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Shadow Box Frames for Office Displays

Shadow box frames let you make custom wall displays for the office. Highlight aspects of your business with the 3-D objects you put inside the box, or turn the frame into a gift as a way to recognize an employee, client or stakeholder.

Dress Up the Office

Make over plain walls in the office with decorative shadow box frames. Go with a general theme, such as the beach or a floral design. You can put flat pictures against the back of the frame, with three-dimensional objects as accents. Put a beach scene on the back with a starfish mounted in front of it to bring a coastal look to the office decor. If you prefer to add a little promotion to your wall art, use the shadow box to highlight what your business does with sample products or a custom infographic. Another option is to make a shadow box for each employee with a picture in the back and accents to show her interests and talents.

Create Custom Awards

The open space inside the shadow box frame opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to creating a custom award. Mount a special edition of the product you make as a keepsake for a retiring employee. Add a 3-D version of your company logo as part of an award for milestone work anniversaries or for an influential stakeholder. If an employee worked tirelessly organizing a company event, show your appreciation with a shadow box featuring the program and other keepsakes from the event, such as a name tag from a table or a party favor that guests received. Whatever the occasion, a shadow box takes the typical award certificate to the next level, making you the ruler of company recognition.