to 210 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Paper guide adjusts throat depth to 2-1/2"
  • Easy-to-use jam-clearing device
  • All-metal mechanism for long-lasting operation
  • Uses full strip of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4" or 15/16" heavy-duty staples (sold separately)
Fiskars® Pointed Tip for Kids
  • Molded plastic handles are comfortable for little hands to use
  • Designed for children ages 5 and up
  • Pointed tip
  • 5" long
  • 1-year limited warranty
GBC® Bates® Standard Multiple Numbering Machine
  • GBC® Bates® standard multiple numbering machines operate consecutive, duplicate, triplicate or repeat
  • Metal frames
Azar® Wall Mount Brochure Holders
  • Azar® Wall Mount Brochure Holders
Azar® Wall Mount Sign Holders
  • Azar® Wall Mount Sign Holders
Azar® Brochure Holders
  • Azar® Brochure Holders
Card Boxes
  • Card Boxes
Azar® Desktop Sign Holder
  • Azar® Desktop Sign Holder
Rapid® 5025e Superior Cartridge Electric Stapler
  • Unique patented cartridge system
  • Use up to 1,500 staples without reloading
  • Staples up to 25 sheets
  • Flat clinch technology means improved stacking and reduced space requirements
  • Includes one electric stapler and one staple cartridge
  • LED guiding system ensures you get the staple where you want it
Swingline® High-Capacity Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Black/chrome
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty
Quill Brand® Stand-Up Stapler
  • Staples up to 20 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • holds a full strip of standard staples
  • Black
Stanley Bostitch® Electric Stapler
  • Staple supply indicator light
  • Durable steel construction
  • Anti-jam feature
  • Optical trip firing mechanism guarantees quick stapling
  • Staples up to 45 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Includes 5,000 B8 Powercrown™ 1/4" staples
  • Manufacturer’s 7-year limited warranty
  • Uses Bostitch® staples: STCRP2115
Rapid® Heavy Duty Cartridge Stapler
  • Metal/Plastic construction
  • Full Strip
  • Staples up to 80 sheets
  • Includes one stapler and cartridge starter kit
  • Spring-loaded
  • Lightweight soft-grip handle
OIC® Clipboards with Calculators
  • OIC® Clipboards with Calculators
  • Scissors
Wall Mounted Document Holders
  • Wall Mounted Document Holders
Deflect-O® Contemporary Literature Displays
  • Deflect-O® Contemporary Literature Displays
Acco® Presentation Binder Clips
  • Silver color clips are perfect for professionsal presentations. 30 assorted-size clips per tub.
Acco® Regal Clips
  • Size: 5/8x1"
  • 100 clips/box
  • Order in full-box quantities
Magnetic Tape
  • Magnetic Tape
Magentic Sheets
  • Magentic Sheets
Business Card Holder
  • Business Card Holder
Koh-I-Noor® Drafting Dots
  • 7/8" Diam
  • White
  • Dispenser box
Suggestion Box
  • Suggestion Box
Saunders® Recycled Plastic Clipboards
  • Size: 8-1/2x12"
  • For letter size paper
  • Holds up to 1" of material
Saunders® Seaglass Translucent Clipboards
  • Contemporary translucent design
  • Low-profile clip
  • Size: 12-1/2Hx8-7/8"W
  • Holds up to 1/2" of paper
  • Fits easily into sportbags, backpacks and briefcases
Master® 3-Hole Heavy-Duty Punch
  • Made of steel with hardened punch heads to punch up to 32-sheets of paper
  • Extra heads can be added to punch up to 7 holes
  • Adjustable depth gauge and paper guide
  • Rubber feet and removable chip pan
Master® Medium-Duty 3-Hole Punch
  • Adjustable metal slide rule
  • 1/4" holes, 4-1/4" centers
  • Removable paper chip pan
Merriam-Webster® Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition
  • Hardbound, sprinkled edges, thumb-indexed
  • 1,600 pages
  • Size: 7-1/4x9-7/8"
Pure Garden Outdoor Fountains
  • Pure Garden Outdoor Fountains
Swingline® Medium-Duty 3-Hole Electric Punch
  • Clear window indicates when punch chip tray is full. Tray slides out for easy emptying
  • UL approved
  • 1-year warranty
  • Size: 13x4x10-3/4"
GBC® Adjustable Electric Punch
  • GBC® Adjustable Electric Punch
Swingline® Paper Punches
  • Swingline® Paper Punches
Swingline® Full Strip Staplers
  • Swingline® Full Strip Staplers
Elmer's® Bulldog Clip
  • Elmer's® Bulldog Clip
Advantus® Gem Tacks
  • Advantus® Gem Tacks
Acco® File Fastener Compressor
  • Acco® File Fastener Compressor
Specialty Clips
  • Specialty Clips
Scotch™ Spray Mount Adhesive
  • A clear adhesive that is quick tacking, nonstaining and nonwrinkling
Scotch® Wall Saver Removable Poster Tape
  • Unique, double-coated mounting tape securely mounts posters and lightweight objects on wood, glass, tile, refrigerators, vinyl wallpaper and primed or painted walls
  • Easy removal without damaging surface
  • Size: 3/4x150"
3M™ Scotch® Foam Mounting Tape
  • Self-adhesive on both sides
  • 1" squares
  • 16 squares/pack
3M Highland™ Transparent Tape
  • Economical transparent tape for general office applications
  • Excellent holding power
  • Glossy tape is stronger, but can't be written on
  • For use with desktop dispensers
3M Scotch™ Spra-Ment Adhesive
  • Aerosol spray can with nozzle dispenser
  • Contains no chlorofluorocarbon propellants
  • 10.75-oz. can
Scotch™ Spray Mount Adhesive
  • Bonds a variety of lightweight materials
  • Permanent when dry
  • Not suitable for outdoor application and not recommended for photos, posters or large prints
  • Size: 10-1/4-oz.
3M Highland™ Invisible Tape
  • Matte-finish tape is virtually invisible on most surfaces
  • For permanent mending, holding and splicing
  • Can be written on with inks, pencils or markers
  • Clear tape with 1" core
Post-it® Mini "To Go" Post-It® Tape Flags
  • Mini-flag portable dispenser is compact enough to take along wherever you travel
  • Pop-up dispenser attaches easily to planners, notebooks and portfolios
  • Contains 100 bright, multi-colored flags
  • Mini-flags are 7/16x1-3/4"
3M Scotch® Hand Dispenser
  • Convenient, lightweight smoke-colored dispenser is designed for your desk drawer or portable use
  • 2-piece plastic construction with metal cutting knife
  • Refillable; designed for 3/4" x 36 yd. tape with 1" core
  • Tape not included
Swingline® Fashion Staplers
  • Swingline® Fashion Staplers
Deflect-O® Interior Image Sign Holders
  • Deflect-O® Interior Image Sign Holders
Deflect-O® Outdoor Business Card Holders
  • Deflect-O® Outdoor Business Card Holders
Nu-Dell® EZ Mount Plastic Wall Frame
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Wall mount only
Scotch® NFL Helmet Tape Dispensers
  • Scotch® Magic™ tape dispenser in a fun helmet design
  • Officially licensed by the NFL
  • Includes one starter roll of Scotch® Magic™ tape
  • Refillable
  • Represent your favorite team every day of the week, not just on casual Friday!
Officemate® OIC® Hardboard Clipboards
  • Hardboard clipboard is designed for maximum durability
  • Rust resistant clamp
  • Securely holds up to 1" of paper
  • Brown hardboard
Officemate® OIC® 3-Hole Paper Punches
  • Officemate punches fulfill a variety of needs and have sheet capacity from economical (8 sheets) to extra heavy duty (160 sheets).
  • Economy punch has fully adjustable calibrated centering device for punching accuracy
  • Includes no-mar, removable base/chip catcher
Officemate® Clip Dispensers
  • Large capacity for both jumbo and small clips
  • Magnet holds clips on top of dispenser for easy retrieval
Officemate® Gem Clips
  • Gem clips are made of the highest quality steel and have a corrosion-resistant finish
  • 100 clips/box
Buy 5 Boxes of Quill Brand® Staples (25,000 Staples) for $5.99!
