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Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids Offer Support and Improved Movement

For patients or visitors, mobility aids can assist with walking and offer independent movement from place to place. Commonly used mobility aids such as wheelchairs and canes allow users to move around freely, which promotes a healthy sense of self-reliance that most users value. Wheelchairs deliver increased mobility and easily accommodates those with a limited range of motion. Canes improve balance and give support to those with weight-bearing issues, which helps create a more natural walking motion.

Wheelchairs Deliver Comfort and Durability

Wheelchairs ensure patients or visitors with restricted movement travel comfortably without the embarrassing assistance of others. These mobility aids are crafted from durable metals such as stainless steel or aluminum to easily accommodate patients or visitors of different sizes. Wheelchairs incorporate several features to improve comfort like padded seat cushions, armrests and backrests. On some models, the armrests are adjustable for customized comfort, and the backrests are contoured to elevate the level of relaxation. With soft upholstery and extra-wide seating areas, wheelchairs are ideal for those long periods of extended sitting.

Wheelchairs Enhance Mobility

Most wheelchairs feature smooth-rolling, solid flat-free tires to help users travel easily from one place to another. Although wheelchairs require patients or visitors to propel each wheel manually, even rotation on the tires helps patients or visitors move with minimal effort when they are ready to move around. Wheelchairs typically feature pneumatic tires and front casters to provide seamless movement, which guarantees fluid forward or backward motions. These mobility aids are perfect for patients or visitors who are unable to walk independently or have a restricted range of motion in their legs or feet.

Canes Incorporate Versatile Features

Canes are available in a variety of designs, styles and colors to accommodate the preference of the patient or visitor. This type of mobility aid is easily adjusted to satisfy varying heights, and soft foam handles feel comfortable inside the hand for easy gripping. Some canes feature off-set handles to improve grip for those with wrist problems. Wrist straps around the handle help keep the cane attached to the wrist and prevent injury as a result of reaching down to pick the cane up off the floor.

Use Canes Properly

Canes increase balance when walking and widen the base of support to reduce the chance of falling. This mobility aid minimizes the amount of weight placed on the joints on the lower body, which help patients or visitors walk naturally. Most users do not use their cane properly and walk with it on the weak side of the body. For proper use, walk with the cane on the strong side of the body in a parallel motion to the leg on the weak side of the body to help compensate for the lack of strength, improving coordination and balance.


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