Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Projects for Every Age

Arts and crafts inspire us to get creative. Whether you’re prepping your classroom or stocking your craft room, you’ll need a few things to spark that creativity. Stock up on the supplies you need for DIY kids crafts or your own fun projects. Browse our selection of quality art supplies, including everything from colorful construction paper and kid-safe scissors to grown-up crafts made just for you, like adult coloring books, scrapbooking and more.

Arts & Crafts for Kids

DIY kids’ crafts are fun for you and your children. While they’re actively engaged in making something special, you’re able to multi-task. Arts and crafts for kids can be as simple as a box of crayons and a coloring book or as creative as you want. Some items you’ll want to keep on hand might include: colored construction paper, glue, glitter, crayons, markers, pompoms and Popsicle sticks. Often times, all you have to do is give your kids the tools to be creative. They’ll do the rest, occupying their imaginations with fun and creative projects to hang on the fridge.

Arts and craft projects offer a great chance to spend quality time with your kids. Making homemade Christmas ornaments, creating Thanksgiving turkey handprint paintings and macaroni art build memories you and your children will cherish forever. Plus, it’s a wonderful learning and development activity that builds your child’s confidence that they’ll bring with them to school.

School Art Supplies

Wonder which school art supplies you’ll run out of first? Glue, you can never have enough glue sticks. Another frequently needed item is crayons and markers. Crayons get broken by eager little hands easily and markers dry out quickly without the cap. If you’re stocking your classroom and hoping for a cost effective option, you could buy a bulk. Look for multi-packs, like 8-Color Crayola Crayons 400-Count ClassPack or 8-Color Crayola Markers 200-Count ClassPack. Ask parents to pitch in or split the cost with other teachers. Buying in bulk saves you money and time wasted hunting for more supplies later.

Finger painting, pipe cleaner decorations and coloring are great kids’ activities for toddlers to kindergarten age kids. Hands-on crafts help young minds grow, developing essential motor skills. Fun craft projects using textiles, like colorful felt, fuzzy pompoms and pipe cleaners are great for sensory development.

Modeling clay, watercolor painting and coffee filter art projects are perfect for elementary age students. For students 5K and older, try teaching more advanced skills, like shading with colored pencils or painting portraits. Collages and decoupage projects are great options for older audiences who want more creative freedom.

Adult Crafts

Crafting is therapeutic, not to mention fun! If you’re Pinterest boards are brimming with fun craft projects, it’s time to get started. Whether you’re working DIY gifts for the holidays, décor or simply destressing, you’ll find everything you need to unleash your inner creativity at Quill.

Every color of the rainbow is available for colorful art projects with our selection of construction paper. Whether it's a red apple, a white snowman, green and brown trees, or festive paper for letters and numbers, you can fulfill your construction paper needs here. We have color kits from Pacon, including multicultural paper sheets for projects involving the world's people and neon if you want to make aliens from outer space! We also carry art paper, such as watercolor paper and 50-foot rolls for when you need a lot of paper. Of course, no art project is complete without markers and crayons. We've got those, too. Office displays and decorations pop off the wall with colorful construction paper. Art projects come alive with color, encouraging children to dive into any project they can get their hands on. Construction paper is a great, economical way to add color.

Art projects are fun and bright with construction paper.

We have fun and economical solutions, including long rolls of art paper.

We also carry art paper kits from Pacon, including multicultural sets.