  • <b>Deal price includes 5 boxes of Quill Brand® Staples (25,000 staples) for $5.99!</b>
  • <b>Offer expires 12/31/13.</b>
  • Bevel point staples are made of 19-gauge steel wire for extra strength and durability
  • 1/4" leg length
  • 210 bevel point staples per strip
  • 5,000 per box
OIC® Pink Ribbon Coated Paper Clips
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Paper Clips come in a distinctive pink, representing the fight against breast cancer
  • Paper clips are jumbo-size for thick stacks of paper and PVC-free coated for easy use
  • Paper clips come in a reusable tub
OIC® Aluminum Clipboards
  • The solid construction provides a smooth hard writing surface while firmly holding papers confidential documents
  • Strong and secure low profile clip
OIC® Recycled Form Holders
  • Whether traveling, on-site, in the field, or in the office, storage clipboards combine storage, filing, and a firm clipboard writing surface with a strong clip
  • Each is a mini, on-the-go office
  • Any active professional will find them to be valuable in-the-field assistants
  • Officemate offers the widest varieties of clipboard storage products, with a model that is certain to be perfect for your needs
Jam Paper Clips
  • Jam Paper Clips
Redi-Tag® Small Page Flags
  • Redi-Tag® Small Page Flags
OIC® Portable Clipboard Storage Cases
  • Whether traveling, on-site, in the field, or in the office, storage clipboards combine storage, filing, and a firm clipboard writing surface with a strong clip
  • Each is a mini, on-the-go office
  • Coaches, teachers, estimators, field service reps, couriers, canvassers, drivers, fund-raisers, doctors/nurses/EMTs, police, fire fact any active professional will find them to be valuab
  • Officemate offers the widest varieties of clipboard storage products, with a model that is certain to be perfect for your needs
Butterfly Clips
  • Butterfly Clips
Post-it® Pop-Up Notes Dispensers & Refills
  • Post-it® pop-up note dispensers are designed for easy one-handed use
  • Sleek, contemporary designed acrylic dispenser fits any decor and keeps your desk neat and organized
  • Clear top lets you see how much paper is left
Earthwise® Ampad® 100% Recycled Writing Pads
  • Contains 100% recycled, 15-lb. paper that’s made of 50% post-consumer material
  • Perforated sheets provide easy, no-tear sheet removal
  • Legal/wide ruled
  • 28-pt. chipboard backing
Redi-Tag® Index Flags
  • Remove and reposition Redi-Tag® Index Flags without damaging paper or documents
  • Heavy-duty and durable flags will not bend
  • Use to develop a fast and reliable filing system
  • Can be written on with ballpoint pen, pencil or marker
  • 48 per pack
Quill Brand® Premium Masking Tape
  • 60-yard roll lasts longer
  • 3" core
  • Your choice of sizes
Swingline® Ingento® Classic Maple Paper Trimmers
  • Cast-metal handle and cast-iron bearing housing provide dependable cutting action
  • High-quality, self-sharpening, hardened-steel blade
  • Safety steel tension spring secures handle arm in any position to prevent it from falling
  • Alignment grid is etched onto the board surface in 1/2" increments; ruler has 1/16" markings to assure accuracy
  • Safety guard rail and handle lock
  • Trims up to 15 sheets of 20-lb. paper
OIC� Tape Dispensers
  • Weighted base allows easy, one-hand dispensing. Compartment for pens, pencils, scissors, ruler, etc. Perfect for mail room, shipping department, sample room or even for Christmas presents!
  • Constructed of impact resistant plastic
  • Features a full rubber base that prevents slipping and scratching
Independence Flag U.S.A. Flags
  • Independence Flag U.S.A. Flags
Swingline® Ingento® Classic Maple Paper Trimmers
  • Manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty
Swingline® LightTouch® Heavy Duty Paper Punch
  • The patented technology of the Swingline® "Light Touch" heavy-duty paper punch makes punching effortless, even at full capacity
  • Vertical paper guide for hands-free operation and accurate alignment
  • Soft padded handle keeps hands comfortable during use
  • Durable metal construction ensures lasting reliability
  • Punches letter size paper only
  • Includes 3 punch heads; accepts up to 7 punch heads
  • Removable translucent tray for easy, no-spill chip disposal
  • Punches larger 9/32" holes for easier page turning
  • Grey/charcoal color and space-saving design takes up little space on the desktop
Swingline® Premium Hand-Held Stapler
  • Soft-feel grip enhances hand-held comfort
  • Durable, all-metal chrome-plated mechanism offers lasting performance
  • 20-sheet capacity
  • Uses Swingline® SF4 staples (#SF4)
Swingline® Electric Medium-Duty Cartridge Stapler
  • High-performance stapling engine for years of heavy use
  • Staples up to 30 sheets of 20-lb. paper; adjustable depth to 3/4"
  • Window allows visibility to stapling point
  • Patented long-lasting cartridge technology for 5,000 staple cycles without reloading
  • Size: 5-1/2Hx3-1/2Wx6"D
Trimmer Accessories
  • Trimmer Accessories
Dahle® Professional Stack Cutters
  • Dahle® Professional Stack Cutters
Tombow® Mono® Adhesive
  • Acid-free
  • Non-refillable
Quartet® Magnetic Numbers
  • 3/4Hx1/2"W letters
  • Black letters on white background
Quartet® Magnetic Push Pins
  • Turn porcelain on steel boards and other magnetic surfaces into bulletin boards with colorful magnetic push pins
  • Includes 4 each: red, blue, yellow, green and purple
  • 20 per pack
Quartet® Magnetic Tape
  • Size: 1/2Wx84"L
  • Adhesive backing
  • Adheres to any steel surface
  • Cuts easily with scissors
Deflect-O® Unbreakable Literature Holders
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight plastic
  • Smooth, rounded-edge design
Baumgarten's® American Flags
  • Appropriate for outdoor or indoor use
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Staples® Staple Remover
  • Staples® Staple Remover
Electronic Spanish-English
  • Electronic Spanish-English
Rolodex® Laser Rotary File Cards
  • White 2-1/4x4" cards
  • Formatting instructions and print template included
  • Sheet size: 8-1/2x11"
  • 8 cards/sheet
Rolodex® A-Z Rotary File Guides
  • For V-style files
  • White cards, blue A-Z tabs
Rand McNally® Deluxe Maps
  • Ideal for planning vacations, locating key markets and general reference
  • Laminated wall maps wipe clean
  • Packed in clear plastic sleeves
Rand McNally® Wall Maps
  • Rand McNally® world wall map shows major roads, time zones, the International Date Line as well as national capitals and other major cities
  • Printed on heavy paper with durable, glossy finish
Rediform® "While You Were Out"  Message Book
  • Get full-size messages in a small, compact book
  • Updated lines for cell phone and e-mail
  • Black ink on pink paper
  • 50 duplicate carbonless messages per book
  • Attached page protector won’t get lost
  • Pad size: 6-1/4x4-1/4"
Omnimed® Clipboards
  • Omnimed® Clipboards
Swingline® Heavy-Duty Staples
  • Heavy-duty chisel-point staples for 900XD stapler
  • 1,000 staples per box
'Master Paper Punch
  • 'Master Paper Punch
Velcro Adhesives
  • Velcro Adhesives
Swingline Bostitch® EZ Squeeze Flat Clinch Desktop Staplers
  • Swingline Bostitch® EZ Squeeze Flat Clinch Desktop Staplers
3M™ Scotch Electrical Tape
  • 3M™ Scotch Electrical Tape
Manco Adhesives
  • Manco Adhesives
Poppin Binder Clips
  • Holds up to 300 sheets of paper, or that novel you've finally finished
  • Start an office-craze and use it as a desk-side bag hanger
  • Upright on your desktop it's the perfect place to clip reminders or photos of the kids
  • Bet you can't buy just one
Rediform® Incoming/Outgoing Call Register
  • Record date, time, name and message
  • Left pages log incoming calls; right pages log outgoing calls
  • 37 message areas per page
  • 100 pages per book
  • Size: 8-1/2x11"
Tops® Top-bound Message Book-Perfect for Lefties!
  • "Note" section on back, spiral bound at the top
  • Page size is 5-1/2Hx8-1/2"W and message size is 5Hx4-1/2"W
  • Solid white original with red and blue ink, canary duplicate
  • 2 duplicate messages per page, 200 message sets per book
Tops® Voice Message Log Book
  • Record voice-mail messages and keep track of returned calls!
