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Safety Goggles Protect Employee Vision

Safety goggles provide protection for your team when they are exposed to hazards that can cause eye irritation, damage or loss of vision. OSHA requires your company to provide safety goggles whenever such dangers are present. Depending on the hazards present, your company may need to provide colored lenses that protect from radiation or full face goggles.

Protection From Dust and Chemicals

If your business creates dust or uses chemicals in the workplace, OSHA requires you to provide safety goggles that form a seal against the face of the employee. These types of goggles prevent the irritant from entering the eye from behind the lenses. Quill offers safety goggles manufactured by Crews, MCR and Uvex that meet these requirements. Some models offer anti-fog lenses ensuring the field of vision remains clear. For employees who wear prescription eyeglasses, choose goggles that fit over the glasses.

Protect Welders From Bright Lights and Molten Metal

Welder's goggles protect these employees from burns to their eyes due to the bright light the electrical arc produces. They also prevent flying bits of hot molten metal from damaging the vision.

Ensure a Comfortable Fit for Compliance

Ensure your employees comply with rules concerning eye protection by providing comfortable-fitting goggles. Many of the goggles available through Quill are adjustable for a better fit. You may need to offer training so employees learn to adjust them to fit their face for better protection and comfort.

Replace Worn Safety Goggles

Over time, even good-quality safety goggles begin to show signs of wear and should be replaced. When the elastic bands no longer provide adequate stretch or the lenses are pitted from debris, order replacements. Remember each of those pits on the lenses represents a potential hazard that could have cost an employee's sight.

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