Claus Utility Knives
  • Claus Utility Knives
Postal Scale
  • Postal Scale
Label Seals
  • Label Seals
Formax Automatic Electric Letter Openers
  • Formax Automatic Electric Letter Openers
Formax Paper Folding Machines
  • Formax Paper Folding Machines
United Stationers Mailroom Carts
  • United Stationers Mailroom Carts
Utility Scales
  • Utility Scales
Utility and Specialty Knives
  • Utility and Specialty Knives
Utility Knives
  • Snap closure for easy blade changes—perfect for light duty jobs
  • Standard lightweight die cast handle has 3 cutting positions
  • Deluxe lightweight die cast quick change knife has auto blade storage magazine and built in twine cutter
Quill Brand® Self-Adhesive Postage Meter Labels
  • Don't pay the high prices that postage meter manufacturers charge when you can pay less with Quill!
  • Self-adhesive sheets. Just bend and peel.
  • Check your machine with the listings below for the labels you'll need
  • For Pitney Bowes #5700, #5800, #6200, #6500, #6900. Use 1-1/2Hx5-1/2"W labels (replaces Pitney Bowes #612-0).
  • For Friden #9145 & #9146. Use 1-5/8Hx5-1/2"W labels (replaces Pitney Bowes #625-0).
  • For Pitney Bowes #5675, DM3 & Touchmatic #5705. Use 1-1/2Hx2-3/4"W labels (replaces Pitney Bowes #620-0).
Pelouze® Manual Shipping Scale - New 2007 Rates!
  • For UPS and parcel post shipping
  • Hairline indicator for exact reading in 2 oz. increments
  • Platform size: 4-1/4Wx3-3/4"D
  • Overall size: 8-1/2Hx6-1/2Wx6-1/2"D
  • 50-lb. capacity
Letter Opener
  • Make processing mail a snap with an economical letter opener.
Fellowes® Mail Carts
  • Superior construction and on-the-job performance make these products a great value.
Martin Yale® Deluxe Autofolder & Accessories
  • So versatile, this machine will handle all of your mass mailings quicker and easier
  • Folds up to 7,500 11" sheets per hour ideal for large mailings
  • Makes 4 popular paper folds on paper sized from 3-1/2 x4" to 9x14" (letter, half, z-fold and double parallel)
  • Steel frame with molded, high impact main covers
  • Roller cleaner keeps wheel residue free (sold separately)
  • Operates on 115V, AC
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty
Martin Yale® Medium-Duty Autofolder
  • Martin Yale® medium-duty autofolder makes 4 popular paper folds, including single, accordion, standard letter and double parallel. Folds 10,300 sheets per hour. 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
Stanley® Bostitch® Interlock Self-Retracting Utility Knife
  • Spring-loaded blade retracts into knife automatically when pressure on slide button is released
  • Blade can be set to two different cutting depths
  • Includes one 11-987 round-point utility blade
  • Handle size: 5-5/8"
Stanley® Bostitch® Interlock Self-Retracting Knife Refill
  • Blade reduces risk of accidental cuts and damage to the interior contents of cartons
  • Round point blade can be set to two different cutting depths
  • .024" thickness
  • 5 per pack
Martin Yale® Premier® Electric Letter Folder
  • Martin Yale® Premier® electric letter folders save on manual labor and time-consuming folding
  • Operates on 115V, AC
Martin Yale® Premier® Battery-operated Letter Opener
  • Lightweight, black machine automatically activates when envelopes are inserted, opening them in seconds
  • Blades are fully enclosed to protect fingers; ergonomically designed to conform to user's hand
  • Ideal for mobile offices and homes
  • Size: 1-3/4Hx5-1/4Wx2-7/8"D
  • Requires 4 "AA" size batteries (sold separately)
X-Acto® Refill Blades
  • Precision-crafted of the highest-quality carbon and stainless steel
  • Fine, sharp points and finely-honed cutting edges
  • Designed to handle a variety of tasks where accuracy and cutting ease are essential
  • For use on X-Acto® knives
X-ACTO® Light-Duty Knife
  • Knife features an aluminum handle with a textured grip area. This knife is designed for delicate precision cutting of lightweight material like plastic, paper, balsa, cloth, thin metal, film and acetate.
Hunt X-Acto Blade Dispenser
  • Offers safe dispensing and used blade holder. Fifteen blades per dispenser.
Brecknell® Electronic Utility Scale
  • Includes AC adapter
  • Operates on optional 9 volt battery (sold separately)
  • Overall size: 12-1/2Wx11-3/8"D
Brecknell® Electronic Office Scales
  • Great for envelopes and small packages
  • Straight-weigh scales include PC-interface compatible with commercial mailing software programs to compute USPS rates on your PC and print postage using your laser or inkjet printer
Martin Yale® Premier® Automatic Letter Opener
  • Premier® Automatic letter opener by Martin Yale® features hands-free operation—just put envelopes into position and turn on! Ideal for mid- to large-sized businesses. Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty.