  • Spiral-bound message book holds 7 messages per page with room to write caller name, date, time, phone/fax numbers and notes
Rediform® Message Book
  • Room for cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Blue and white stock provides good legibility with ample space for notes
  • 4 carbonless messages per page allow you to keep a permanent copy for your records
  • Slip-in insert card prevents you from inadvertently writing on the next page; lets you keep a bound copy for your records
  • 11x5-3/4"; spiral bound
Quill® Message Book
  • Cardboard insert prevents write-through
  • Keeps a bound copy for your records, too
Carter's® Foam Stamp Pads
  • Made of springy foam so it’s quiet, easy on the wrist
  • Leak-proof and rust-resistant case
  • Re-inkable
Carter's® Micropore Stamp Pads
  • Never needs re-inking
  • Container is impact-resistant and rust-resistant
Saunders® Glue Sticks
  • Saunders® Glue Sticks
Surebonder® Glue Sticks
  • Surebonder® Glue Sticks
Velcro® One-Wrap Adhesive Strap
  • Velcro® One-Wrap Adhesive Strap
Saunders Storage Clipboards
  • Saunders Storage Clipboards
Baumgartens® Clipboards
  • Baumgartens® Clipboards
Saunders® Clipboards
  • Saunders® Clipboards
Alliance® Sterling™ Rubber Bands
  • Alliance® Sterling™ Rubber Bands
Westcott® Pointed Tip Scissors
  • Westcott® Pointed Tip Scissors
Carl® Rotary Trimmers
  • Carl® Rotary Trimmers
Fiskars® Rotary Trimmers
  • Fiskars® Rotary Trimmers
Martin Yale® Rotary Trimmers
  • Martin Yale® Rotary Trimmers
Swingline® Rotary Trimmers
  • Swingline® Rotary Trimmers
Fiskars® All-Purpose Scissors
  • Fiskars® All-Purpose Scissors
Fiskars® Pointed Tip Scissors
  • Fiskars® Pointed Tip Scissors
Bostitch® Ascend™ Desktop Staplers
  • Bostitch® Ascend™ Desktop Staplers
 Bostitch® Dynamo™ Ergosharp Desktop Stapler
  • Bostitch® Dynamo™ Ergosharp Desktop Stapler
Stanley Bostitch® EPIC™ Business Pro Desktop Stapler
  • Stanley Bostitch® EPIC™ Business Pro Desktop Stapler
Stanley Bostitch® Velvet No-Jam™ Desktop Stapler
  • Stanley Bostitch® Velvet No-Jam™ Desktop Stapler
3M™ Hook and Loop Fastener Tape
  • 3M™ Hook and Loop Fastener Tape
Manco Double Stick Tape
  • Manco Double Stick Tape
Manco Carpet Tape
  • Manco Carpet Tape
Manco®Duck Tread Tape
  • Manco®Duck Tread Tape
Advantus® Paper Clips
  • Advantus® Paper Clips
Loctite® Mounting Putty
  • Loctite® Mounting Putty
Velcro® Sticky Back Sticky Tape
  • Velcro® Sticky Back Sticky Tape
Command™ Decorative Hooks
  • Command™ Decorative Hooks
3M™ Scotch™ Scissors
  • 3M™ Scotch™ Scissors
Universal 2 hole punch
  • Universal 2 hole punch
Metrix™ Literature Holder
  • Metrix™ Literature Holder
Quill® Message Book
  • Convenient check-off boxes and a bold URGENT box speed message-taking
  • Wire binding won’t snag clothes
  • Ruled back for jotting down notes before or after call
  • Size:11" x 5-1/2" -
Quill®  4-per-page "while You Were Out" Book
  • Spiral bound book lays flat for easy message-taking
  • Uses “no-carbon-required” paper for a duplicate copy in one writing
  • Pink original, yellow duplicate
  • Perforated for easy removal
  • 11x8-1/2" book, 4 messages per page
Quill® “While-You-Were-Out” Pads
  • Attention-getting pink color
  • Plenty of space for writing messages
  • Includes a line for fax numbers
  • 50 sheets per pad
Quill® “While-You-Were-Out” Pads in Bright Colors
  • Plenty of space for messages, plus handy check-off boxes
  • 3 pads each of: bright pink, blue, yellow, and lime green
  • 40 sheets per pad
  • Size: 5-1/2x4-1/4"
Post-it®  Phone Message Pads
  • Convenient pre-printed forms ensure fast and easy communication
  • Vibrant neon message pads come 4 colors per pack
  • Self-stick notes lift off without a trace
  • 4x5" pads; 50 sheets per pad
Quill® Rubber Bands in 1-lb. Box
  • More elasticity and strength than the average band
  • Each box contains 1 full pound
Quill Brand® Steel Binder Clips
  • Quill Brand® steel binder clips hold bulky papers together
  • Handles flip up for hanging or can be removed for binding
  • 12 clips per box
Acco® Ideal Clamps
  • Made of heavy-gauge wire
  • Order in full box quantities, same item number
Saunders® Acrylic Clipboards
  • 9x12" clipboard
  • Fits easily into briefcases or backpacks
  • Low profile clip hold 1/2" of paper
Xstamper® 1-Color Title Stamps
  • Stamp is pre-inked for 100,000 impressions and can be re-inked—you never need a stamp pad
  • Retractable frame keeps stamping surface away from desktop until you're ready to use
Chenille® Kraft Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks
  • 5/16" Dual Temperature Glue Sticks for hot and lo-temp glue guns.
Clauss® Rotary Cutter
  • Clauss® Rotary Cutter
Sustainable Earth by Staples® Ruled Pads
  • Sustainable Earth by Staples® Ruled Pads
  • Flagpoles
Velcro® Fasteners
  • Ideal for wire control and organizing your workspace
  • Simply wrap the strap around the object and back onto itself for a secure hold
Quill Brand® Paper Clips
  • Good-quality wire resists rust and corrosion
  • 100 clips per box
  • 10 boxes per pack (1,000 clips per pack)
Quill® Stainless-Steel Scissors
  • Molded plastic handles and lightweight body make cutting more comfortable
  • Lifetime guarantee
Premier® Stakcut™ Paper Trimmers
  • Hold-down clamp keeps sheets from sliding and shifting
  • Hardened steel blade is angled for clean cuts
  • Adjustable paper stop
  • English and metric scales are included
  • Tabletop trimmer accurately cuts up to 30 sheets of 20-lb. bond paper
X-acto® Graphic Knife
  • Cuts better than a pair of shears!
  • 4-7/8"L handle with extra-sharp No. 11 blade
  • Refill blades sold separately
Scratch Pads
  • White 15.5-lb., 100% bond paper is ideal for notes, drafts, memos and letters
  • Contains no groundwood
  • Scratch pads are padded with a chipboard back and glue top binding
  • 100 sheets per pad
Redi-Tag®  Mini Arrows
  • Removable, reusable adhesive on half the tag
  • Repositionable
  • Size: 5/16x1-1/4"
  • Assortment of 5 colors: yellow, red, blue, purple and mint
  • 150 tags/pack
Post-it® Page Markers
  • Page markers are the perfect size for leaving notes in margins
  • Choose from a variety of sizes and colors
Post-it® Pre-Printed Flags
  • Bright, attention-grabbing colors
  • Pre-printed glossy flags
  • Can be easily removed and repositioned
Redi-Tag® Tape Flags with Dispenser
  • Tag it for fast and easy reference!
  • Removable adhesive is only on half the tag so they can be seen even in thick documents
Xstamper® 1-Color Title Stamps
  • Stamp impression size: 1/2x1-5/8"
Shachihata Xstamper Pre-Inked HAPPY FACE Stamp
  • Pre-inked and re-inkable happy face stamps have plastic caps for carrying in purse or pocket.
Swingline® Portable Electric Stapler
  • Motorized mechanism provides quiet, consistent operation
  • High-speed motor gets big jobs done fast
  • Throat depth adjusts from 1/4" to 1-1/2"
Redi-Tag® Tape Flags with Dispenser
  • Color code with different tags or use blank tags to add your own comments
  • Tags measure 9/16x2"
  • 120 flags per roll
Post-it® Arrow Flags; bright colors
  • Arrow flags direct attention right where you want it
  • Colored flags with printed arrows can be repositioned or removed
  • Are transparent to let writing show through
  • Tags measure 1-3/4x1/2", 100 tags per pack in 2 color styles, regular and bright
  • Packs include 100 arrows, 20 of each color
Redi-Tag® "Sign Here" Mini Arrows
  • Assorted pack of 4 colors: red, blue, yellow and mint
  • 120 tags/pack
  • Size: 5/16x1-1/4"
Stanley® Bostitch Staples
  • Staples for use in Stanley® Bostitch Staplers. Choose from 1/4" or 3/8" staples.
