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Chef Works Chef Coats to Protect Kitchen Workers

Keep your kitchen staff safe and stylish with Chef Works chef coats. Each coat is designed to meet the demands of a professional kitchen, so your cooks can turn out delicious dishes without worrying about what they're wearing. In the clamor and chaos of a fast-paced restaurant, coats give staff a unified look without sacrificing individuality or personal style.

Keep Chefs Safe With Commercial-Quality Fabrics

Help your chefs navigate the dinner rush safely with Chef Works chef coats, which shield workers' skin from splattering liquids and hot oil. Career cooks know how to stand the heat, and these sturdy coats are designed to help — each one is constructed from heavy fabric to protect your staff from hot ovens and unexpected burner flare-ups. For bakers and line cooks, opt for white coats, which help reflect the heat from ovens and stoves. Look for coats with Montreal Cool Vent technology to allow airflow without exposing skin.

Freedom of Motion for Precise Food Prep

Give your chefs the freedom to move with Chef Works chef coats. Many styles fit loosely to allow unrestricted movement, so your chefs can filet fish and chop fresh herbs with precision. For prep cooks and chefs who deal with commercial mixers, choose coats with cropped or cuffed sleeves — the shorter length offers protection without getting in the way. Chefs who move between stations appreciate coats with split side seams, while short-sleeved coats keep workers cool. Models with pockets hold thermometers and other vital kitchen tools so they're easily accessible at a moment's notice.

Flatter Your Chefs With Flexible Fit Options

Image is everything for modern restaurants, and Chef Works chef coats transform your kitchen staff into a group of coordinating, pulled-together professionals. At Quill, we carry a variety of shapes and cuts designed to help your chefs feel confident, whether they're in the kitchen or visiting a guest's table. Women's coats feature narrower cuts and nipped-in waists, while men's coats are designed to accommodate broader shoulders. If your staff shares coats, unisex models provide comfort for both men and women. All styles are easy for your chefs to integrate into their existing wardrobes — they come in classic neutral colors that complement chef's pants in every pattern and shade.

Choose Easy-Care Styles for Hassle-Free Cleaning

Great chefs often care more about the quality of the food than the cleanliness of the coat — with easy-care Chef Works chef coats, stain removal is a breeze. Many coats are machine-washable to enable quick cleaning at home or in a commercial laundry, so your workers can wash them between shifts. For chefs who spend time near splattering stoves, choose white coats that can be bleached clean.