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Massage Table Coverings for Hygienic Comfort

Help your employees pamper clients by supplying them with massage table coverings. Choose from a variety of washable fabric and disposable paper coverings. It takes only seconds to change coverings between massages, so appointment schedules stay on track.

Comfortable Clients Are Happy Clients

Give clients a fresh, clean surface at the start of every massage. Massage table coverings also increase client comfort. They absorb the sweat and residual massage oil that can make skin stick to a bare table. They also feel warm and soft against the skin, so clients feel relaxed and peaceful. The coverings slip over existing padding and facial cushions. Clients stay comfortable during the massage and find it easy to change positions.

Keep Massage Tables Clean

Covering massage tables helps keep them clean. The coverings form a barrier that limits the transfer of sweat, massage oil and cosmetics onto the table. Your employees don't always have a lot of time between clients, and massage table coverings help them quickly prepare for the next massage. They don't have to scrub or disinfect the table after each use and then wait for it to dry. They can simply switch coverings instead.

Stay on Schedule

Clients don't always arrive on time, and a single late appointment can create delays for your employees' other clients. Massage table coverings help your employees recover lost time and respect clients' schedules by reducing turnover time. Stock each massage room with plenty of extra coverings so it's easy and quick to get the table ready for the next client.