Rolodex® Petite Card File Refills
  • 2-1/4x4" cards
  • 100 cards/pack
Westcott Paper Trimmers
  • Westcott Paper Trimmers
'Mounting Tabs
  • 'Mounting Tabs
  • 'Rubberbands
Sustainable Earth by Staples® Clipboards
  • Sustainable Earth by Staples® Clipboards
Misc Staplers
  • Misc Staplers
Smead®	1/5 Cut Manila "A-Z" Card Guides
  • Made of recycled manila stock
  • Includes 25 guides
 Cosco Flip Clip
  • Cosco Flip Clip
Staples® Liquid Glue Pens
  • Staples® Liquid Glue Pens
Staples® Binder Clips
  • Staples® Binder Clips
Staples® Paper Clips
  • Staples® Paper Clips
Carl® Replacement Blade Sets
  • Carl® Replacement Blade Sets
DAX® 8-1/2x11" Solid Wood Document Frames
  • Attractive charcoal/nickel document frames are great for displaying those special awards or diplomas
  • Display on a tabletop
  • Size: 8-1/2x11"
OIC® Heavy-Duty Two-Hole Punch
  • Heavy-duty 2-hole punch with padded lock-down handle
  • Punches 50 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Adjustable paper guide
  • Punches 9/32" holes
  • Durable metal
Staples® Magnetic Clips
  • Staples® Magnetic Clips
Staples® Rubber Bands
  • Staples® Rubber Bands
Staples® Clipboards
  • Staples® Clipboards
Medical Arts Press® Message Stamps
  • Medical Arts Press® Message Stamps
Acco® Binder Clips
  • Removable handles fold down or can be used for hanging
  • Rust-resistant steel construction
  • Black/silver
  • 12 clips/box
ACCO® Non-Skid Paper Clips
  • Made from finest-quality corrosion-resistant steel wire
  • 100/box
Acco® Economy Paper Clips
  • Quality steel paper clips tin-plated to resist corrosion
  • Elliptical shape offers superior holding power
  • 100/box
ACCO® Economy Non-skid Paper Clips
  • Non-skid paper clips provide a firm grip without scratching paper
  • Elliptical shape offers superior holding power
  • 100/box
Acco® Gold Tone Paper Clips
  • Great for presentations
  • 100 clips/pack
Swingline® 20 Punch
  • All steel construction
  • Permanent guide for 11"x8-1/2" sheets
  • Size: 9/32" holes, 14-sheet capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
Swingline® LightTouch® Lever Handle 3-Hole Desktop Punch
  • Creates two or three 9/32" round holes
  • Mar-proof base
  • Slide open tray for no mess chip emptying
  • Punch heads fully adjustable from underneath
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Swingline® 2-Hole Punch with Comfort Handle
  • Punches up to 28 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • 1/4" holes, 2-3/4" center
Elmer's® Early Learners Glue
  • Elmer's® Early Learners Glue
Swingline® 2-Hole Punch with Comfort Handle
  • Adjustable nickel-plated guide
  • Lifetime warranty
Swingline® Heavy-Duty Paper Punch
  • Centematic paper guide for accurate hole alignment
  • Cushioned handle for added comfort
  • Accepts up to seven punch heads
  • 9/32" holes, adjustable centers
  • Lifetime warranty
Westcott® Contract Stainless-Steel Scissors
  • Rust-resistant blades
  • Black lightweight plastic handles
  • Economy straight scissors
Westcott® Elite Stainless Straight Scissors
  • Strong, lightweight and easy to use!
  • Stainless steel scissors feature highly polished blades with SoftRib grip for precision cutting
  • Inside edge and bevel grinds
  • Ergonomically designed handles for right- or left-hand use
  • 8" long
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
Westcott® Kleenearth® Stainless-steel Shears
  • Scissor handles made from 70% total recycled plastic, 30% post-consumer content
Swingline® Light Touch Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Swingline® Light Touch heavy-duty stapler, designed with comfort handle and die-cast cap and base, requires 50% less force than other staplers
  • Includes easy front-loading design and jam-clear feature
  • 500 heavy-duty staples included
  • Grey
Swingline® LightTouch Heavy Duty Staples
  • One staple size staples 20 to 120 sheets, eliminating the need for multiple staple sizes.
Rapid® 5080 Electronic Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Perfect for large stapling jobs
  • Staples up to 90 sheets of 20-lb. bond paper
  • Protective shield allows visibility to stapling point; shuts off when lifted
  • 5,000-staple cassette replaces the driver blade to maintain precise stapling and longer life
  • Paper guide adjusts up to 1-1/2"
  • Features flat-clinch mechanism
Hunt® Rapid® 5080 Heavy-Duty Staple Refill Cartridge
  • Cassette refill for the Rapid® Electric 980 and 5080 staplers
  • Cassette is unique because it includes a new driver blade which ensures precise stapling
  • Easy to insert
  • Driver blade adds years to the life of the stapler
  • Contains 5,000 staples
Tops® American Pride™ Writing Tablet
  • Parade your patriotism
  • 15-lb. white paper with thick 30-pt. chipboard backing
  • Contains 100% post-consumer recycled content
  • Letr-Trim™ perforations produce clean, smooth edges
  • 50 sheets per pad
Letter, Number & Shape Magnets
  • Letter, Number & Shape Magnets
Post-it® NFL Football Dispensers
  • Post-it® NFL Football Dispensers
Westcott® Kleenearth® Stainless-steel Shears
  • Sharp, lightweight stainless-steel blades
Westcott® Preferred™ Straight Scissors
  • Lightweight scissors made of rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Precision ground on all surfaces
  • 10-year warranty
Westcott® 7" Office Snips
  • 7" long
  • Easily cut packaging tape, cardboard, plastic and more
  • Comfort-grip handles
Westcott® Hot-Forged Shears
  • Stiletto-point shears are made from strong hot-forged carbon steel
  • Handles are double-dipped in enamel and baked for a long-wearing finish
  • Nickel plated and precision ground for lasting sharpness
  • Straight shears
  • For right-hand users
Alliance® Brites Rubber Bands
  • Colors/sizes: #16-blue, #18-orange; #19-yellow, #32-lime, #33-purple, #64-pink
  • 1-1/2 oz. dispenser box
Alliance® Pale Crepe Rubber Bands
  • High crepe rubber content gives these bands excellent tensile strength and stretch
  • The best value per rubber band with the highest percentage of rubber content
  • Longest lasting
Swingline® Long Reach Stapler
  • Staples 20 sheets up to 12" from the paper's edge
  • Integrated ruler and adjustable locking paper guide ensure precision alignment
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Black
Swingline® Staples
  • Swingline® high-quality staples offer dependable, easy stapling
  • Up to 15% fewer misforms than other staples
  • Sharp chisel points give keen penetration with less jamming
Swingline® Ultimate Staple Remover
  • Easy-to-use platinum staple remover features unique built-in magnet for touchless staple cleanup
  • Just slide switch to deposit staples into wastebasket
Swingline® Fully Automatic Electric Stapler
  • Automatically staples 20 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Throat adjusts 1/2" to 2" from edge of paper
  • Low staples indicator light
Simply™ Post It Notes
  • Simply™ Post It Notes
Westcott® Safety-tip Compass
  • Shortened, round metal tip holds position on paper securely
  • Easy to read inch/metric settings
  • Assorted colors, we choose
School Rulers
  • These rulers really measure up for school, home or office use.
Clear Plastic Protractor
  • Open center with 6" ruler
  • Clear plastic, 180º
Alliance® Ergonomically Correct Rubber Bands
  • Consistent, good quality rubber bands. Made in the U.S.A.
