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Medical Face Masks to Protect Your Medical Staff

Medical face masks do the dirty work when it comes to preventing potential medical infection or contamination of your staff. The mouth and nose provide perfect pathways into the body for pathogens and germs in medical environments, so arm your staff with facial protection to keep them safe and healthy.

Protect Staff From Germs and Bodily Fluids

Create a physical barrier for your employees over their vulnerable noses and mouths during medical procedures of all types with masks. Secure ear loops or elastic bands that go around the head keep the mask in place even as your employees move around to perform medical tasks. Aluminum nose pieces that mold to the nose aid in keeping the masks still, reducing the risk of unpleasant parts of the procedure entering the body. Some masks provide only a physical barrier, while others resist varying levels of fluids. Choose particulate respirators for even more protection from airborne contaminants. Let faces masks do the heavy lifting when it comes to facial protection so your staff can worry about patient care.

Protect Those Peepers

Don't forget about eyes when you plan for facial protection during procedures. In messy medical situations, a pair of protective eyewear keeps bodily fluids from patients out of a staff member's eyes. Look for glasses with adjustable temples so each person gets a custom, comfortable fit. Anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses keep your staff seeing straight no matter how intense the situation gets. The glasses typically have colored frames along the top with lenses that cover the full eye area and extend to the sides for maximum eye coverage. Protective eyewear is reusable, but it requires proper sanitation between uses to avoid contamination.

Get Just the Right Protection

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