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Kitchen Scales for Precision Weighing

Kitchen scales that can weigh the smallest amounts are essential for precision cooking. Don't leave your chefs guessing or estimating ingredients. When precision counts, accurate weigh scales let chefs follow recipes precisely, measuring out the exact amount of each ingredient. Whether digital or traditional, kitchen scales help your kitchens produce consistently perfect dishes.

Digital Scales Weigh Wet and Dry

Digital kitchen scales are small enough to fit easily into busy kitchens. Hardworking chefs appreciate LCD digital displays that are easy to read and touch-sensitive controls that switch from weighing solids to measuring liquids. For maximum flexibility, choose scales with flat surfaces that can hold containers of different shapes, weights and sizes. This way, chefs can measure ingredients directly into their own mixing bowls or pans, saving on washing up and making cooking more efficient.

Flat Scales are Flexible and Easy to Use

Modern-looking, slim digital scales that are no larger than a typical chopping board tuck away easily in busy kitchens and are always ready and available for use with the touch of a button. Light and portable, they are quick to wipe clean, and your staff can readily stow them away. Scales with add-and-weigh features allow chefs to measure multiple ingredients in the same container, speeding up food preparation times and reducing the number of dirty bowls to clear away. Your chefs can stabilize and adjust each scale's weighing mechanism in seconds with the touch of a button.

Traditional Scales for Bulk Cooking

Traditional-looking scales with spacious top bowls and front dials are ideal for traditional kitchens. They don't need batteries to run and consistently produce accurate results. Sturdy construction and large bowls make them especially suitable for cooking in bulk.