Dixon® Laddie Pencils
  • Laddie pencils are ideal for grade-school students
  • These slightly oversized No. 2 pencils have an 11/32" diameter, which is thicker than regular No. 2 pencils, and thinner than Dixon® Beginner Pencils
  • Thicker than regular No. 2 pencils, so they're easier to hold
  • Simplifies transition from printing to cursive writing
  • PMA certified non toxic
Dixon® Beginner Pencils
  • 13/32" diameter is larger than Dixon® Laddie pencils, and smaller than Dixon® My First Pencils
  • Thicker than Laddie pencils and regular pencils, so they're easier for kids to hold
  • Sized right for students learning how to print
  • PMA certified non-toxic
Quill® Finest-Quality Pencils
  • Premium-grade pencils at economy prices
  • Pressure-proof bonded lead
  • Smudge-free eraser
  • Made from sustained yield wood
  • PMA certified non-toxic
  • Hexagon shape
  • Order in full-dozen quantity; same item number
Quill Brand® Standard-Grade Pencils
  • Good quality, great price
  • Others sell the same style and call them premium
  • Commercial-grade black lead
  • PMA certified non-toxic
  • Hexagon shape
  • Order in full-dozen quantity; same item number
Dixon® Ticonderoga Oriole® Pencils
  • Real wood is easier to sharpen
  • Superior black core for smooth hassle-free writing
  • Top-quality eraser for clean corrections
  • PMA certified nontoxic
Pentel® Sharplet® 2 Automatic Pencils
  • 12-lead capacity
  • Top-feed lead advance
  • Slim, lightweight barrel, with removable pocket clip and eraser
Pilot® Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencils
  • Relieves stress and alleviates writing fatigue
  • Recommended for ease of use by the Arthritis Foundation
  • Wide, contoured barrel design reduces writing fatigue
  • Rubberized grip offers comfort and control
  • Refillable
BIC® Mechanical Pencils
  • Includes three full-length #2 leads per pencil
  • Non refillable
  • Convenient pocket clips
Pentel® Side FX™ Automatic Pencils
  • Dial-up mechanism advances and retracts extra-long eraser
  • Side button advances lead without changing hand position
  • Soft, no-slip latex-free rubber grip
  • Ergonomic barrel fits in hands of all sizes
  • Refillable
Ticonderoga® Pencils
  • Satin-smooth finish for writing comfort
  • Made from premium wood
  • Certified non-toxic
Paper Mate® Mirado Black Warrior® Pencils
  • Made from 100% premium cedar wood for easy sharpening
  • Black matte round barrel for a professional look
  • Lasts longer than economy pencils
  • Smudge-free Pink Pearl eraser
  • PMA-certified non-toxic
  • Order in full-dozen quantities; same item number
Pentel® Twist-Erase® III Automatic Pencils
  • More eraser than ordinary automatic pencils
  • Soft latex-free grip for writing comfort
  • Twist the top of the barrel to advance eraser
  • Refillable lead and eraser
Pentel® Sharp™ P200 Mechanical Pencils
  • Classically designed automatic pencil
  • Push advance and retract lead
  • Includes chrome pocket clip and 6 pieces of lead
  • Refillable leads and erasers
Pentel® Quicker Clicker™ Automatic Pencils
  • Thumb advances lead without having to break your grasp
  • Unique rubber-like grip
  • Jumbo twist-up eraser
  • Refillable lead
Paper Mate® Sharpwriter™ Mechanical Pencil
  • Twist-action advances and retracts lead
  • Adjustable cushion point reduces breakage
  • 0.7mm lead (same as #2 pencil)
  • Disposable
Pentel® Icy™ Automatic Pencil
  • Rubber, latex-free comfort grip
  • Transparent barrel
  • Refillable lead and eraser
Paper Mate® Mirado Classic® Pencils
  • Round-edged, hexagonal barrel
  • Non-abrasive, natural red eraser
  • Multi-coat yellow paint finish
  • Made in U.S.A.
Sanford® Design Ebony Pencil
  • Large core diameter provides jet black, extra-smooth lines.
  • Thin barrel.
  • Strong tip.
