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Mounted Shelving Creates Display Space Wherever You Need It

Transform your walls into stunning display space with mounted shelving. Choose from bold designs and convenient sizes, or create a shelving system that appears to float along each wall. Use these shelves to save space in small rooms, or add them to focal walls to make a striking style statement in your office.

Maximize Space With Corner Shelves

Display small items with corner mounted shelving. Place a few of these shelves your restroom to hold soaps and air fresheners, or place them in your office break room to store coffee mugs or snacks. Corner shelving also makes a great organizational tool in closets, giving you space to organize small office supplies.

Organize Books With Mounted Shelves

Build the ultimate work or study space in your private office by storing books, binders and notebooks on your walls using mounted shelving. Line the wall above your desk with rows of shelves to put all of your materials within arm's reach, or arrange the shelves from the floor up to the ceiling to create a wall-mounted bookcase for displaying books and trophies.

Show Off Products With Display Shelves

Mounted shelving doesn't have to be a single flat shelf. Mounted display shelving features divided sections to hold prototypes of new products. These shelves make it easy for you to show off your company's product line or any industry awards you've received. These shelves can also create a more welcoming look for public restrooms while holding personal items your employees or clients might need throughout the day.

Use Mounted Shelves as Pieces of Art

Go a little crazy with your decor theme and use mounted shelves as wall art. Shelves that are curved or hung on an angle make an instant and striking style statement in your waiting room or lobby. Look for glass shelves in bright colors to complement your modern furniture, or get really creative by hanging curved corner shelves on a straight wall. Add a vase or single decor accent piece on each shelf to complete this unique way to bring a modern look to your business.

Turn a Wall Into a Photo Album

Take your favorite photos out of your photo album and put them on your walls with mounted shelving. Using shelves for photos provides flexibility to switch out pictures without having to remove frames from the wall. Bring personal photos onto your executive office walls to show off your family, or use the shelves to mount pictures of your staff in the lobby of your building. If your business issues a product catalog, consider framing your favorite pages from each edition and placing the frames on shelves throughout your office.