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Camera Batteries So You Never Miss an Important Photograph

When your business cannot afford missing an important photograph, you must have a charged camera battery. If your current battery does not hold a charge, you need a replacement. Keep spare batteries charged and in your camera case so you can continue shooting when the one you are using dies.

Replace Rechargeable Batteries That Short Cycle

As the original rechargeable batteries in your company's cameras reach the end of their useful life, they begin to short cycle. You plug the battery into the charger and the green indicator illuminates quickly showing a full charge. However, if you place the battery into a camera, it discharges just as quickly as it charges, and you are lucky if you get a single photo. When your business depends on these images, you need to replace the camera battery with one that offers the long charging cycle of the original equipment.

Always Carry a Spare

Spare camera batteries ensure your photographer is not caught with an inoperable camera before the end of the day. Whether he is photographing a wedding, school photographs, a nature scene or an accident site, some photographs simply cannot wait. There is no time for him to place the batteries from his camera on a charger and wait several hours for a full charge. Photographers who take many shots during a day may need more than one spare. Since digital cameras with dead batteries are useless, supply the batteries, and delegate the user the responsibility of ensuring they are all charged after each use.

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