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High Dexterity Gloves Protect Precision Workers' Hands

Avoid injuries to hands and fingers, and eliminate dangerous errors caused by workers wearing cumbersome everyday gloves. High dexterity gloves offer protection while maintaining the precision and control of bare hands. Cut down on the time workers take off for injuries and reduce costs of potential compensation claims by purchasing the right gloves for your employees' tasks. Encourage safe working practices by choosing gloves that are easy for workers to put on and take off and comfortable to wear.

Offer Maximum Protection with Full-Finger High-Cuff Gloves

Standard work gloves can protect employees from cuts and scrapes, but may not offer the additional dexterity they need to complete tasks safely and accurately. Gloves manufactured by companies such as Mechanix, Ironclad and Ergodyne use two-way or three-way stretch materials that allow greater flexibility, and reinforced and padded sections offer increased protection to vulnerable areas such as knuckles, fingers or the metacarpal region. Choose gauntlets or taller cuffs for a secure fit that keeps out debris and adds protection for wrists. Hook-and-loop closure offers quick and easy on and off while reinforced fingertips offer maximum durability.

Anti-Vibration Padding Cushions Impact

Additional anti-vibration padding helps cushion hands against the impact of using heavy machinery such as drills, grinders or sanders. Gloves with special rubber palm pads in pre-curved designs provide comfort and flexibility. Abrasion-resistant PVC panels on palms and fingers reduce the risk of liquids seeping through to the skin. Alternatively, breathable half-fingered glove liners with gel polymer padding fit inside standard gloves for added protection, leaving fingers free and increasing dexterity.

Optimize Touch Control with Half-Finger Gloves

While modern materials offer greater sensitivity for precision work, there are times when fingertips need to be free of coverings to allow for maximum touch control. Choose gloves with half fingers for tasks where all fingertips need to be kept free. Alternatively, gloves with touch control offer half fingers on thumbs, index and middle fingers while fully protecting the remaining fingers and hands. Half-finger gloves are ideal for work in fabrication, carpentry or plumbing.

Ward Off Chills with Gloves for Cold Conditions

Keep hands working in freezing cold conditions with insulated gloves that protect from cold and dampness. Flexible neoprene gloves by Ironclad and thermal waterproof and windproof gloves by Ergodyne keep workers' hands and fingers warm and dry while carrying out precision work in extreme conditions.

Maintain Hygiene and Mop Sweaty Brows

Stop wasting money by throwing out work gloves that have become stiff and unwearable from perspiration buildup. Breathable materials prevent an uncomfortable accumulation of sweat inside high-dexterity gloves, enhancing wearability and durability. Odor-resistant materials also increase wearability. In hot environments, workers often have to take breaks to grab towels and wipe away sweat that might otherwise drip onto their work spaces. High dexterity gloves with terry thumb brow wipes make it easy for workers to keep foreheads clear of perspiration without downing tools.