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Art, Drafting & Specialty Files Offer Nonstandard Storage

Give you staff the tools needed to safely store blueprints, canvases and sketches with art, drafting and specialty files. Discover options that make it simple to stow rolled up designs neatly while protecting delicate edges from bumps and crumpling. Mobile carts complete with clamps to securely hold contents let you quickly move key files from room to room, making these units perfect for use everywhere from architect and engineering offices to fashion design studios and art galleries.

Freestanding and Mobile Cart Options for Safe, Convenient Transport

Move blueprints into your conference room while ensuring they maintain their integrity with mobile plan centers from Brookside Design. Convenient clamps attach to the edges of your sketches, holding them perfectly strait to prevent damage and wrinkling, and other portable carts feature compartments designed to hold rolled material, providing flexible storage options. Caster wheels on the bases of these units roll easily over a wide array of flooring types, and many lock in place once you reach your destination. This combination of functionality, convenience and neatness helps your staff make a great impression on superiors and clients alike.

Simplify Filing and Retrieval With Versatile Desktop Storage Options

Use fixed art, drafting and specialty files with vertical designs to expand storage for key operational data upward and not outward, all while providing employees with easy access as needed. Special shelves with multiple compartments big enough to hold rolled paper or canvas help you create a customized filing solution for your storeroom. Flat drawer files that sit on your desktop let you keep frequently accessed blueprints and designs at the ready, making them ideal for storing works in progress.