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Chef Shirts Combine Comfort and a Sleek, Professional Look

When food prep employees don a clean, crisp chef shirt, they instantly express their professionalism and expertise. Quill's line of chef shirts allows you to create a uniform look for your staff that conveys the perfect image for your business environment. From classic tailored button-downs to casual short-sleeve pullovers, you can find the ideal look for your employees, whether they are in the kitchen, behind the bar or on the serving floor.

Chef Shirts Keep Things Cool and Comfortable in the Kitchen

Kitchens can get hot in a hurry, so you want to be mindful of your staff's body temperature when selecting work garments. Body-hugging styles can increase perspiration and restrict movement, so look for a fit that allows air to circulate. To create a modern, relaxed vibe in your kitchen, select the Chef Design short-sleeved chef shirt. Sporting a casual V-neck design that can be worn with the collar buttoned or unbuttoned, this shirt is a versatile choice that can be worn according to your employee's tastes. To effectively combat heat, the Chef Works Cool Cook kitchen shirt includes vented panels under the sleeves and running down the sides, allowing air to reach the surface of the skin.

Low-Maintenance Fabrics Are Essential in Busy Kitchens

Food spills can quickly turn a pristine chef's shirt into an unappetizing mess. Look for easy-care fabrics such as cotton and polyester. Simply toss these fabrics in the washing machine and dryer after a long shift behind the grill or fryer to get rid of food stains and odors. Thanks to their durability, garments made of these fabrics can survive daily washings while retaining their softness.

Look for Garments That Enhance Ease of Motion

Food preparation involves constant physical movements such as bending and reaching, so food service workers need comfortable garments that allow a full range of motion. Select garments with roomy armholes that permit unrestricted arm movement. To further enhance your employees' comfort, look for shirts that feature grippers that allow workers to adjust the garment to their body shape.

Food Servers' Attire Conveys Your Establishment's Style

Food servers are the face of your food service establishment. Their attire makes an immediate impression on customers and conveys an unspoken message about the expertise of your staff. For upscale restaurants, select a tailored style, such as the Linden Grey women's wing tip blouse in white. Classic features include front pleating, pearl buttons and black button studs that add a discreet touch of elegance. For a more relaxed food service environment, consider a retro-inspired design, such as the Chef Designs short-sleeved cook shirt. This shirt sports a bright blue band around the collar and across the pocket for added visual flair. The chest pocket provides a convenient place to carry a writing pad for jotting down orders.