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Network Cards to Repair, Adapt and Upgrade Your Computers

Network cards can bring new life to old equipment. Add wired Ethernet or wireless capability to get your computers networked. More media devices and connected equipment are being used by businesses every day. More devices usually mean more connections, or different types of connection ports are required. Don't get saddled with an expensive computer system upgrade when you can expand the connections available on your existing desktops and laptops. Take advantage of those open expansion slots to get the most return out of your current equipment investment.

Get Those Computers Connected With Network Cards

Upgrade Wi-Fi capability on those sales force laptops to provide a more effective tool. Wireless USB sticks from Logear turn any laptop with a USB port into a mobile Wi-Fi-capable device with speeds up to 300 megabits per second. If you don't have an open USB port, that is not a problem; just grab a high-speed port hub and turn that single port into four. Install a TP-LINK PCI wireless Ethernet card to a desktop if you can't, or if you don't want to run an Ethernet cable to it. Equip your desktops with fast Ethernet cards from HP or Intel for high-speed, secure connections, and if you need a cable to connect it to your office router, we have those too.

Expand the Ports You Have and Add What You Don't

Install PCI cards in your desktop computers to add one, two or four serial ports so you can connect more serial devices at once. Add two USB ports to that old tower with a Siig expansion card. If some of your computers are USB 2.0 while others are USB 3.0, make them compatible with a Syba chipset host controller card. Connect your company's digital cameras and camcorders to your old equipment by adding IEE 1394b firewire ports to your laptops and desktops. Firewire lets you move those large multimedia presentation files from the company server to the sales laptop in a flash. Firewire cards are compatible with both Apple and Windows operating systems.

Convert Your Ports With Plug-In Adapters

Not everybody has an IT guy to install or upgrade their computers, so choose an external adapter and plug it in. Just plug the USB to serial adapter from Startech into the USB port on a Mac or PC, set the easy to configure port dipswitch and you are ready to transfer files. Add multiple serial ports to laptops with a card slot by inserting a two-port expansion card from Brainbox. Turn your computers that have an existing network Ethernet card installed into a wireless device with a Wi-Fi adapter from Logear. Plug it into the Ethernet slot and you are cable-free.

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