Paper Mate® Logo® Mechanical Pencils
  • Convenient push-button lead mechanism
  • Shock absorber tip and sliding sleeve reduce lead breakage
  • Refillable
BIC® BICmatic Grip® Mechanical Pencils
  • Rubber grip design for writing comfort and control
  • Each pencil includes 3 full-length #2 leads
  • Assorted metallic barrels
  • Non refillable
Zebra® M301 Mechanical Pencil
  • Checkered finger grips for comfort
  • Self-loading
  • Black/Silver barrel
Pentel® Champ® Mechanical Pencils
  • Equivalent to a #2 wooden pencil
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Refillable leads and erasers
Pilot® Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Mechanical Pencils
  • Designed with perfect weight distribution for comfortable, balanced writing
  • Wide double layer comfort grip and balanced gripping axis reduce writing stress
  • Recommended for ease-of-use by the Arthritis Foundation
  • Strong 0.7mm HB lead resists breakage
  • Refillable
Mechanical Pencils
  • Mechanical Pencils
Dixon® Ticonderoga® Presharpened No. 2 Pencil
  • Ticonderoga is the world's best-selling pencil now comes presharpened and ready to use
Dixon Ticonderoga® Tri-Write™ Pencils
  • Triangular design is comfortable, easy to hold and helps with proper finger placement
  • Quality eraser provides clean, easy corrections, latex-free
  • Teacher approved; #2 lead
Dixon® Ticonderoga® Presharpened No. 2 Pencil
  • Crafted from reforested premium cedar wood for easy sharpening
  • Satin smooth finish enhances writing comfort
  • Exclusive graphite core formula gives you extra-smooth performance
  • Top-quality, latex-free eraser provides easy, clean corrections
  • PMA certified nontoxic
Pentel® Cometz Automatic Pencils
  • Cometz Automatic Pencil is bold, bright and ready to write. Lightweight barrel in fiery colors for writing fun that's out of this world. 0.9mm thick lead size is perfect for students and all general writing. Lead retracts completely into pencil tip to protect pockets, purses and backpacks. Super-soft, latex-free rubber grip cushions fingertips for writing comfort. Refillable with Pentel's Super Hi-Polymer Lead and PDE-1 large refill eraser. Economically priced for home, office and school.
Automatic Pencils
  • Automatic pencils offer precision and accuracy
Pentel® e-Sharp™ Automatic Pencils
  • Lead Maximizer™ technology extends lead use
  • Reinforced tip means lead won’t break easily
  • Latex-free grip for comfort
  • Made from 72% recycled plastic
  • Refillable
Dixon® "My First" Pencils
  • Made with the finest-quality wood
  • Distinctive green and yellow band is a world-famous symbol of quality
  • Satin-smooth finish enhances writing comfort
  • Top-quality natural eraser makes easy, clean corrections
Dixon® Golf Pencils
  • 3-1⁄2"-long pre-sharpened pencils
  • No. 2 lead
  • Use for tests, survey forms, questionaires and more
  • PMA certified non-toxic
  • 144 yellow pencils per box
Pilot® G2 Mechanical Pencils
  • Contoured rubber grip for writing comfort
  • Available with 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead
  • Refillable
  • Matches the G2 retractable gel ink rollerball pen
Pilot® EasyTouch Mechnical Pencils
  • Form-fitting rubber grip
  • Same design as the Pilot® EasyTouch retractable ballpoint pen
BIC® Atlantis® Mechanical Pencils
  • Cushioned tip for smooth writing
  • Soft rubber grip that adds comfort and control
  • Pencil includes 3 #2 leads
  • Smudge-resistant eraser
  • Refillable
BIC® Velocity® Pencil
  • Smooth rubber grip for comfort and control when writing
  • High-quality eraser for clean, smudge-free erasing
  • Includes 3 full-length, super-strong #2 leads for bold writing
  • Refillable
Integra Mechanical Pencils
  • Economical pencil ergonomically designed with a smooth barrel and rubber Comfort Zone grip for writing comfort. Lead storage and automatic lead feed keeps you writing. Metal pocket clip. High-quality eraser with protective plastic cap.
Dixon® Ticonderoga® #2 Pencil with Sharpener
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Thicker diameter and unique "soft-touch" finish for more comfort
  • Free hand sharpener included with each dozen pencils
  • PMA certified non-toxic
Zebra® Z-Grip MAX Mechanical Pencils
  • Wide barrel for superior control
  • Extra-large soft rubber grip
  • Designer metal pocket clip
  • Cap-covered eraser
Pilot® Rexgrip BeGreen Mechanical Pencil
  • Earth-friendly writing instruments made 71.9% recycled content
  • 0.5mm lead
  • Refillable
Paper Mate® Write Brothers Grip Mechanical Pencils
  • Write Brothers Grip mechanical pencil is great for everyday use at home, the office and at school
  • Features a no-slip comfort grip for increased control and comfort and is contemporary and reliable
  • Pencil is refillable
Zebra® No. 2 Mechanical Pencil
  • No. 2 Mechanical Pencil never needs sharpening. Push eraser to advance lead. Features wood case barrel design and a large eraser. Include two No. 2 lead. Refillable with standard 0.7 mm Lead.
