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Light Pads and Tracers to Create Accurate Reproductions

Provide individuals with the tools needed to learn how to draw beautiful works of art with light pads and projectors. Designed for use in any type of light, light pads can be used anywhere there is a power source and a few sheets of paper available. Outfit your art room or office with the proper tools for students and employees to learn about the elemental styles of art and the different features of a variety of pictures.

Transfer Images on to Larger Canvas

Even the most skilled artist might find it time-consuming and troubling to transfer small images onto larger sheets of paper or canvases. By using a light pad or a projector, your students can project the images directly onto a new sheet of paper in a multitude of sizes for quick tracing. This can save both time and money when the project requires quick completion.

Learn the Basic Concepts of Drawing and Sketching

Tracing can often help you figure out the proper flow of objects. By using a light box or a projector, your students can trace the lines and get a good feel of how objects and lines come together to form images. It also helps a beginning student to feel more accomplished when they can create more complicated pictures from an existing drawing or image.

Project Photos From Nearly Any Source

Regardless of the original source of the picture, a light box can project an image through watercolor or tracing paper so that it's easy to see and trace. Brands such as Autograph and Pacon provide the tools necessary for beginners and accomplished artists alike.