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Lecterns & PA Systems

AmpliVox® Full Floor Lecterns (44)

AmpliVox® Podium Accessories (36)

Lecterns (29)

Oklahoma Sound® Corp Sound Podiums (22)

AmpliVoxr N-Sound Lecterns (20)

AmpliVox® Portable Sound Systems (18)

AmpliVox® Table Top Lecterns (17)

Presentation Accessories (12)

AmpliVoxr C-Panel Lecterns (5)

AmpliVox® Wireless Multimedia Computer Lecterns (4)

AmpliVoxr PA System and Portable Buddy (3)

AmpliVoxr Wireless Lecterns (3)

Megaphones (3)

Oklahoma Sound® Smart Cart Lecterns (3)

Safco® Executive Mobile Lecterns (3)

Safco® Lectern Base/Media Cart (3)

Safco® Tabletop Podiums (3)

Sound Systems & Lecterns (3)

AmpliVoxr Acrylic Lecterns (2)

AmpliVoxr Hailers (2)

AmpliVoxr Megaphones (2)

AmpliVoxr One Mile Radio Hailers (2)

AmpliVoxr Six-Speaker Sound Bar PA Systems (2)

AmpliVox® Ampli-Pod Podium Lecterns (2)

AMPLIVOX® Executive Adjustable Sound Column Lecterns (2)

Amplivox® Wireless Microphone Kit (2)

Belnick Stand-Up Lecterns (2)

Oklahoma Sound Aristocrat Floor Podium/AV Stand (2)

Oklahoma Sound Prestige Floor Sound Lectern (2)

Oklahoma Sound® Adjustable Speaker Stand Podiums (2)

Oklahoma Sound® Full Floor Podiums (2)

Regency® Legacy Podiums (2)

Safco® Adjustable Speaker Stands (2)

Safco® Executive Mobile Presentation Stands (2)

Safco® Speaker Stand with Height and Tilt Adjustability (2)

Safco® Stand Up Lecterns (2)

Safco® Tabletop Lectern (2)

AmpliVoxr Jacks (1)

AmpliVoxr Mity-Box Compact PA Speakers (1)

AmpliVoxr Mity-Box Wired Compact PA Systems (1)

AmpliVoxr Mity-Box Wireless Compact PA Systems (1)

AmpliVoxr Passive Six-Speaker Sound Bars (1)

AmpliVoxr Patriot Lecterns (1)

AmpliVoxr Wireless Speakers (1)

AMPLIVOX® Presidential Plus Lecterns (1)

AmpliVox® Wireless Audio Portable Broadcast Pa System (1)

Balt® Wooden Floor Lectern (1)

Belnick Metal Lecterns (1)

Oklahoma Sound Corp® Sound Lectern with Digital Display (1)

Oklahoma Sound® Handheld Wireless Microphone (1)

Oklahoma Sound® Presentation Carts (1)

Safco® Scoot™ Multipurpose Lectern (1)

Safco® Scoot™ Multipurpose Lectern (1)

Safco® Stand-Up Lectern (1)

Safco® Stand-Up Lectern (1)

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