Dixon® Ticonderoga Breast Cancer Awareness #2 Pencil
  • Attractive pink designs create breast cancer awareness
  • Latex-free soft erasers for smudge-free correction
  • PMA approved non-toxic
  • Premium cedar with #2 graphite lead
  • 12 per box; 4 assorted designs
BIC® ReAction® Mechanical Pencils
  • Features a shock-absorbing coil system for a comfortable, cushioned writing experience
  • Full-length grip
  • Strong #2 lead
  • Black barrel
Dixon® Ticonderoga® Erasable Checking Pencil
  • Thin, smooth writing core
  • Ideal for teachers, artists and other professionals
  • Latex-free, smudge-proof erasers
  • Pre-sharpened quality wood pencils
  • PMA certified nontoxic
BIC® Mechanical Pencils with Pocket Clip
  • Mechanical Pencils offer precision and economy in one simple design. Each pencil delivers the write-out equivalent to 2.5 wood case pencils. Each pencil includes three strong No. 2 leads.
Paper Mate® Clearpoint® Mechanical Pencils
  • Thumb advances lead without having to break your grasp
  • Unique rubber-like grip
  • Jumbo twist-up eraser
  • Refillable lead
uni-ball® KuruToga Mechanical Pencil
  • uni-ball® KuruToga Mechanical Pencil
Pentel® Twist-Erase® EXPRESS Automatic Pencils
  • Pentel® Twist-Erase® EXPRESS Automatic Pencils
Zebra® Z-Grip™ Mechanical Pencil
  • Soft rubber grip
  • Retractable tip to protect lead
  • Sturdy metal pocket clip
Paper Mate® Comfort Mate® Ultra Mechanical Pencil Starter Set
  • Specially designed soft grip for comfortable writing
  • Sleek, hourglass barrel
  • Set includes 2 pencils plus refill lead and eraser
Pentel® Twist Erase® CLICK Automatic Pencils
  • Advance lead with quick side click
  • Smooth, non-abrasive eraser
  • Metal pocket clip
  • Black-tinted barrel to monitor lead supply
  • Refillable lead and extra-long twist-up eraser
  • Latex-free grip
  • Made from 59% recycled plastic
Dixon® Ticonderoga Envirostik Pencils
  • The environmentally friendly pencil
  • Made from reforested premium wood
  • Lacquer-free finish, recyclable and biodegradable latex-free eraser
  • Features an environmentally degradable latex-free eraser.
  • PMA certified nontoxic.
Pentel® WOW!™ Mechanical Pencils
  • Pentel® WOW!™ Mechanical Pencils
BIC® ecolutions™ Mechanical Pencils
  • The first value-priced mechanical pencil made from recycled materials
  • Made with 65% recycled materials (pre-consumer waste)
  • Includes 3 full-length #2 leads per pencil
  • Paper used in packaging is made of 100% recycled fibers
  • 0.7mm lead
  • #2 soft lead hardness
  • Non refillable
  • Assorted barrel colors: red, blue, green and yellow
PaperMate® Mechancial Pencils
  • Never needs sharpening
  • Triangular 1.3mm barrel design is easy to hold
  • #2 lead; less lead breakage
  • Large, smudge-resistant eraser
  • Great for standardized tests
Zebra® M701 Mechanical Pencil
  • Zebra® M701 Mechanical Pencil
Koh-I-Noor Fine Pens
  • Koh-I-Noor Fine Pens
Delta Mechanical Pencils
  • Delta Mechanical Pencils
Super Duper Pencils
  • Super Duper Pencils
Universal® Blackstonian Pencils
  • Universal® Blackstonian Pencils
Universal® Golf & Pew Pencils
  • Universal® Golf & Pew Pencils
Special Pencils
  • Special Pencils
Staples® Pencils
  • Staples® Pencils
Staples® Mechanical Pencils
  • Staples® Mechanical Pencils
Smilemakers Pencils
  • Smilemakers Pencils
Simply™ Mechanical Pencils
  • Simply™ Mechanical Pencils
Wood Pencils
  • Wood Pencils
Paper Mate Mate Lead Refills
  • Paper Mate Mate Lead Refills
Sanford® Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencils
  • Sanford® Comfortmate Ultra Mechanical Pencils
Pentel EnerGize-X Mechanical Pencils
  • Pentel EnerGize-X Mechanical Pencils
Pentel Twist Erase GT Mechanical Pencils
  • Pentel Twist Erase GT Mechanical Pencils
Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils
  • Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils
Staedtler Pencils
  • Staedtler Pencils
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