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Emergency Lights to Keep Your Office Safe and Compliant

Shopping for emergency lights may not seem exciting, but these essential office products are required by law in most commercial establishments and could save lives in the case of emergencies. Outfit your office with illuminated exit signs, battery-operated wall lights and portable flood lights to protect patrons and employees and to comply with national standards.

Stay Prepared for Emergency Situations

Evacuating a building in complete darkness isn't safe or easy. Stay prepared for fires and other disasters that could result in power failures by installing bright emergency lights with battery-powered backup options. These lights automatically engage whenever a power outage is detected so that visitors and employees are never left in the dark. Units with rechargeable batteries offer added convenience, and fixtures that include nightlight features are great for dark hallways. Use illuminated exit signs by brands such as Morris Products and Barron to clearly mark exit routes throughout the building.

Alert Emergency Personnel and First Responders

Quick responses and actions are crucial in emergency situations. The same lights and fixtures that help staff members get out of the building also help emergency personnel to get in and respond quickly. In large offices, automatic emergency lights often lead first responders to critical areas that need immediate attention. Illuminate doorways with weatherproof fixtures designed for outdoor use. It makes it easier for responders to locate dark entrance ways, and it also provides light for those exiting the building.

Stress-Free Compliance

Depending on your industry, you may already have a long list of rules and regulations to fret over. Life is much simpler when you can comply without jumping through hoops and going through unnecessary stress. According to federal regulations in place by OSHA, emergency lights and exit signs should mark every exit, and these lights must be properly maintained and regularly tested. Some organizations have more specific rules in place, particularly in regards to how often a system is tested. Choose fixtures with easily accessible test buttons to make this task easier, and opt for units that contain maintenance-free batteries to save time and prevent headaches.

On-the-Go Emergency Lighting

Your exits are lit up like Christmas trees, and you've installed emergency lights in the stairwell and down the hallway, but your windowless office remains in total darkness when the power goes out. Portable flood lights by brands such as Streamlight solve this problem and offer versatile solutions anytime the office could use some extra light. Models that offer DC charging options are ideal for drivers and field employees, and compact designs are suitable for storing in your desk.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Emergency lights with integrated nightlight features provide illumination after dark even when there's not a power outage. Motion sensors on some emergency lights are also available to make your workplace safer.

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