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Laminating Rolls to Refill Laminating Machines

Roll up to the laminating machine with refill laminating rolls in hand, and be the office hero to the laminators in the crowd. Lamination isn't right for every office document, but for those that do need a little more protection, a roll laminator does the trick. Choose a roll size based on the width and core size that fits your existing laminating machine for problem-free refills when the old one runs out. You may have so much fun with these laminating rolls that anything that fits ends up in the laminating machine -- just leave the petty cash drawer contents out of the machine.

Protect Important Office Documents

Some projects call for a little more protection than the average page projector or presentation binder. That's where a roll laminator comes into play. Rolls of plastic form smooth, bubble-free protective layers around documents that get a lot of use. Cover maps of your facility so visitors and employees get where they need to go. Laminate training materials that get used repeatedly, so you don't have to print new copies for each training session. Make reusable visitor name badges with the laminating machine. Protect banners, signs, instruction sheets, announcements and similar materials you want to keep for the long term without tearing or staining. Keep your machine running for all of your lamination projects with extra rolls of the laminating plastic.

Get Picky About Your Lamination

Not all lamination is created equally. Rolls come in various widths and core diameters to accommodate specific machines or projects. Take a look at the thickness of the lamination when choosing refill rolls. Options range from 1.5 mil to over 8 mil. Not sure what mil you need for your laminating rolls? The higher the number, the thicker the lamination, which means greater protection for the document sealed inside the plastic. Thicker lamination also means a stiffer final result, so if you want flexibility, don't go too thick. Want more protection? Go with 7 mil or more. Want light protection that leaves the documents flexible? Stick with 3 mil or less. Go with a middle-of-the-road mil measurement if you want a balance of protection and flexibility.

Stock Up on Lamination Refills

Imagine this: you rush to the laminating machine with your latest project, which you want to have done yesterday, only to find out someone used the last of the laminating roll in the machine. Stock up on refills so no document ever has to go unlaminated. Lamination jobs may not be life or death, but it's a lot more convenient to have extra rolls on hand to avoid delays. Many refill options come in packs of two: one for the machine and one as backup. Train your employees to alert you when they grab that last roll so you can keep them coming.

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