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Infection Control

Infection Control Tools Protect Your Staff and Patients

Take precautions to keep your medical staff safe from infection so that they can keep patients safe in the same way. Decontaminants clean surfaces and medical tools, while sterilization supplies prepare surgical equipment. Also keep gloves and masks on hand to protect staff and patients from germs.

Disinfect and Kill Germs

Your doctor's office or urgent care clinic must remain germ-free for your patients' safety, so stock up on disinfectants and germicides to keep surfaces, equipment and employees' hands all clean. Germicides are available in spray bottles or aerosol cans to let you aim disinfectant just where you need it. Germicidal wipes kill bacteria and viruses, and pop-up containers make it easy for your clinic's medical professionals to grab them on the run. Hand wipes help prevent transmission of infection from one person to another, killing even drug-resistant organisms. Many disinfecting towels and wipes come individually wrapped to protect their cleanliness and that of your exam rooms. Keep plenty of surgical decontaminant on hand for soaking instruments, as well as hospital-quality detergents to clean ultrasound machines and surgical instruments.

Keep Sterile Fields Sterile

Preserving the cleanliness of sterile fields in your hospital or clinic is of paramount importance, so give your medical professionals and maintenance workers what they need to achieve perfect sterilization. Enzymatic presoaks and detergents are a necessity to clean scopes and surgical instruments after procedures, and label gun systems that output labels capable of withstanding the sterilization process are just what your nurses and techs need to ensure sterile and non-sterile items are clearly separated. Proper labeling is vital not only when you're sterilizing instruments but also when you're running tests. Take advantage of indicator strips and identification tapes to help determine when the sterilization process is complete. Steam sterilizer vials are designed to reduce contamination and minimize false positives during lab tests, and they help identify the presence of specific contaminants. Stock up on sterilization pouches that protect sterilized surgical instruments from contamination once they've gone through the sterilization process.

Protect Your Employees and Your Patients

The doctors, nurses and other medical techs in your hospital or clinic put their own safety on the line every day, so take good care of them by providing gloves, masks and shields to keep them safe from infection. Powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal for those who are irritated by powder or allergic to latex, and their textured surface helps your operating room staff keep their grip on delicate instruments during procedures. Also keep a full supply of latex gloves on hand for those who prefer them, and stock up on vinyl gloves for procedures that involve minimal risk of contamination. Your employees rely on you to keep them well-supplied with protective masks as well. Opt for flexible masks that loop over the wearer's ear when procedures don't involve large amounts of spray or airborne particles, with full transparent shields available when full protection of the eyes and face is required.