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Office Phone Accessories Make Communication a Breeze

If you spend all day, every day on the phone, you want to have some office phone accessories around to make your job more comfortable. It's time to extend that courtesy to your desk team. Offer your team shoulder rests for ergonomic comfort, headsets that exclude background noise, or coil-style phone cords to avoid tangling. Chances are, a combination of all these features is what you need to keep your team answering phones like pros.

Shoulder Contour Phone Rests Maintain Spine Health

Annoying and painful neck cricks are an occupational hazard if you talk on the phone for a living. Luckily, you can prevent this particular workplace hazard on your employees' behalf. Offer an ergonomic phone rest from a brand such as Softalk that nestles comfortably into the shoulder, allowing your teammates to rest their phone handsets on the plastic rest, rather than directly on the shoulder. Choose a Microban finish to ensure that your phone rests are hygienic and easy to clean between uses.

Keep Your Calls Focused With High-Quality Headsets

Minimize background noise and make sure that your team hears every word when on a call with quality headsets from brands such as Plantronics. With all incoming audio directed into a soft, padded ear cup, your team members are both focused and comfortable on every call. An adjustable microphone ensures appropriate outgoing audio quality and volume, while the nature of the headset itself keeps team members hands-free for taking notes or performing administrative duties while on a call. Give your employees the freedom to stand up and check their files to answer a vital question, eliminating the need to put clients on hold or call them back later.

Coil-Style, Tangle-Proof Cords Keep Desks Uncluttered and Clear

Having corded handsets can easily turn an otherwise tidy desk into the aftermath of a hurricane. Give your employees the power to keep tangles to a minimum with a coiled phone cord from brands such as General Electric. These cords quickly snap back into a compact shape when they're not actively being used, avoiding excessive cord length hanging around employee desks. This makes it easier for your employees to keep a clear and tidy desk, and avoids embarrassing scenarios like accidentally knocking a pencil cup over by gesturing too enthusiastically, phone in hand (we've seen it happen!).

Never Miss a Call Again With a Call Alert Indicator

It's easy to get wrapped up in a conversation while on the phone, neglect to hear the brief "call waiting" tone, and miss transferring an important incoming call. Be sure that you never miss another important call again when you outfit your offices with call-alert indicators from brands such as Kuando. These indicators hook up to your existing phone line, and provide both a recognizable audio tone and a bright, easy-to-see light when there's an incoming call. No matter how busy your desk personnel are, they can catch every call with this functional alert system.


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