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Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal for a Safe Work Environment

Medical waste disposal is part of the job when you run a medical office. Keep your employees and patients safe with biohazard trash cans and bags, sharps containers and laundry hampers designed to handle contaminated linens. Designated medical waste containers keep the office cleaner and help you meet all those standards and regulations that create a safe medical environment.

Dispose of Used Sharps Safely

Sharps containers are a basic part of any medical waste disposal protocol in an office that performs blood draws and other procedures using needles or syringes. Go with a small 1-quart container with a lid if your office only occasionally has sharps to dispose. For busier offices, a larger 2-gallon container means your employees won't have to change the container as often. Clear lids with easy-to-use openings make it easy to toss the sharps and see when the container is nearly full. Suspend sharps containers away from curious children in the office with sharps container brackets. For additional security, choose a locking bracket so only authorized personnel have access to the contents of the sharps container.

Follow Regulations to Toss Biohazard Materials

For those biohazard materials that don't need the security of a sharps container, outfit your exam rooms with steel waste cans designed to hold soiled and contaminated materials. The containers typically feature a leak-proof, galvanized steel construction to meet bloodborne pathogen regulations. A foot pedal for opening and a self-closing lid are additional features that make the trash cans easy to use in busy medical environments. Add a biohazard label on the front to make it clear the contents are potentially dangerous. While you're planning your office biohazard disposal methods, don't forget the durable red liners with the infectious waste symbol printed on them. Made to hold up to more than just trash, biohazard bags are designed to resist ripping by conforming to the container's shape and distributing weight throughout the bag. Lock all those pathogens and contaminants in the bag to keep your staff safe and healthy.

Upgrade Your Hamper to Hold Contaminated Linens

Laundry is a never-ending battle at home, so thinking about it at work is the last thing you want to do, but soiled linens won't clean themselves. Pair up the durability of steel hamper stands with hamper liners and soiled laundry bags to give those contaminated linens the one-two punch it takes to get them clean. The bags offer fluid protection to keep any bodily fluids inside until the laundry goes through the wash cycle. Don't want your staff messing around with the soiled linens? Choose water-soluble laundry bags and toss the entire bag of dirty linens into the wash. The bag melts away like it was never there.


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