Martin Yale® Premier® Autofolders
  • Provides high-speed folding for virtually every standard document
  • Create different folds half; letter, z-fold, double, parallel or French
  • High-capacity stacking tray collects folded material
Quill® 9" Letter Opener
  • 9" long
  • 5-1/4" blade
Quill® Plastic Letter Opener
  • Makes letter opening faster and more efficient
  • 2 openers per pack
Premier® RapidFold™ Desktop Auto Folder
  • Great for mailrooms, offices, churches or clubs
  • Automatically feeds and folds 1 or 2 sheets of paper up to 8-1/2x14"
  • Creates 4 different fold types; letter, half, Z-fold and double-parallel
  • Operating speed of up to 4,000 sheets per hour
  • Handles sheet sizes from 3-1/2x5" to 8-1/2x14", 16- to 28-lb. bond
  • 50-sheet feed tray capacity
  • Handles up to 3 sheets at a time (including stapled sheets) using manual bypass
  • Includes convenient stacking tray
  • Size: 10.6Hx20.1Wx13.1"D
  • 1-year limited warranty
Brecknell® Bench Scales
  • Easy to read LCD display and large keyboard switches
  • Large, simple to read display can be mounted on a wall or desk for easy visibility
  • 9' cord included
  • The dual power modes (battery and AC adapter) enable portability or permanent installation (6 "AA" batteries not included)
  • Platform measures 12-3/16x11-11/16"
Brecknell® Pocket Scales
  • Standard weighing modes include grams, ounces, penny-weights and troy ounces
  • Auto-off extends battery life
  • Stylish and tough ABS case protects weighing platform and doubles as a draft shield for more accurate weight results
Brecknell® Industrial Floor Scales
  • Standard features include lbs. and kg weighing modes, hold feature, stable weight indicator and auto power-off to extend battery life
  • Includes a rubber slip-reducing mat, internal rechargeable battery, AC power adapter/charger, and an indicator bracket for desk or wall mounting
Martin Yale® Premier® P7200 RapidFold
  • Automatically feeds and folds a stack of documents! Fold up to 4,000 sheets per hour
  • Folds up to 3 sheets at a time using manual bypass, including stapled sets; Creates 2 standard folds
  • For use with 8-1/2x11" paper; 16- to 28-lb. bond
  • Feed tray holds a 1-1/2" stack of paper
  • Exit tray included (holds 80 folded sheets)
  • Non-skid feet
Avery® Round Mailing Seals
  • Achieve incredible results with Avery® white laser labels
  • Handwrite or print using your laser or inkjet printer
Shipping & Pallet Labels
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • For international box packaging and pallet shipping
International Shipping & Pallet Labels
  • Self-adhesive labels for international box packaging and pallet shipping. See Product Details chart for more information.
Label Dispensers
  • Dispensers hold any core size rolls up to 6"
  • Adjustable roll dividers allow for any width tape or label
  • Your choice of size
Acme Hand Letter Opener with Rosewood Handle
  • Opens sealed documents with one quick flip of the wrist.
Premier™ Automatic Electric Letter Opener
  • Automatically opens mail when inserted, allowing for easy one-handed operation.
  • Durable, enclosed service-free cutter blades.
  • Designed for desktop operation with nonskid rubber suction feet.
  • Low noise operation.
Martin Yale®  High-Speed Tabletop Electric Letter Opener
  • For large volume, high-speed processing.
  • Automatically feeds and opens envelopes up to 1/4" thick.
  • Opener accepts up to a 6" high stack of envelopes.
  • Feeds, opens and stacks.
  • Fully enclosed, self-sharpening blade adjusts for narrow or wide cut.
  • Removable receiving tray.
Safco® Wire Mail Carts
  • Safco® wire mail carts with 600-lb. weight capacity feature welded wire construction and durable powder coat finish.
Quill Brand® Replacement Ink Cartridges
  • Meets requirements of various Postal Authorities worldwide
  • Postage meter red ink
Stanley® Industrial Strength Box Cutter
  • Designed for cutting up tough boxes and cardboard
  • Great for warehouses and shipping departments
  • Retractable safety blade
  • 12 per box
Postage Meter Labels
  • Save time and money with postage meter labels for home or office
  • Permanent adhesive ensures labels stay secure
Brecknell® Electronic Utility Scale
  • 250-lb. capacity x 0.5-lb. accuracy
  • Easily switches for metric measurements; push-button zero eliminates mechanical adjustments
  • Electronic weight-hold feature simplifies weighing large parcels
  • Auto shut-off saves battery power
  • Back-lit 1" LCD screen
  • 22-gauge ribbed-steel construction with convenient handle
  • Weighing platter size: 12-1/2Wx11"D
Pelouze® 50-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Mechanical Package Scale
  • Large, easy-to-read dial.
  • Intended for private use only; not legal for trade.
  • Mechanical; portable.
