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Hamilton Headphones for a Personal Audio Experience

Provide a quiet, comfortable working environment for all employees with Hamilton headphones. The headset design lets users listen in comfort without sharing music or audio files with the entire office. A supply of headphones keeps the office noise pollution to a minimum while still letting employees or clients hear the information they need through audio formats.

Keep the Office Quiet

In the average office, you have multiple employees each working on different projects. You may have a new employee completing computer-based training with audio information. Another employee needs to listen to audio information for a project. Another is transcribing notes from audio files, and yet another is editing audio for the company website. All of that competing sound makes it difficult for anyone to be productive. That's where headphones come in. Each person hears only the specific audio needed for a task. Others who don't need audio at all still have a quiet work environment for their projects. Peace and tranquility reign from cubicle to cubicle.

Give Visitors an Audio-Visual Experience

Other businesses deal more directly with clients or visitors, and sometimes you want to give them the chance to hear information. Stock up on headphones for children or adults using a computer program that provides audio guidance. Connect headphones to interactive displays that include sound. If the customer experience includes sound, headphones provide an individual experience without increasing the overall sound in the building. The headset style is easy for visitors or clients to use with quick adjustments to ensure a custom fit.

Listen in Comfort

Headset-style headphones offer a comfortable listening experience. The Hamilton Audio Visual Deluxe USB headphones feature thick padding on the ears with swivel ear cups so the headphones adjust to the head comfortably. Employees who use headphones for extended periods during the work day will thank you for the comfort. Headphones with adjustable volume let each user reach a comfortable listening volume easily or adjust as needed when switching between audio tasks. In line microphones increase functionality, and long cords on the headphones let users move around easily to perform multiple tasks at once.

Keep Germs to Yourself

In settings where headphones are used by multiple people, sanitation is an issue. You know when you last cleaned your ears, but can you say the same about colleagues, clients or visitors? When headphones see multiple users in a day, protection in the form of disposable headphone covers comes in handy. The hypoallergenic material of Hamilton Buhl HygenX disposable headphone covers promotes hygiene without interfering with the sound quality. Day care centers, hospitals, visitor centers and any other business where headphones get passed around benefit from disposable headphone covers.