Ampad® Gold Fibre® Premium Ruled Pads
  • You will appreciate Ampad® products designed for professional use made with high-quality cotton fiber paper
  • Gold Fibre® Premium ruled rads offer an on-trend “retro” look, which have recently appeared on the silver screen
  • Double-thick, chipboard back for stiff support when writing
Ampad® Evidence Recycled Legal Ruled Pads
  • Perforated sheets provide easy, no-tear sheet removal
  • 15-lb. paper
  • Rigid chipboard backing
  • 50 sheets/pad; 12 pads/pack
  • Contains 50% recycled material with 20% post-consumer content
Ampad® Evidence Legal Ruled Pads
  • Sturdy chipboard back
  • Perforated pages for easy tear out
Ampad® Plain Desk Pads
  • Size: 17Hx22"W
  • Heavy chipboard backing
  • Woodgrain bindings and corners
Swingline® Fully Automatic Electric Stapler
  • Left margin guide for precise stapling
  • Easy front staple loading
Swingline® 270 Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler
  • Eliminates need for several staple sizes
  • Motor-driven mechanism for quiet, reliable operation
  • Uses a unique, easy-to-load staple cartridge to fasten 2 to 70 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Flat clinch for neatness
  • Throat depth: 1"
  • Staple cartridge holds 5,000 staples
  • Black
Quill® Nickel Plate Thumb Tacks
  • Nickel plated thumb tacks
  • 100 per pack
Quill® Plastic Push Pins
  • For use on bulletin boards or partitions
  • 3/8" (10 MM) steel points, 1/2" plastic heads
Tops® 4009 Important Message Book
  • Spiral bound books provide a permanent record of every call received or long distance call made
  • Phone message books are perforated and include notes section on flip side
  • 2-part carbonless with white over canary; blue and red ink
  • Page size: 8-1/4x11"
  • 4 calls per page
  • 400 sets per book
Colored Masking Tape
  • Colored Masking Tape
Avery® Clear Application Permanent Glue Stic
  • For use with paper, fabric, cardboard and polystyrene
  • ACMI approved
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Acid free and photo-safe
  • Washes out of most fabrics
  • See through twist applicator shows remaining product
Tops® Docket® Legal Pads
  • Letr-Trim perforation provides a clean tear-out every time
  • 60-pt. rigid chipboard back provides extra support and durability
  • 16-lb. paper
Tops® Docket Wire Bound Legal Pads
  • 16-lb. paper, 8-1/2x11-3/4"
  • Letr-Trim perforation provides a clean tear-ou
  • Spiral coilock prevents snags on clothing
  • 70 sheets/pad, 3 pads/pack
Velcro® Brand Round Coins
  • Velcro® sticky back tape adheres to most smooth surfaces
  • Use on walls, glass, tile, plastic or metal
Index Card Notebooks
  • Index Card Notebooks
Evidence® Pre-punched Ruled Pads
  • 2-hole (top) or 3-hole (side) punched
  • Extra-smooth 15-lb. paper
  • 28-pt. chipboard backing
  • Legal/wide ruled
  • 50 sheets per pad
Evidence® Narrow Ruled Pads
  • 1/4" narrow ruling—more lines per sheet
  • 15-lb. paper
  • Size: 8-1/2x11"
  • 50 sheets per pad
Quill Brand® Standard Series Ruled Pads
  • Extra-smooth 15-lb. paper; 100% groundwood-free
  • Micro-perforated sheets for a clean edge and easy removal
  • 35-pt. chipboard backing
  • Legal/wide rule
  • 50 sheets per pad
Quill® Glue-Top Ruled Pads
  • Our ruled glue-top pads feature easy-to-remove sheets with no perforations
  • 15-lb. paper and 28-pt. chipboard backing
Avery® Cards with Envelopes
  • Preset layouts in popular software programs make formatting easy
  • Great for personalized greetings
  • Perforated 8-1/2"x11" sheets feed automatically from printer's paper tray
Velcro® Brand Round Coins
  • Works in conjunction with other Velcro fasteners or adheres to itself
Velcro® Squares
  • 7/8" square sets
  • 12 sets/pack
Velcro® Tape Strips
  • Use on walls, glass, tile, plastic or metal
  • 3/4x18" strips
  • 1 set/pack
Velcro® Poster Hangers
  • 3/4" hook and loop pad sets
  • White
  • 8 sets/pack
Velcro® Industrial Strength Tape
  • Waterproof adhesive for indoor and outdoor use
  • 2"-wide tape
Quill Brand® Gold Signature Premium Series Ruled Pads
  • Rigid, extra-thick 60-pt. chipboard backing provides a firmer writing surface than the chipboard backing on standard pads
  • Legal/wide rule
  • Extra-smooth, 15-lb. paper; groundwood free
  • Micro-perforated sheets for a clean edge and easy removal
  • 50 sheets per pad
Swingline® 20L Lever Handle Punch
  • Adjustable sheet centers with built-in paper guide
  • 9/32" diameter holes and 2 to 3 hole adjustment
  • Lifetime warranty
Quill® Economy 2-hole Punch
  • Punches 12 sheets of 16 lb. paper
  • Punches two 9/32" diameter holes on 2-3/4" centers
  • Calibrated paper guide for accurate alignment
Quill® Economy 2- or 3-hole Punch
  • Punches up to ten 16-lb. sheets at a time
  • Centering guide for letter-size sheets
  • 9/32" diameter holes
Swingline® Letter Punch
  • Accepts up to seven punches for diverse punching applications
  • Metric and inch positioning on face plate for easy punch location changes
  • Convenient high-capacity, pull-out chip tray for easy emptying; holds 180% more chips
  • Letter punch has a large T-shaped handle and non-slip base for greater leverage and stability
  • Punches up to 40 sheets of 20-lb. paper at once
  • Adjustable heads (9/32") accept letter and legal-sized paper
  • Black die-cast steel body
  • Includes 4 punch heads
  • <b>Note:</b> Accepts up to 7 of item #SWI74854 replacement heads (sold seperately)
Swingline® 650 Mega-duty Punch
  • Extra long handle for maximum leverage
  • Hollow-pin cutting dies give clean punching action with minimal effort
  • Adjustable paper guide; easy-empty drawer-style paper receptacle
  • Steel construction; rubber bottom grips
How-To For W2 & 1099 Forms
  • 92-page booklet lets you know which tax form to use, how to use it, and under what circumstances
  • Handy, easy-to-understand format
Hook & Loop Fasteners
  • Hook & Loop Fasteners
Swingline® 650 Mega-duty Punch
  • Size: 5-1/8Hx12-5/8Wx11-1/2"D
Scotch® Removable Double-Sided Tape
  • Transparent tape has adhesive on both sides and can be removed without damaging your project. 3/4x400" roll.
Scotch® Double-Sided Tape
  • Ideal for displaying photos, press clippings and artwork
  • Adhesive on both sides lets you mount items with no mess!
  • Ultra-thin tape won't show when applied
Scotch®  Book Tape
  • Tape conforms to nearly any surface for quick, easy application
  • Resists drying out or cracking
  • Simply apply this durable transparent tape to magazine, book and pamphlet covers and spines for added reinforcement and longer circulation life
Scotch® Masking Tape
  • Won't leave a residue when removed
  • Sticks easily on contact, resists curling!
  • 60 yard roll with 3" core
Quill Brand® Masking Tape
  • Quill Brand® Masking tape is a versatile and inexpensive tape for use anywhere in the office. Won't leave residue when remove and even sticks to brick walls!
Quill Brand® Invisible Tape
  • Quill Brand® Invisible tape has permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Sticks firmly and "disappears" when applied
Scotch® Removable Magic™ Tape
  • Same great features as Scotch Magic tape but this one's removable!
  • Lifts off cleanly; ideal for temporary sealing
  • Won't shrink or yellow
  • Can be written on
  • 1" core
Scotch® Magic™  Tape Value Packs
  • The original matte finish, invisible tape
How-To For W2 & 1099 Forms
  • Shipped by UPS from GA or IA factory within 2 business days
Magnet Man® Clip
  • Powerful 2-in-1 magnet/clamp displays papers prominently and securely
  • Strong magnet with whimsical clip for file cabinets, blackboards and other metal surfaces
  • 2Hx1-1/2"W
Adams® Safety Suction Cups
  • Rated to hold up to 3 lbs.
  • 12 per pack
  • Four each of: Medium 1-3/4", Small 1-1/8", and Mini 3/4"
Officemate® Slim Clipboard Storage Box
  • The ideal tool for salespeople, students and anyone who needs to write on the go
  • Slim design fits easily into a briefcase yet has ample storage space for papers, forms, notepads
  • Separate storage compartment for pens and pencils
  • Ergonomic finger grips
Officemate® Portable Clipboard Case
  • This Portable Clipboard Case has so many functions it can even be used as a briefcase. It features ergonomic hand grips and a large capacity for papers, forms, notepads and other items. The heavy duty clip offers extra capacity. Built-in filing pockets are perfect for CD's, business cards and papers. Three separate filing compartments can be used for pens, pencils, clips and other small objects. One compartment is magnetized to hold clips in place. A strong hinge and clasp system assure years of use.
Scotch® Tape with Built-in Dispenser
  • Very affordable
  • Dispenses smoothly
Scotch® Transparent Tape
  • One of the most popular tapes around!
