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Exam & Surgical Gloves

Exam & Surgical Gloves to Enhance Safety and Hygiene

Safety and hygiene are a priority in your medical clinic, dental office or hospital facility, and a reliable supply of exam and surgical gloves makes it easier to keep everything running smoothly. Our wide array of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves help you maintain just the right balance of long-term comfort, cost effectiveness and puncture resistance for your particular workplace. Choose from gloves made by brands you trust, such as Kimberly-Clark, Ambitex, BeeSure, Medline and Adenna, and look for boxes that hold 50 or 100 gloves to give you a reliably consistent supply on busy days.

Maintain Safety and Hygiene With Hand Protection You Can Count On

From bodily fluids to liquid medications, there are plenty of things in a research or medical facility that make cross-contamination a concern. Keep your patients and staff safe with latex exam and surgical gloves that block out everything from viral particles to cleaning chemicals while still giving you plenty of freedom of movement when you need to handle delicate surgical instruments or lab equipment. Choose powdered gloves for enhanced comfort during everyday wear in the lab, or pick non-powdered latex gloves to reduce the likelihood of allergen exposure in a surgical environment. Sterile gloves that are packaged in independently wrapped pairs give you absolute control over what you do or don't introduce into your operating room during sensitive procedures.

Offer Reliable Alternatives for Sensitive Staff Members and Patients

When latex allergies are a concern, exam and surgical gloves made of nitrile and vinyl make it simple to protect sensitive patients or members of your team. Nitrile gloves offer a high level of puncture resistance, making them ideal for a busy infectious disease laboratory or pediatric practice, and color options such as blue, black and purple make it easy to rapidly spot any tears or weakened areas. Lightweight vinyl gloves provide a cost-effective option for staff members who tend to deal with low-risk non-hazardous materials while still offering reliable protection against occasional splashes or drips.

Stock and Organize Gloves for Your Busy Facility

Stock up on exam and surgical gloves in bulk to ensure that every member of your team is outfitted properly. Glove box holders and dispenser racks that hang from your wall keep boxes of gloves out of the way yet still within easy reach, so you can grab a new glove as needed without having to open up cabinets or reach up onto a high shelf. Store small, medium and large size gloves in the same holder to provide multiple options in a larger facility. Because these gloves are disposable, you can quickly discard used gloves after every appointment and slip on a pair of fresh gloves for every new patient who comes into your facility.


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