Westcott® Letter Openers
  • Westcott® Letter Openers
Avery® Postage Meter Labels for Personal Post Office
  • Labels large enough for promotional message or logo.
  • Stays secure!.
Avery® Postage Meter Labels
  • Use one label for postage or two together to add logo or promotional message.
  • Stays secure!.
DYMO® Digital Mailing Scales
  • Digital mailing scales let you weigh letters and packages without going to the post office or mailroom
  • LCD screen displays weight in an easy-to-read, digital format
  • Hold feature locks weight display for 10 seconds after item is removed
  • Automatic shut-off prolongs battery life
Clauss® Utility Knives
  • Clauss® Utility Knives
COSCO Box Cutters
  • COSCO Box Cutters
COSCO Box Cutter Refills
  • COSCO Box Cutter Refills
COSCO Utility Knives
  • COSCO Utility Knives
COSCO Replacement Blades
  • COSCO Replacement Blades
X-Acto® Utility Knife
  • Contoured handle for steady grip and percision cutting.
  • Adjustable blade length.
Martin Yale® Variable Speed Auto Folder
  • Martin Yale® Variable Speed Auto Folder
Martin Yale® Smartfold Electronic Folding Machine
  • High-volume folding machine designed to give users lots of options with little hassle
  • Variable speed ranges from 3000 to 15000 sheets per hour
  • High-memeory capacity with 7 present folds and 10 custom folds
Dymo® Printable Postage Stamp Sheets by Endicia
  • U.S. Postal Service-approved stamp-ready labels
  • Just print, peel, and post!
  • Print First-Class Mail, Priority Mail and more!
Elmer's® X-ACTO® Hand Shaped Retractable Utility Knife
  • Retractable knife features heavy-duty textured metal handle that is shaped to fit hand. Push-button slide adjusts the length of the exposed blade. Blades fully retract into handle for safety. With adjustable cutting depths, utility knife cuts packages, rope, canvas, plastic, carpet and wallpaper. Includes Heavy-Duty Utility Blade.
Martin Yale® Premier Desktop Letter Opener
  • Desktop letter opener automatically feeds and opens a stack of envelopes. Accepts standard-sized business envelopes. Handles a stack of envelopes up to 1" high. Blades are fully enclosed for safety. Letter opener operates at a speed of up to 3,000 per hour.
Martin Yale® Model P7200 RapidFold™ Light-Duty Desktop AutoFolder™
  • Perfect for occasional medium size jobs requiring letter folds or half folds.
  • Automatically feeds and folds documents up to 8 1/2 x 11.
  • Folds up to three sheets at a time, including stapled sets, using the manual bypass.
X-ACTO® X2000 Rubber-Barrel Knife
  • Easy-grip barrel with no-roll design built in for comfort and precision.
  • Convenient center barrel blade release.
  • Safety cap.
Safco® Scoot Mail Cart
  • Safco® Scoot Mail Cart
X-Acto® SurGrip® Utility Knife Blades
  • Safe, fully retractable blade.
  • Contoured for a steady grip.
  • Adjustable blade length.
  • For cutting/scraping
Alera™ Wire Mail Cart
  • Alera™ Wire Mail Cart
Quill Brand® Replacement Ribbons
  • Quill Brand® Replacement Ribbons
Clinton™ Industries Folding Basket Carts
  • Folding option model for compact storage
  • Folding chrome-plated frame, 4 rubber ball-bearing casters and white, epoxy-coated baskets
Bags & Bows Medallion Seals
  • Bags & Bows Medallion Seals
Swanson® Savage™ Folding Utility Knife
  • Swanson® Savage™ Folding Utility Knife
Brecknell® Mechanical Postage Scales
  • Trim, compact, mechanical top-load scale features First Class, Express, Priority and Parcel Post rates
  • Removable, color-coded overlay is easy to update without taking the scale apart
  • Portable and accurate
  • Features auto zero function
Brecknell® Shipping Scales
  • Particularly suited to shipping/warehouse applications and general purpose weighing
  • Dual power modes enable portability or permanent installation
  • Coil style indicator cable for durability and easy extension
  • Durable low profile platform allows for easy weighing
Tape Logic™ Circle Inventory Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Circle Inventory Labels
Tape Logic™ Rectangle Inventory Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Rectangle Inventory Labels
Tape Logic™ Number Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Number Labels
Tape Logic™ Consecutive Numbered Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Consecutive Numbered Labels
Tape Logic™ Days of the Week Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Days of the Week Labels
Tape Logic™ Hazard Regulated Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Hazard Regulated Labels
Tape Logic™ Health Flammability Regulated Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Health Flammability Regulated Labels
Tape Logic™ Inventory Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Inventory Labels
Tape Logic™ Months of the Year Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Months of the Year Labels
Tape Logic™ Quarter Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Quarter Labels
Tape Logic™ Year Labels
  • Tape Logic™ Year Labels
Brecknell® Floor Stand
  • Brecknell® Floor Stand
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