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Chalkboards for Multipurpose Office Use

Through the magic of chalk boards, your employees can make quick informational changes on the fly. Chalk boards make sense if your company needs to display important information to a group or crowd. Creative uses for black chalk boards are unlimited, and they even spark ingenuity. Quill offers a variety of designs and styles suitable for any business need

Keep Track of Daily Office Activities With Chalk Boards

Avoid the typical office chaos that erupts when critical information doesn't reach your employees in time. A large, square chalk board sitting in a spot where employees can easily see it quickly turns a chaotic office into a calm one. Choose chalk boards with magnetic surfaces for multiple applications. Magnets stick like glue to surfaces, making it a cinch for employees to read notes with special instructions. Duo bulletin board functions allow your employees to both write and post messages in clear view. Check out our selection of standard-sized chalk boards with steel backing, which are large enough to hold several messages at once. Alternatively, choose oval or decorative banner-style chalk boards for office environments that have chic decor. With an erasable chalk board sitting in the main office, or break room, employees are able to erase old information and replace it with current information right away.

Track Sales Team Goals With Chalk Boards

Numbers drive sales team success, and your company's sales team needs a quick way to stay on top of those sales numbers. Give company sales managers the power to update sales team data with ease. Buy a sturdy chalk board framed in aluminum that is designed to stay put on the wall, no matter how many times information is updated. Porcelain surfaces remain smooth as silk through hundreds of erasures, and these surfaces are also resistant to scratches and dents.

Enhance Strategy Presentations Using Chalk Boards

With the help of chalk boards, productive team managers can better drive home important points during strategy planning sessions. Sometimes the old-fashioned methods work best for presentations that require employee attention. Harness the power of chalk boards to present information any way you want. Presentations in chalk are more entertaining when they include colorful text and drawings. For the ultimate in presentation versatility, choose a reversible chalk board. Sturdy wooden frames hold these boards in place. When managers run out of room on one side, they can flip to the alternate board and continue sharing information without interruption.

Make Chalk Boards an Essential Part of Workforce Training

Create an ideal educational environment by adding a chalk board to your company's employee training room. Writing in chalk allows staff instructors to highlight specific sections of the employee manual and reinforce essential points. New company employees are able to absorb critical details visually, as well as audibly.