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Hand Soaps & Sanitizers for Clean Hands and Healthy Habits

When you want to encourage clean and healthy habits at your office, hand soaps and sanitizers in the right places go a long way. Giving your employees plenty of available options to keep their hands clean projects a health-conscious image for your company, and it contributes to a cleaner office overall. Pump dispensers save employees time when washing their hands, and refill bottles save you money on soap, as you can reuse those pump dispensers instead of getting new ones. Hand soap and sanitizer formula options ensure you can find a formula that works best for each area of your office.

Maintain a Clean Office Environment

Providing plenty of hand soaps and sanitizers around the office ensures that your employees don't have to go far to wash their hands. Over time, you may be surprised at how such a seemingly small change makes a big difference in terms of your office's cleanliness. With how much employees use their hands throughout the day, it's easy to transfer dirt and oils to anything they touch, leading to your break rooms and other areas getting gradually dirtier. A little extra hand hygiene keeps your office clean so you don't have to spend money for someone else to do it.

Start a Hand Hygiene Program to Encourage Healthy Habits

Keeping your business, particularly the bathrooms and break rooms, well stocked with hand soaps and sanitizers sends the message that your company cares about the overall health of anyone who walks through the door. Take the next step by adding signs to the bathrooms and other areas that receive frequent traffic encouraging everyone to wash their hands for their own health and the health of others. Not only do hand hygiene programs benefit everyone, they present a professional image to clients and are a requirement in certain industries.

Pump Dispensers Are Easy to Use and Refill

Pump dispensers allow employees to get just the right amount of hand soap or sanitizer within seconds, and concentrated soap formulas require only a couple drops of soap to create a thick lather that can completely clean the hands. Your employees end up saving time and using less soap, so your dispensers don't run out as often. Soap refill bottles allow you to buy in bulk for your office and save money by refilling your pump dispensers instead of getting new ones.

Different Formulas for Different Parts of the Office

Different formulas of hand soaps and sanitizers provide options to fit each area of the office. You may want an antibacterial soap for the bathroom and a sanitizer with an aloe formula for a quick scrub in any employee common areas. If you have employees that frequently get their hands dirty dealing with industrial soils or grease, a heavy-duty hand cleaner with pumice scrubbing particles should do the trick.

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