Tops® Summary Column Data Pad
  • White bond paper printed with non-smear red and blue inks
  • High quality heavyweight 20 lb.
  • Use to record or tabulate data
  • 13 columns plus summary column; 38 Rows
  • 8-1/2"x11"
Ampad Two Sides Non-Repro Blue Ink Quadrille Pads
  • Ampad quadrille pads are constructed of 20 lb. white ledger paper
  • Printed both sides in non-reproducible blue ink
Wilson Jones Regular Ledger Columnar Ruled Sheets
  • Heavyweight ledger paper with red and blue rulings; or green, heavyweight ledger paper with brown and green rulings. Printed both sides. Faint colors make figures stand out. Punched for use with post binders.
Rediform® National Side Punched Analysis Pads
  • Every fifth line and column division is heavy-ruled for accurate recording
  • Archival-safe, acid-free, non-glare green paper
  • 3-hole side-punched
  • 50 sheets per pad; 40 lines per page
TOPS® Engineering Computation Pads
  • Green-tint paper.
  • Squares on both sides.
  • Three-hole punched.
TOPS® Quadrille Pads
  • Nonrepro blue rulings on both sides.
TOPS® Data Pads
  • TOPS® Data Pads
Wilson Jones® Column Write® Side Bound Columnar Pad
  • Perfect for setting up computer spreadsheets.
  • All rows and columns numbered for accuracy and fast referencing.
  • Shaded alternate thousands columns prevent “decimal slip.”.
  • Every fifth line ruled in brown for better focusing.
  • Punched for storage in ring binder.
  • Perforated heading tears off when folding to fit 11 x 8 1/2 binder.
Wilson Jones® Columnar Loose Sheets
  • Smudgeproof inks for permanent record keeping.
  • Slotted holes allow insertion and removal of sheets without disassembling binder.

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