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File Organizers to Keep the Office Neat and Organized

File organizers make organizing quick and simple with a wide variety of file boxes, portables, tubs and bins. Open-top boxes are perfect for desktop or drawer organization and let you easily access frequently used files. Organize files by client, class or company in convenient pick-and-go suitcase-type portable boxes, and maximize storage space with stackable bins. These file organizers make life easy and have versatile storage and organizing applications in a wide range of settings, from homes, schools, law offices and medical clinics to small businesses that sell knick knacks and manufacturing facilities that store small parts for assembly.

Boost Productivity With File Organizers

Does your workplace lose a lot of man hours and productivity because important files such as signed contracts, patient records or client depositions are difficult to locate like needles in a haystack? Organize your office files with military precision by using file organizers so the time wasted in wading through the clutter can be put to productive and creative endeavors. Open-top boxes hold hanging folders that are easy to locate and grab while professional-looking portable file boxes with handles ensure everything is in one place and ready for you to pick up and run for that court hearing, business pitch or bank meeting. Label the organizers by client, company, customer, patient or year, and arrange alphabetically or sequentially so you and your staff know exactly where documents are located. Let file organizers help in streamlining your physical recordkeeping operations and boost your dollar bottom-line.

Maximize Office and Work Space

As the volume of files and documents increase over each school year, production cycle or tax filing season, don't let documents of years past take over your cubicles, assembly areas and storage rooms. Use file organizers to convert dead space into useful storage areas, such as with stackable bins and collapsible boxes that neatly store under office tables or corner walls several units high. Most of the bins and boxes have space at the front for labeling purposes so you can quickly locate the files you need. Matching dividers allow you to divide bins into sections for additional organization such as sections for contracts, purchase orders, invoices and warranty issues. Who says there's never enough space?

Invest in High-Quality File Organizers

Many of Quill's lineup of file organizers are made of sturdy polypropylene material, high-quality durable plastic or reinforced cartons so they are strong, stylish and lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand repeated use and rough handling. The organizers are ergonomically designed for easy pick up and easy carriage. Some of the file organizers have nonskid strips that keep them stable and upright when placed on smooth surfaces, and storage boxes have smartly designed lids and covers that are easy to open and close while keeping documents securely inside.

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