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Retail Displays to Share Information With Clients

Putting your products, samples and information in front of clients gets a lot easier with retail displays. Made from rugged, corrugated cardboard with a sturdy design, these displays hold up even in high-traffic areas, such as busy waiting rooms. Pair displays with headers for that one-two punch that makes your clients want to see what you have to offer.

Arm Clients With Information or Freebies

Who doesn't love something for nothing? Free items give your clients a thrill, but they also give you a chance to market your business and solidify relationships with those clients. Use sturdy cardboard displays to hold print materials you create with either information about your practice or information related to your area of expertise. If you run an insurance office, give away information about choosing the best insurance, saving money on insurance or handing a claim. It builds your credibility as an expert in the field and gives clients information they can use. It also reels them in and gives you a chance to expand your business by offering additional services they didn't know existed. Another option is to display free magazines you want to offer your clients. If you really want to up the ante, fill those displays with freebies. Display free toothbrushes or floss on a dental office counter, or fill a display with pens imprinted with your company's contact information.

Put Your Wares on Display

If your business includes any sort of retail items, cardboard displays offer a way to neatly display those items. From small, shallow counter display trays to tall floor displays, you have options that show off your products to maximize appeal to customers. The displays work particularly well for small items or tall products that don't sit well on their own on shelves, such as rolled posters or oddly shaped toys. Set up the displays near the checkout area to encourage clients to make some last-second impulse purchases.

Make Your Displays Pop

A neat, structured display brings a little order to your informational or retail products. Displays collect items and keep them contained for a professional presentation. No longer do your employees need to spend valuable time straightening stacks of pamphlets that get pushed around during the day. Small items are easier to track and don't get mixed together or knocked off the shelf. The distinct display areas make it easier to see all of the offerings and find the right item. Retail displays have a cardboard construction with a white finish, a plain design that allows you to decorate the displays any way you like. Keep them plain white to highlight the items inside, or add labels and information to complement the contents.

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