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Modway Dining Chairs for Stylish Office Seating

Modway dining chairs shatter everything you thought you knew about office seating options. Funky designs, creative materials and bold colors put these chairs in a class all their own. Don't let the dining aspect of the chairs limit your creativity. These seats work throughout the office, sprinkling decorative style while giving clients and employees a fun place to sit.

Take a Load Off

No matter what the line of work, employees need a comfortable place to take a load off during break time. Dining chairs in the break room do just that. Pair Modway chairs with existing tables to create dining areas for staff lunches and breaks. Beyond the walls of the break room, use the chairs to create waiting areas or conversation nooks for employees and clients. Place two chairs on either side of a bookshelf that houses resource materials for staff. Spruce up the reception area with new chairs, or place a chair outside each employee's office so clients have a spot to sit while waiting for a meeting. Even your conference room gets a new look when you choose Modway dining chairs to surround the table. The chairs offer a versatile solution for office seating needs.

Leave Traditional in the Dust

Are you tired of looking at the same boring chairs? If you search for office or break room chairs, you're likely to find cookie-cutter options with little variety or creativity. Modway changes the notion that office chairs should be boring by offering inspiring designs, many with sleek curved lines, funky cut-outs or contrasting colors. Some options incorporate classic design elements, such as four legs and an arched back, with modern twists in the design, materials or color. Others go all-out modern with curving one-piece designs with sweeping bases or a single pedestal-style base. Pick dining chairs with arms to boost comfort, or go armless to fit more chairs into your space. Brighten the office with the colorful options, or tone down the look with traditional white, black or wood-tone colors.

Explore New Materials

If you like having options -- and really, who doesn't? -- Modway speaks your language. Polycarbonate, ABS plastic, wood veneer and padded fabric give you a sampling of the type of materials used in the dining chairs. Some options pair more than one material together -- a plastic seat with wooden legs, for example. Embrace the range of material options as a way to add texture and visual interest to your office space. Consider the location and use of the chairs when narrowing down the material options. A smooth, plastic chair in a break room wipes down easily when your employees get a little messy with lunch. Padded fabric seats lend comfort and warmth to office waiting areas, leaving your clients feeling at home while they wait.