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Medical Mattresses for Patient Comfort, Recovery & Safety

Medical mattresses are designed to provide long-lasting bed rest comfort for patients recovering from wounds and surgical procedures. Find quality pressure-redistribution mattresses, bariatric mattresses and mattress pads designed for hospital medical beds.

Cozy Comfort Foam Medical Mattresses

Give patients the experience of sleeping on a foam mattress that is neither too hard or too soft. Foam mattresses provide sweet relief to patients who spend hours relaxing in the same bed. One good reason to invest in memory foam mattresses for your facility is to prevent, or greatly reduce, the formation of bed sores. The bottom layer of foam provides patients with solid stability, and this layer has cut scoring for added durability. The top layer of foam is the most important layer for patient health and well-being. This is the layer that utilizes die-cutting as it redistributes body weight using pressurized zones. Most of a patient's weight falls into the center of the mattress, and precision-cut center sections keep the middle from collapsing under all that weight. Your patients don't care how their mattresses work; they only want to rest comfortably while recovering. Our selection of premium foam mattresses cradles patients gently as they rest.

Low Air-Loss Medical Mattresses for Treatment of Ulcers

Patients suffering from painful ulcers require extra TLC from hospital staff, and you can increase the chances of a successful recovery by ordering air cell models. This type of mattress is designed in a way that allows the least amount of air to escape from inside the mattress, and staff are able to adjust the amount of air just right. The included air pump is practically maintenance-free. Alternating pressure combines with low air loss to keep the mattress level set at the highest comfort level. That's exactly what patients undergoing aggressive ulcer treatment need for healthy recovery. Low air-loss mattresses are durable enough to withstand temporary power outages, and the entire system fits most standard hospital beds. Materials used in construction are latex-free, and mattresses hold body weights of up to 350 pounds. Another neat thing about these air-loss mattresses is that staff can easily deflate them, stuff them inside of the included carry bags, and transport them to another area when necessary.

Foam Comfort for Bariatric Patients

Keep bariatric surgery patients comfortable before and after surgical procedures with our specialty bariatric mattresses. These sturdy mattresses are constructed using quality foam materials with no latex. Top-layer features include 8 ounces of strong vinyl and anti-microbial ticking. To ensure patient comfort, these mattresses are broader than standard medical mattresses. Our bariatric mattresses are also waterproof, and built to hold body weights up to 600 pounds.

Provide Extra Comfort With Bed Pads

Sometimes patients need an extra layer of bed padding to rest comfortably. Browse our selection of top-quality bed pads designed to meet the needs of special care patients. We carry alternating pressure pads, foam bed pads and synthetic overlays made from cushy materials.


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