  • Excellent holding power
  • Glossy tape is stronger, but can't be written on
Quill® Transparent Tape
  • Quill Brand® Invisible tape has permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Sticks firmly and "disappears" when applied
Scotch® Mounting Tape
  • Mounts lightweight nameplates, interior signs, displays and more
  • Double-coated foam tape can be used on most walls provided they are clean, dry and smooth
  • Use at least 4 inches of tape for each pound of weight to be mounted
  • Roll is 1"Wx4 yards long x 1/8" thick
Scotch® Pop-Up Magic™ Tape Strips and Dispensers
  • Pre-cut 2" tape strips eliminate measuring and tearing
  • Dispenser can be easily refilled quickly
Scotch® Desk Dispensers for 3" Core Tape
  • Table-top tape dispenser has a molded plastic body with non-scratch padded base
  • Heavy-duty weighted dispenser holds firm for one-hand dispensing
  • For tape with 3" core, up to 1" Wide
  • Hold's up to 60 yards of tape
Scotch® Desk Dispensers for 1" Core Tape
  • Standard tape dispenser features plastic body with non-scratch padded base
  • Holds 1" core tape rolls up to 3/4"
  • Weighted base
  • Easy to refill
Scotch® Magic™ Tape Rolls
  • Frosty finish that turns invisible on paper
  • Won't show on copies
Post-it® 1/2" Flags
  • Small removable, self-adhesive flags highlight important information with eye-catching color
  • Repositionable adhesive keeps the flags from falling off, yet lets you remove and reuse them without damaging paper
  • 1/2"-wide flags are great for color-coding, highlighting ledgers and planners, and tabbing books and catalogs
Quill® Staple Remover
  • Staple remover has a sturdy plastic grip and chrome body and prongs. Won't damage paper.
Quill Brand® Staples
  • Bevel point staples are made of 19-gauge steel wire for extra strength and durability
deflect-o® Acrylic Sign Holders
  • Sturdy clear plastic that opens easily to insert paper, then snaps back gently to hold it securely
  • Keeps message smudge- and fingerprint-free
  • Perfect for counters, display areas, entrances and other high-traffic areas
  • Polished rounded edges offer a quality look, enhancing your message
Deflect-O® Wall Sign Holders
  • Ideal for retail outlets, lobbies, hospitals and more
  • Clear plastic opens to accept message, snaps back to gently hold it in place
  • Plaque attaches with 2 screws (not included)
Roget's II Thesaurus; Hardcover Edition
  • The most complete thesaurus available
  • Includes more than 35,000 synonym entries that appear in one alphabetical list, similar to a dictionary
  • Every entry has a complete list of synonyms with definitions
Scotch® Magic™  Tape Value Packs
  • Pulls off the roll smoothly and is easy to cut
  • Resists splitting and tearing
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Can be written on with pen, pencil or marker
  • 3/4"Wx1,000"L
  • 1" core
Quality Park® Liquid Glue Envelope Moistener
  • Acid-free, wrinkle-free and non-yellowing
  • Non-toxic
  • 50 ml
Officemate® File Cabinet Magnets
  • Handy magnets work well on file cabinets or metal presentation boards
  • Includes 30 magnets total; 12 ea. 3/4", 12 ea. 1-1/4" and 6 ea. 1-1/2"
  • Assorted colors
Quill Brand® Staples
  • 1/4" leg length
  • 210 chisel point staples per strip
  • 5,000 per box
Swingline® SF® 4® Staples
  • Super sharp, precision engineered chisel points for superior paper penetration
  • Fits all standard staplers
  • 1/4" leg length
  • 210 staples per strip
  • 5,000 staples per box
Bostitch® B8 Staples
  • Goes with any Bostitch B8 model stapler. 210 per strip and 5,000 per box.
Stanley®  Bostitch Heavy-Duty Staples
  • Stanley® Bostitch Heavy-Duty Staples
Swingline® 747 Stapler
  • The most popular stapler in America
  • Features a spring-loaded inner channel to prevent jams and provide smooth operation
  • Includes 2-way anvil that permits stapling or pinning
  • 4" reach and reinforced full length
  • Non-skid rubber base
Swingline® Optima® High-Capacity Stapler and Staples
  • Optima® high-capacity stapler and staples
  • Staples up to 70 sheets in Optima® 70 stapler
Ef® Rapid Full-strip Plier Stapler
  • Durable steel construction
  • Takes a full-strip of standard 1/4" staples
  • 2-3/16" reach
Stanley® Bostitch Long-reach Stapler
  • Staples up to 20 sheets of 16 lb. bond paper
  • Uses 1/4" standard staples (sold separately)
  • Size: 2-2/5Hx2-3/4Wx17-2/5" D
Quill® Contemporary Full-Strip Stapler
  • Durable metal construction with textured top for a sure grip
  • Full rubber base for comfortable hand-held stapling
  • Opens flat for tacking
  • 2-way anvil rotates for stapling or pinning
  • Size: 2-1/2Hx1-1/2Wx6-4/5"D
  • Uses standard strip of 1/4" staples (sold separately)
Roget's II Thesaurus; Hardcover Edition
  • Entries contain a cross-reference to the unique Category Index which leads to other words
  • Includes idioms, slang and informal terms
  • Convenient thumb index
  • Hardcover edition
  • Size: 9-1/2Hx7"W
Elmer's® Glue-All™
  • For use on all materials such as paper, cloth, pottery and wood
  • Dries clear, sets fast and holds strong
  • Safe and non toxic
Elmer's®  Washable School Glue
  • Elmer's School Glue is loved by teachers and parents—even after it dries, it easily washes out
  • Ideal for school projects
  • No-clog, easy-flow caps
  • Non-toxic
Elmer's® Glue Sticks
  • Elmer's® glue sticks are safe, non-toxic and wash out with soap and water
  • Dries fast and colorless
  • Handy twist-up applicator
Elmer's® Tack Adhesive Putty
  • Won't leave holes or mar most surfaces
  • Removable and reusable
  • 1-oz. package
Crayola® Washable Glue Sticks
  • Goes on blue and dries clear
Rolodex® Portable Business Card Book
  • Book features a stitched vinyl cover with metal-tipped corners
  • Includes 12 each of vinyl card pages and index tabs
  • Holds 96 cards
  • 7-9/16Hx4-3/8"W
Stanley® Bostitch Electric Desktop Stapler
  • Anti-jam staplers deliver fast, accurate stapling of up to 20 sheets at once
  • Unique staple out indicator light is activated when the staple supply is low
  • Optic trip firing mechanism guarantees fast, accurate stapling
  • U.L. listed
Swingline® Electric Medium-duty Cartridge  Stapler
  • Unique state-of-the-art stapler has motor-driven gear mechanism for quiet, dependable operation
  • Staples up to 30 sheets of 20 lb. paper
  • Adjustable depth to 1"
  • Uses an easy-to-load cartridge of 5,000 staples
  • Size: 5-1/2Hx3-1/2Wx6"D
Swingline® 747 Accent Stapler
  • Swingline's 747 Accent Series staplers include all the comforting features of the original, but with ergonomic upgrades!
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Anti-jam plate
  • Spring-loaded inner channel
  • 4" reach plus 2-way anvil for stapling or pinning
  • Full-length, non-skid rubber base
  • Staples up to 20 sheets
Crayola® Washable Glue Sticks
  • Snap on cap prevents dry out
  • Unique base prevents glue from rolling off desk
Elmer's® Rubber Cement
  • Resists wrinkling when dry
  • A great solution for adhering photos and detailed cut-and-paste projects
Advantus® Cubicle Clips
  • Each clip holds up to 40 sheets of notes, messages, memos, etc.
