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Craft Bags Dress Up School Projects and Retail Packaging

Think outside the bag, and introduce your class to a variety of easy-to-make projects that begin with paper craft bags. From puppets to paper lanterns, these versatile bags are golden for primary crafts. Outside the classroom and in the retail world, craft bags are often used as shopping bags. Your only decision is how to decorate the bags to best represent your brand.

Use Craft Bags to Advertise at the Point-of-Sale

Craft bags give you the opportunity to add to your customer satisfaction score by pleasing your patrons with unique, professional and attractive packaging. Customize the bags as much or as little as you like to get the look you want and make a mark in the business world. Stencil a light-colored print on a brightly colored bag, or stamp your logo in clear, dark print on a pastel-colored bag. Fold over the top of the bag, and close it with a seal for an uptown look. For simple, elegant style, punch a hole through the layers in the top fold of a white bag, and seal the bag by tying on a cascading length of black curling ribbon.

Craft Bags Mean Classroom and Recreation Center Fun

Teachers and craft instructors know all about the creative value of craft bags. There are so many quick-and-easy projects that begin with the humble paper bag. Break out the colored flat-bottom bags for a puppet-making class. Cut out orange felt manes and yellow construction paper heads, and let the kids assemble lion puppets with moveable roaring mouths on bright yellow craft bags. Set up a craft table with crayons, paints, stamps and stickers, and turn the kids loose to make personalized lunch bags. For luminaries, provide the kids with scissors or punches to cut out designs that light up when you drop battery-operated tea lights into the bags. There are too many fun possibilities to risk running out of craft bags. Luckily, it's easy to keep a good supply of bags on hand because they store flat and don't take up much space in the stock cabinet.

Versatile and Eco-Friendly Craft Bags

Outside the school, craft bags have versatility that goes beyond children's art projects. Labeled bags make inexpensive organizing tools for the office. Step it up a notch, and use colored bags to organize and arrange products by color code. Party planners use craft bags to make table decorations, gift bags and loot bags. White bags come in packages of 100, which works well for wedding organizers. Crisp white bags embellished with organza ribbon make beautiful holders for personalized wedding favors. Whether they're left plain or elaborately decorated, craft bags are too nice to discard, but if they got torn or damaged and it's time to part with them, it's good to know that these bags are recyclable.