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Bedding Accessories Make Guests Feel at Home

Whether you're putting your new bedding accessories in every room of your quaint bed and breakfast or you're fixing up a hospice ward for long-term care, these sheets, blankets and comforters bring a touch of home to your building. Toss a quilted comforter over any bed to make it warmer and more comfortable, or add a few pillows to create a soft space for guests to lounge with their eggs benedict and fresh coffee.

Welcome Guests to Your Hostel

Turn your spare room into a welcoming home base for travelers and tourists by fixing it up and making it feel like home. Bedspreads and pillows put a comfortable layer of quilt and down between guests and mattresses, and crisp, clean linens practically beg for snuggling. Put a few shams on the pillows that you already have to add a personal touch that your guests can't get from a large hotel chain.

Soften Medical Environments

Fix up a room in your ICU or hospice care facility with some new, easy-to-clean bedding accessories. Making space for a bedridden or otherwise disabled patient helps her feel comfortable in your facility, and it creates a wonderful environment for intimate family visits. You can even dress the bed with a curtain or sheer canopy to give patients a bit of privacy in shared rooms during cleaning times or while dispensing medications. Ask for the guest's favorite sports team, then surprise her with an officially licensed sham from the college she attended.