  • Insert metal points into panel fabric and slide downward until clip is seated
  • Plastic
Ampad® Breast Cancer Awareness Ruled Pads
  • 20-lb., high-quality micro-perforated paper
  • Features a Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon imprint on each page with an attractive pink headstrip
  • White pages with pink lines
  • 6 pads per pack; 50 sheets per pad
Avery® Refill Cards for Rolodex® and Other Card File Systems
  • Prints one or multiple cards directly from your database
  • Laser and inkjet compatible
  • Perforated 8-1/2x11" sheets
Rolodex® Business Card Sleeves
  • Sleeves have white separators so cards can be placed on both sides
  • Helps keep cards clean and easy-to-read
  • 40 sleeves/pack
Rolodex® Rotary Business Card File
  • Flexible and easy to update with business cards held in protective plastic card sleeves
  • Scan through each card with the twist of a knob
  • Made of tubular steel
  • Plastic sleeves and 24 "A-Z" index tabs included
  • Holds 2-1/4x4" cards
Rolodex® Vinyl Business Card Books
  • Transparent card pages keep cards protected
  • Durable black vinyl covers
Rolodex® Vip® Tray-style Card Files
  • Made of durable high-impact plastic
  • Includes 500 unlined cards
  • 24 "A-Z" guides
Rolodex® Covered Rotary Swivel Files
  • File swivels 360º
  • Includes 500 cards and 24 insertable "A-Z" guides
  • Cover keeps cards dust-free
Bausch & Lomb® Round Magnifiers
  • Shatterproof acrylic lens
  • High-power bifocal inset
  • Cushioned, lightweight handle
Bausch & Lomb® Rectangular Magnifiers
  • Shatterproof acrylic lens
  • Cushioned comfort-grip handle
Baumgarten's® Plasti Bands
  • Polyurethane bands won't discolor or deteriorate
  • Lab-tested to be almost 3 times stronger than rubber bands of comparable size, yet weigh 40% less
  • Vibrant assorted colors for color coding
  • Offers handy dispenser package
  • Latex-free
Bostitch® Heavy-Duty Staplers
  • Bostitch® Heavy-Duty Staplers
X-Acto® Heavy-Duty Paper Trimmers
  • Guillotine handle provides sure grip for safe and accurate paper trimming
  • Fully hardened steel blade has tension spring for easy cutting
  • Trims up to 15 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Heavy-duty wood composite base has rubber feet to prevent sliding and to protect work surface
  • Safety guard helps keep fingers away from blade
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty
Redi-Tag® See Note Arrow Flags
  • Size: 1-3/4x15/32"
  • 125 per pack
Avery® Glue Stic Bonus Pack
  • Permanent Glue Stic Bonus Pack comes with 18 glue sticks to take care of all kinds household, business or school projects
  • Acid free and photo safe make it great for crafts
  • This glue applies to surfaces smoothly and can be used on paper, cardboard, polystyrene and fabric
  • The glue washes out of clothing
  • Large caps will not pose a choke hazard, making it safe for young children
  • Non toxic, ACMI certified, conforms to ASTM D 4236
  • 26 oz. each
Rolodex® Classic Rotary Files
  • Rubber feet protect desk surface
  • Cards and "A-Z" index guides included
Globe-Weis® Lift-off-lid Card File Boxes
  • Heavy-duty and portable storage boxes hold up to 1,000 cards
  • Adjustable follower assembly keeps cards upright even when box is not full
  • Files are approximately 11-5/8" deep
  • Contains 70% minimum recycled post-consumer content
Steelmaster Lit-ning™	2-drawer Index Card Files
  • 2-drawer unit holds 3,000 cards and has a 16" filing depth
  • Index guides and cards not included
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • 1 year limited warranty
Rolodex® Mini Rotary Card File
  • 2-3 line cards snap in and out for easy updates
  • Coated "A-Z" index tabs
  • Black tubular metal construction
  • Includes 250 cards, 1-3/4x3-1/4"
  • 250-card capacity
Bostitch® Personal Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Staples up to 60 sheets at once
  • Cushioned base pad
  • Black
Bostitch® Full-Strip Staplers
  • Low staple indicator
  • Opens for tacking
  • Holds a full strip of staples
Bostitch® Anti-Jam Desktop Stapler
  • Attractive design houses all-metal construction for years of dependable performance
  • Movable core and floating driver virtually eliminates staple jams
  • Features fully padded base, automatic retracting staple pusher for easy loading, adjustable clincher and staple supply indicator
  • Uses standard office staples
Stanley® Bostitch Heavy-Duty Staple Remover
  • Heavy-duty staple remover is ideal for removing heavy carton staples and using for data processing, shipping and receiving departments
  • Features all-metal construction with high-quality nickel and zinc plating for long wear
  • Will remove staple from up to 250 sheets of 20 lb. paper
Bostitch® Staples
  • Quality chisel point staples from a name you can trust
  • Silver
Rediform® Voice Mail Detail Log Book
  • Use with answering machines and voice mail systems
  • Space provided for date, time, caller notes, company, notes, follow-up, and telephone/fax numbers
Tops® Docket Diamond Legal Rule Notepads
  • Docket Diamond Pad is constructed from 25 percent cotton. 24 Lb. Elegant sapphire blue marble binding strip. Rigid backboard provides support when writing away from a desk. Letr-Trim perforations assure a smooth edge and clean sheet removal every time.
Rediform® Voice Mail Detail Log Book
  • Log and then store your voice mail messages for future reference
  • Spiral bound
Post-It® Flags Convenience Packs
  • Whether you're color-coding, tabbing or highlighting, Post-it flags are the perfect way to get organized
  • Use to mark, tab and highlight important points in a textbook or document
  • Flags stick securely and remove cleanly
  • Plain flags can be written on and come in bright colors for high visibility
  • Easy-to-use "pop-up" dispenser packs
Westcott®  Titanium Bonded® Scissors
  • Titanium blades produce a sharper, more durable and longer lasting cutting edge
  • Resists the stickiness of tape and glue, which decreases clean-up time after craft projects
  • Non-corrosive and 3 times stronger than stainless steel
Swingline® Optima® Grip Staplers
  • Ergonomically designed to maximize hand-held performance
  • 25% greater capacity than other desk staplers; staples up to 25 sheets of paper
  • Enhanced, soft-feel materials for stapling comfort
  • Metal construction for maximum durability
  • Tacking latch ensures a secure stapling position
  • Stands up or lays flat
  • Perfect for hand-held or desktop stapling
  • Manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty
Swingline® Optima® Desktop Stapler
  • Jam-free performance with S.F.® 4® or Optima® premium staples
  • 25% greater capacity than other desk staplers
  • Staples up to 25 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Durable, die cast all-metal construction
  • Enhanced soft-feel materials for stapling comfort
  • Opens for tacking
Swingline® Invision Stapler
  • Patented staple indicator changes from green to red to let you know when staples are running low
  • Built-in staple compartment stores up to 4 full strips of staples for quick, easy refills
  • Built with a rugged metal reinforced base for extra durability and precise stapling
  • Limited 1-year warranty
Westcott® Titanium Scissors
  • Titanium blades produce a sharper, more durable and longer lasting cutting edge
  • Resists the stickiness of tape and glue, which decreases clean-up time after craft projects
  • Non-corrosive and 3 times stronger than stainless steel
  • Contoured soft grip provides extra comfort
Swingline® Electric Paper Punch & Stapler
  • Electric unit provides simple push button operation
  • Punches and staples up to 24 sheets at a time
  • Adjustable to 2-hole or 3-hole standard punching
  • Jam reverse knob clears jams easily
  • Size: 8-3/4x12-1/8x20-1/2"; 14 lbs.
Swingline® ClassicCut® Trimmer
  • Battery-operated laser light indicates the exact cutting line
  • Shelf-sharpening blade cuts up to 15 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Alignment grid and dual scale 15" ruler for precise measuring
  • Wood cutting surface with durable metal cutting arm
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Includes protective guard rail and blade latch hook
  • Size: 15-3/4Hx22-3/4Wx5"D
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warrranty
X-ACTO® Heavy Duty Laser-guided Trimmers
  • Laser "line of cut" guide light
Rolodex® Business Card Binders
  • Rolodex® Business Card Binders
Redi-Tag® "Sign Here" Refill
  • Can be written on
  • 5/16x2" flags
  • 6 rolls/box
Chartpak® Adjustable Triangular Scale
  • Satin-finish aluminum
  • 12"L, exact calibrations
Westcott®  Titanium Bonded® Scissors
  • Contoured soft grip provides extra comfort
Acme® Design Line Shears
  • Design Line Shears offer heavy gauge polished stainless blades with inside edge and bevel grinds for a sharp, durable cutting edge.
