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Office Phones Provide Clear Audio, Easy Transfers

Converse with customers clearly with office telephones from trusted brands such as AT&T, RCA and VTech. From single units to complete office bundles, these phones make it easy for your team to track and transfer calls so you never miss an important order or a contact with a potential client.

Meetings Run Smoothly With Clear Conference Phones

Keep your project meetings on task with conference phones that pick up voices from several feet away. These phones easily handle multiple callers, letting your employees take part in meetings even if they're working from home, the road or a satellite office. Simple call setup ensures that your meetings start on time so everyone can stay on schedule.

Built-In Functions Facilitate Fast Call Routing

Ringing phones usually mean business is booming, and your team has to keep up with all those incoming calls. Make their job easier with phones that have caller ID and speed dial functions for smooth, easy transfers. Some phones have a built-in directory so calls go through even if an employee is away from the desk or on another line.

Cordless Options Let Your Team Answer the Phone From Anywhere

Phone needs depend on the type of business you run, so Quill has options for every type of industry, from a small doctor’s office to a large warehouse or retail store. Corded phones, complete with extensive transfer options, are an ideal fit for offices where employees spend most of their time at a desk. For businesses where your team needs to be on the floor checking inventory or filling orders, cordless phones let you and your customers reach employees while they work.