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Cell Phone Chargers to Keep Your Workforce Connected

Make sure that your employees are always reachable with cell phone chargers that keep their devices up and running. With a variety of chargers available, from lightning fast iPhone chargers to portable car chargers or specialty battery units, having a handy supply ready to grab and go as needed is the best way to ensure no one misses an important call.

Keep Phones Charged for Better Customer Service

Answering the phone and responding promptly to text messages are both part of attentive customer service. When an employee's phone runs out of power, he risks offending a client or missing a sales opportunity. Ensure that your employees have easy access to backup chargers for those times when one is misplaced or forgotten at home. Supplying chargers suitable for both in-office and in-car use gives your employees flexibility so that they can charge their phones where ever they need to be.

Charge Phones Fast to Save Time and Increase Productivity

Choose chargers from brands such as Startech and Kensington, with lightning charge capabilities to charge phones faster. Fully charged phones give your employees the freedom to move around, attending business meetings and visiting clients, without worrying about finding an outlet or a USB port for their phones. Avoid lost productivity from employees waiting for phones to charge by providing chargers that work faster. For even quicker charges, keep a USB charge booster in the office. This handy device plugs into any USB port, doubling its charging speed to provide extra quick charges to busy office workers.

Fun Colors to Match Your Style

Cell phone chargers have moved beyond the basic black and white. Find chargers in vibrant shades ranging from hot pink to lime green to brighten up the office and match your employees' favorite accessories. Select a favorite shade to be your office standard to easily distinguish between business chargers and your employees' personal chargers. Alternatively, provide each employee with a charger in a distinct color so each unit is easily identifiable.

Car Charging Bundles for Traveling Employees

Everyone loves a freebie. Offer traveling employees a car charging bundle as a fun and useful perk. Bundles offer a variety of products such as cell phone cases, stands and screen protectors in addition to compatible car chargers. Make sure to select models that work with your employees' phones to keep them connected when they're out on the road.

Provide Remote Charging Options With Docking Stations and Battery Packs

Docking stations and battery packs charge cell phones when USB or electrical outlets aren't available for cell phone support in remote areas or during power outages. Have battery packs available for excursions into the wild or busy events with limited access to wall outlets. The right battery chargers keep staff cell phones going regardless of the environment and provide better communication in every situation.