Dual-link DVI supported graphic card
  • The NVIDIA Quadro 2000, based on Fermi architecture, maximizes productivity for engineers and designers by up to 5 times
  • Powered by the Quadro scalable geometry engine, Quadro 2000 delivers dramatically higher performance across leading CAD and DCC applications such as solidworks and 3ds maximum
  • Configured with 1 GB of fast GDDR5 memory, the Quadro 2000 has 33% more memory for interactive visualization of assemblies and scenes
  • Armed with 3 times the number of NVIDIA CUDA cores, Quadro 2000 enables professionals to perform real-time simulation and analysis, along with advanced visualization
  • Dramatically reduce visual aliasing artifacts with up to 64X full-scene antialiasing (FSAA)
  • The Quadro GPU tessellation engine automatically generates finely detailed geometry for cinematic quality environments and scenes without sacrificing performance
  • Shader model: 5.0
  • HDCP supported
  • Dual link DVI supported
  • Platform supported: PC
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