X-ACTO® Heavy Duty Laser-guided Trimmers
  • Soft-grip handle designed for comfort
  • Adjustable paper guide
  • Self-healing cutting surface
  • Heavy duty soft-grip foot pads for stability
  • Button-release handle lock
  • Trims up to 15 sheets at one time
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty
Dymo® DateMark Date/Time Stamper
  • Prints the current date/time, any of seven status messages (you specify) and 4-or 6-digit sequential numbers with it's built-in auto counter
  • Status messages include: IN, OUT, PAID, FILE, REF, CFMD and RCVD
  • Programmable security code
  • Digital alarm clock
  • Calendar programmed 200 years into the future with automatic leap-year adjustment
  • Operates on 4 "AA" batteries (not included) and 1 Lithium coin cell (included)
Swingline® Tot Mini Stapler
  • Compact size makes this the perfect stapler for carrying in backpacks, purses and briefcases
  • Includes open channel drop-in loading and comes with 1,000 standard staples
  • Color assortment includes blue, purple, black and magenta
Swingline® Heavy-Duty Palm-Grip Stapler
  • Durable all-metal working components
  • Palm-grip comfort handle
  • Easily staples up to 160 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Uses 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" heavy-duty staples
  • Easy-loading channel
  • Adjustable paper guide
  • Size: 7-1/2Hx3-1/2Wx12-1/2"D
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty
Westcott® 5" Junior Scissors
  • No-rust, stainless steel blades are molded into the handles for added strength and durability
  • Handles are designed for children's hands
  • Left-handed or right-handed use
  • Available with blunt tip or pointed tip
  • Great for cutting paper, fabric, string and other craft materials
UHU® Twist & Glue
  • Works with paper, wood, felt, fabrics, & cork; can also be used in combination with ceramics, metal, glass, polystyrene, foam & many plastics
  • Multi-purpose applicator
  • Washes out with soap and water
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • 3.2-oz. bottle
Elmer's® Glue Pump
  • Fits Elmer’s® Glue-All and School Glue gallon bottles
  • Less waste and mess
Advantus® T-Pins
  • 1-1/2" long
  • 100 per box
Rediform® Twin Wire Gold Standard Message Book
  • Black vinyl twin wire binding helps book lay flat for easy writing
  • This is the ideal message book for business on the go
  • It features a green, linen-look cover with gold-foil imprint and an extra-stiff back to lend support while writing on the road
  • 2-color, 2-part carbonless forms
  • 11x5-2/3"
Officemate® Clipboards
  • Unique landscape clipboard made from strong molded plastic
  • Adjustable elastic band keeps papers firmly in place
  • Can be stored in a hanging file frame or a desktop file box when not in use—includes low-profile clip with hole for hanging
  • Accepts standard-sized labels for filing purposes
  • Letter-size filing
Stanley® Antimicrobial Staplers
  • An anti-microbial compound added to the plastic prevents the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Stapler stands up or lays flat
  • Features a staple supply indicator, an anti-jam stapler rail and a full rubber base pad
  • Opens for tacking
  • 2-year warranty
Quill Brand® Anti-Microbial Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Anti-microbial compound blended into the stapler's paint inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, fungus and mildew
Fiskars® Angled Tip Package Opener
  • Fiskars® Angled Tip Package Opener
Post-it® Arrow Flags in Assorted Colors
  • Post-it® Colored flags with printed arrows can be repositioned or removed again and again!
Avery® Index Cards
  • 100-lb. weight stock meets federal postal standards
  • Print one or multiple cards from your database
  • Fine-perforated 8-1/2x11" sheets
  • Card size: 3x5"
  • 3 cards/sheet, 150 cards/box
  • Acid free
Premier® Paper Trimmers
  • Never a dull edge with these paper trimmers!
  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Safety features include finger guard and patented automatic blade latch
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty includes blade
Swingline® EasyView™ 2-Hole Indicator Paper Punch
  • No-spill hinged chip tray
  • Manufacturer’s 90-day limited warranty
  • Green indicator light means paper is correctly aligned—provides precise punching every time
  • Handle has soft grip material for user comfort and locks in the down position for easy storage
Quill Brand® Anti-Microbial Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Ideal for extra-thick stacks of paper; staples up to 130 sheets of 20-lb. paper at a time
  • Easy-loading channel accepts staples in 4 sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8"
  • Adjustable paper guide from 1/4" to 21/2"
  • All-metal construction for durability
  • Extra-wide base provides stability while stapling
  • Size: 7Hx3-1/4Wx11-1/2"D
  • Black
Rapid® Electric 5050 Heavy Duty Stapler
  • Heavy-duty, high-volume, stapler works quickly, silently and safely
  • Guarantees up to 500,000 trouble-free stapling operations; throat adjusts from 1-5" to allow stapling closer to the edge
  • See-through safety visor automatically cuts off power when lifted
  • Unique system adjusts to paper stack thickness and staples anywhere from 2 to 50 sheets at a pass
  • 5.000 staple capacity means less reloading; 5,000-staple/driver blade included
  • Rubber base protects surfaces and provides stability
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
Westcott® KleenEarth® Recycled Shears
  • Shears are ergonomically designed and have lightweight stainless steel blades
  • Handles are specially treated to fight bacteria
  • Recycled handles contain 70% post-consumer waste
  • 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty
Rolodex® Petite Card Files
  • 2-1/4x4" cards
  • "A-Z" index tabs included
Wescott® School Tools Wave Ruler
  • Fun design plastic ruler has functional features to keep work neat and organized
  • Fits 3 ring binder and pivots off page to limit smudges from heavy markers
  • Assorted colors: red/yellow, blue/green and purple/orange (we choose)
  • 12" length
Fiskars® Cutting Blades
  • Fiskars® Cutting Blades
Swingline® Easy View 3-Hole Punch
  • Green light means paper is correctly aligned
  • Handle has soft grip material for user comfort and “locks down” for easy storage
  • No-spill hinged chip tray
  • Personalized name plate identifies punch owner
  • Accepts up to 12 sheets of 20-lb. paper
  • Limited 90-day warranty
Master® 2-Hole Electric Paper Punch
  • Automatic on/off; auto-reverse switch helps clear up paper jams
  • Punches 9&#8260;32"-size holes in up to 10 sheets of 20-lb. paper quickly and easily; punches standard 2-hole pattern (23&#8260;4" centers)
  • Paper guide automatically centers paper; large capacity paper chip pan; non-skid feet
  • 3-5&#8260;8x4-1&#8260;2x6-1&#8260;8"
  • Plugs into an outlet or use 6 "AA" batteries (sold separately)
Bostitch® Adjustable Heavy Duty Paper Punch
  • Punches up to 160 sheets of 16-lb. paper
  • 9&#8260;32"-diameter holes; 2- or 3-hole adjustment
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Removable chip tray
  • Size: 6x15x13-3/4
Master® Reference System Retrofit Kit
  • Modular tongue and groove design fits all Master reference racks
  • Includes 12 heavy gauge poly sleeves, 12 snap on index tabs & a 3”W metal modular mounting section
Master® Heavy-Duty Desktop Reference  System
  • Complete, ready-to-use starter system offers quick and easy access to information
  • 45° viewing angle
  • Includes 24 heavy gauge poly sleeves, 24 snap on index tabs and non-skid base
  • Sections fit any Master rack and wall mount bracket
  • Not expandable; for an expandable unit, use MAT-MVMD12 and add MAT-MVPD12
Master® Wall Mount Reference  System
  • 12 heavy gauge poly sleeves, 12 snap on index tabs, chrome wings & solid metal section
  • Includes mounting plate, two-sided tape and Velcro®
  • Easy installation
Master® Starter Sets
  • 6" capacity
  • 18"W wing to wing
  • Durable grey finish
Swingline® SF3-5M Standard Chisel-point Staples
  • For use in all half-strip standard staplers
  • 5000 staples/box
Swingline® Staples; SF227 Heavy Duty Staple Cartridge
  • High-quality staples designed for use in the 69270 Swingline® stapler
Wilson Jones® Catalog Rack
  • Dubllock® mechanism with 3 positions: lock, unlock and open
  • Rings open and close without having to remove ring channel from base
  • Reference angle is adjustable to either 30° or 45°
  • Putty-colored enamel finish
Bostitch® PHD-60 Staples
  • Heavy-duty staples are designed for use with PHD-60
Swingline® 545 Full Strip Economy Stapler w/Remover
  • Economy full-featured stapler with full rubber slipper. Lightweight for comfortable hand use. Comes with 5,000 staples and a staple remover.
Stanley® Bostitch® Personal Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Personal heavy-duty stapler
  • 60 sheet capacity
  • Bi-material construction
  • Soft-touch handle for stapling comfort
Acco® Rubber Band Ball
  • Find rubber bands easily, eliminate desk clutter, and have fun at the same time
  • Bounce or squeeze ball to relieve stress
  • About 275 assorted color bands per ball
Westcott® 7" Student Scissors with Microban® Protection
  • Westcott® 7" Student Scissors with Microban® Protection