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Cut Resistant Gloves Keep Hands Safe

Keep your hands safe and clean by pulling on some cut resistant gloves before you get down to work. These tough gloves resists the little pokes and scrapes that can make detailed metal work and up-close landscaping such a chore. Waterproof surfaces and durable nitrile tips let you work in wet, soggy spots for extended periods without leakage or thinning due to wear. These gloves go on easily and fit comfortably for a range of hand sizes, thanks to their stretchy, densely woven material.

Prevent Cuts and Punctures

Save yourself and your workers from the the pain and the difficulty of working with cut or otherwise injured hands by keeping several pairs of cut resistant gloves on the jobsite. These gloves are made from extra thick material to deflect minor poking and cutting hazards, such as thorns and exposed bits of metal. The tough material blunts the force of bigger threats, such as loose blades and drill bits on the workshop floor. Pull on a pair of gloves any time you need to feel around under the couch or behind a cabinet so you don't come to grief on a dropped thumbtack or an angry spider.

Keep Your Hands Clean and Dry

In addition to blocking the scrapes and cuts of daily use, these gloves keep water and grease off of your skin so you can work long hours without getting slippery fingers or pruny hands. By keeping your hands clean, these gloves reduce the time you have to set aside for after-work cleanup. They're easy to slip off at break time, saving you a stop at the hand washing station before you reach for a turkey sandwich. The snug fit PIP and G-Tech gloves maintain at the wrist also helps keep out the water, so it doesn't run down your arm and into the glove when you're at your busiest.

Wear These Gloves All Day Long

Wear these cut resistant gloves all day long without changing them or wearing them out. The extra-thick material on the palms and fingers of these gloves keeps them in good shape even when you spend a full eight-hour shift fiddling with sharp bits of metal and harsh abrasives, such as silica powder. They're comfortable the whole time you're wearing them, too. Just pull on a pair and enjoy the snug, form-fitting grip. This grip holds the gloves nice and tight, which can prevent shifting or slippage that can get in the way while you're working on an important task. Peeling off the gloves when you're done is as simple as grabbing the bottom cuff and pulling; these tough gloves hold together even through multiple uses.

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